Stefan’s Sony FH-7 Mark II & Mark III

Stefan in Ontario provides some nice pictures of two very hi-tech Sonys, the FH-7MKII and FH-7MKIII. Guessing that the only difference is the speaker style; the Mark III seems to offer slightly better ones. Gotta like that brushed aluminum trim too! By the way these were for sale. Chances are he’s got some other good stuff to offer if you’re in the market. Check ebay for some of his auctions, maybe he has a stereo for sale for you!

Panasonic RX-C300

Panasonic’s massive and loud RX-C300 had a spectrum analyzer too! Bailey in Sydney emailed this gem found for $90AUS (what a bargain) and provides this information: “it features a 4 band Tuner, (AM FM SW1 SW2) Phono Input, Aux Input & a Line Out. It has a Single Auto Reverse Logic Controlled Cassette Deck w/ music search a 5 band Equalizer. The Amplifier in it is the best i have seen yet in any portable unit, having 30W RMS per channel (uses 2 Hybrid ICs whereas nearly all others use Monolithic ICs like the BA,HA,LA,TDA series of output ics) which is coupled to the detatchable 3 way speakers 6.5″ woofers + 2″ tweeters that are in wooden boxes. The system break to four pieces: speakers, amp and cassette unit.” Thanks Bailey!

Jimmy’s TRK-8290

Jimmy in Montreal found this Hitachi TRK-8290 for a bargain. Look, the decal is still intact on the cassette door! Sadly, this system required an audio repairperson’s expertise to get it performing like new. These are rare folks these days, most prefer to focus on the more lucrative task of home audio repair. If any audio technicians out there wish to publicize your services on the portable gems, post your ad here!