Crazy Eddie Insane Tribute Page!

We recall a store chain that filled our lives with wonders of technology and made us grin with terrific commercials. These discount electronics stores are gone, but our memories of his products and advertising will never be forgotten. This is our tribute to Crazy Eddie.

If you grew up around the Tri-State area, then the guy on the right needs no introduction. For well over ten years, he was the spokesman for electronics chain Crazy Eddie. His name is Jerry Carroll, and his persona while reading the Crazy Eddie ads was…well, crazy. His stare was maniacal, his voice boomed, he flailed his arms about, and we loved it! This image personified the Crazy Eddie name just as the Antar family duo (father Sam and son Eddie) had intended. These tv spots were a hallmark of New York City area television throughout the late ’70s and well into the ’80s.

The store chain began with a modest shop in the Coney Island section of New York. The Antar business enjoyed success there, and opened more shops through the ’70s, eventually spreading into Manhattan, the outer boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey. Despite the success, we saw little change in what we feel were the keys to success– terrific audio and video products and these unique advertisements. When the home computer market exploded, Crazy Eddie was there, selling several top makes: Texas Instruments, Commodore and Atari, Timex-Sinclair. Department stores of the day provided one or two if you were lucky.

Jerry Carroll endured as a true-life incaranation of Crazy Eddie–armed with a turtleneck and sport jacket, he guaranteed that prices were the lowest anywhere, truly in-saaaane!

Crazy Eddie even delved into the music business, going toe to toe with record store giants like Musicland, Sam Goody and downtown Manhattan hallmark J&R Music World. The commercial below is one for the seemingly huge Crazy Eddie Record and Tape Asylum, promoting the “Nice Price” albums.

So what happened? Good question, we’d like to know, too! It was all so sudden, but nearly all of the stores closed around as the ’90s began. We noticed other local electronics chains like Tokyo-Shapiro and Newmark and Lewis endure hard times, also. Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps it was a change in the market, we’re not sure. But, this failure paled in comparison to the legal trouble that became public in the mid-1990. The owner, Eddie Antar was investigated by the SEC for suspicion of manipulation of financial books and earnings. Antar fled and lived as a fugitive for a while, during which time the government issued a $73 million judgement against him. He surfaced in Israel, and was extradited to the US in 1992. Eddie Antar finally pled guilty in 1996 for conspiracy and racketeering and spent seven years in prison.

The Crazy Eddie name is not forgotten, let’s hope they re-open some of those magical stores someday!

Our friend Dean lived in the New York area for a while and was a loyal Crazy Eddie customer. Whoa, he’s still got his Crazy Eddie promotional t-shirt!!!

For years, we included a guestbook that allowed fans to leave feedback, share stories & memories of this famous electronics chain. To our surprise, the page attracted no only fans but former employees, too. We are so happy to assist in re-kindling some old friendships. CE employees are encouraged to link up via a terrific Facebook fan page located below. There are over 300 members now!


All of the amazing guestbook content is captured below.


_B_ Posted 18 May 2005 23:38

I miss him…


_StageHand_ Posted 10 June 2005 17:14

I worked on many of those stupid commercials in the early 1980s, throwing rubber chickens, styrofoam snowballs, etc. Remember Christmas in August? Do you remember the Crazy Eddy Home Shopping Network? Yes, such a thing actually existed for a few months, 1985 I think.

Sergio “Bobby” Persicketti Posted 07 July 2005 00:14

Yeah, I remember the comercials……( I’m Originaly from Jersey)…..I just got done watching one of those documentaries about crazy eddie and the whole “DRAMA”…….Where’s Eddie at now? Anybody know? I’m thinking about reprinting some of the old shirts……….what do you think?

Nutty Nathan’s

Rollin Longview Posted 15 July 2005 14:01

Great site! What would life on LI have been during the “80s without the world of Crazy Eddie’s? Bought a lot of stuff at the Roosevelt store, I think. Including a pair of enormous “Audio Source” speakers (the crappy looking “house brand”) – that are still pumping in the parents’ basement, 20 years later! Also recall buying the Ramones’ “Rocket to Russia” and “Leave Home” LPs at the Record and Tape Asylum for a few bucks each in “84. Good stuff….

CE fans should check out George Pelecanos’ first novel “A Firing Offense”. It takes place at a sleazy electronics discounter named “Nutty Nathan’s”. The resemblance is pretty obvious, and funny. I don’t know if GP worked at CE, but he was in the biz….

The SEC Documentation

__DonnyParkway__ Posted 20 July 2005 18:12

MINT Crazy Eddie hat! yellow.

_e.v._ Posted 29 April 2005 00:06

I have an original, mint condition crazy eddie baseball cap. It’s looking for a home. Email with offers.


imi200 Posted 29 May 2005 01:35

Im interested. Hot a pic of it?

imi200 Posted 29 May 2005 01:36

Have. sorry

Ed – Norwalk Store Posted 27 July 2005 09:08


I had a whole sleve of these hats at one point along with a bunch of t-shirts. Unfortunately I tossed them a few years ago.

Go figure – everything comes back eventually

Christmas in August

_Hando_ Posted 27 July 2005 13:40

I remember the Crazy Eddie Christmas in August commercials. Crazy Eddie had a Santa hat on, a small crappy artificial Xmas tree in one hand that he kept shaking. He kept shouting how they are celebrating Christmas in August.

Brian-S.I. Store Posted 28 July 2005 22:02


Misplaced Worship

_cpa6639@yahoo.com_ Posted 11 September 2005 10:34

Crazy Eddie was not crazy, he was a crook. We are doing a case study on the securities fraud that crazy eddie perpetuated. It did not get the publicity of Enron, but on a smaller scale, I’m not sure Enron was more ethical.

Do a little research before you decide who you want to praise. I hope that you did not buy any Crazy Eddie Inc stock.


Eddie’s Ripped Sweater

Peter S Posted 06 September 2005 14:23

I bought my first DUAL turntable, from Eddie, himself, at 1117 Kings Hwy Brooklyn, 718-645-1196. Up on the second floor, up the squeaky steps. Eddie was there with his dirty white, ripped cable knit sweater, which he always seemed to wear. I also used to work in the Genovese House Restaurant in Brooklyn, where Eddie used to come in for meals. (Yes he was a very generous tipper!). His employees, used to pass by, and if Eddie’s corvette was outside, they would come in and join the dinner. Eddie always paid.

VLparamus77-79 Posted 19 September 2005 19:19

That was Eddie’s lucky sweater. He always wore it out of superstition to ensure business would be good. That’s one of the reasons they called him crazy. I guess he didn’t wear it to his court date!

Saturday Night Live with Tom Hanks – electronics merchant

_Hando Calris_ Posted 27 July 2005 13:54

Anyone ever see that Saturday Night Live skit with Tom Hanks where hanks plays a Russian Jewish electronics merchant.

“Same guts as Sony. Iss goood, just like Sony. Whad? You no want it? Come on! You buy!”

Hanks had on a silk shirt, unbuttoned to just above his navel, a thick hairy chest, and a gold chain. He had a big furry mustache.

Kind of what you would expect the real Crazy Eddie Antar to look like.

VLparamus77-79 Posted 19 September 2005 19:27

There vwas actually a salesman at the Paramus store who used to sell receivers to clueless customers by saying “This is a really good model. Look at all the nice buttons and knobs!” He was as dumb as the customers he catered to and did well because I guess they could relate to him.

Crazy Eddie Promo Keychain/Rubiks Cube on EBAY

_EBAY PROMO ITEM_ Posted 27 September 2005 20:22

Brand New – In its original Packaging! Cleaning out my closet at mom’s and this great item appeared. Won’t last. Bid NOW. Memorabilia is hard to come by.
There vwas actually a salesman at the Paramus store who used to sell receivers to clueless customers by saying “This is a really good model. Look at all the nice buttons and knobs!” He was as dumb as the customers he catered to and did well because I guess they could relate to him.

Blast from the past

_Rob_ Posted 05 October 2005 21:16

Crazy Eddie had some great stuff from back in the day. If he were around now, can you imagine his store?


Tater Posted 15 October 2005 15:22

I remember around 1982 – 1983 that Jerry Carroll was on TV pitching Crazy Eddie merchandise all across the country. It seemed like about 60 30 second commercials put together. Am I crazy – or did it exist? It ran in DC on WCQR channel 50 before it transferred over to “Super TV” at night.

Leon S. Posted 18 October 2005 08:19

Back in the early 80’s I directed two New Years Eve shows on Ch 11 from a Disco in West Orange, NJ in which Jerry was the M.C. He was very professional, had a great sense of humor (and probably still has) and was terrific to work with. We stayed in touch for a couple of years after that and had great laughs about those two shows. I’d like to know how to contact him again.

Jerry Carroll is alive! And still doing voice work!

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 01 November 2005 09:52

A few people have asked if the famous spokesman for Crazy Eddie is dead or alive. Well, if you live in the New York area and listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard the Learning Annex Real Estate Expo (I think this happened on October 29-30) commercials done by none other than Carroll himself. He still sounds great!

first job

_lastlaft_ Posted 30 November 2005 13:52

My first job was at crazy eddie on 86th street in NYC. I started out selling walkmans and ended up in the high-end audio room. We would be told to rip people off all the time. There was a guy at the front door to “N.A.D.” Nab At Door, if he say you walking out without a purchase he would fish you in! -Good Times!
As a kid and a young budding comedian, I would love to see the celebrities come in for stereo stuff…. Mel Brooks was my favorite!


_Jim Orange Store_ Posted 13 December 2005 00:01

Anyone remember me…The SC King from the Orange, CT store. wa hte top wrierinthe entire chain My first name is Jim.

I would sell record amounts of service contracts on VCR’s, TV’s and stereo’s and regurally get under compensated.

I was doing so well, David Panoff,the director of training offered me a job to travel throughout the chain to train other sales people. The only problem was that Panoff offered me the same money that I was earning. i took the job, did acrapy job outof spite ad then quit on that sceamer.

i saw these commercials in nashville

becki Posted 18 December 2005 15:24

they showed these commercials in nashville,tn in the 80s.we had cable so it may have been a cable commercial that got shown when a nashville commercial didnt get cut in.

Remember Eddie’s famous cinema cameo??

_JerseyBoy666_ Posted 28 December 2005 02:28

Remember Eddie in Splash with tom hanks back in the 80s. He had a tcv spot in the film, it was the directors idea cuz apparently they were the best of friends

Names you may remeber, Do you remember??

_Jim-Orange_ Posted 13 December 2005 00:26

Names from the past from the old Orange Haunt:

* Brett Hemnes – Manager died in car accident
* Mike Maffa – Mangr
* Charle Zeltner – PE MNGR to Store MNGR
* Pete Romprey (Peeyou)
* Ray Pender
* Ron Lmbardo
* Lucnda- PE headcase
* Steve Boota
* Bobby Ackerman
* Lee Sessler
* David Panoff
* Bob Hemphill -Arrested for stealing
* The “SC King” Remember me!
* Bob- Video Manager
* Stanley Grabowski- PE
* Ricco ? – Video
* Steve ? – Audio Mngr
. Lil- Head Cashier

Nancy Seiden Posted 28 December 2005 15:54

I just saw your names to remember list and was shocked to see Brett Hemnes…died in car accident??? When did this happen?? I knew him a long time ago and was just googling him to see what he was up to. Please let me know what you know…

Why our Favorite Store went away

_DonnyParkway_ Posted 20 July 2005 18:09

1st of all.. great site! I was looking up Jerry Carrol.. or actually trying to find his name since I have been wondering what ever happened to him.
Crazy Eddie might still be with us if they hadn’t gone public in September of 1983. From the day of their IPO the scumbag (Antar) cooked the books. He managed to defraud investors of more than $50 Million Dollars.
He squirreled away $53,000,000 in foreign bank accounts, and fled the country to aviod jail. The SEC obtained a $73,000,000 judgement against him (plus interest) but i don’t know if that includes fines or is actually how much of a fraud he actually perpatrated.
After the Gov’t got ahold of all his foreign accounts (and all his money) he returned to the US in 1997 and plead guilty to the charges against him and was sentyenced to 82 Months in prison.

So thanks to this scumbags greed… we can’t see those hysterical commercials anymore.

Unless we visit this site.. or rent “Splash” from Blockbuster. (I always thought at the time, what a coup it was to get that commercial worked into the movie)

VLparamus77-79 Posted 19 September 2005 19:35

Another little known Crazy Eddie scandal was the fact that the head of the customer service department went to prison for fraud when the electronics manufacturers caught on to a scam that the service depaartment was pulling over on them. It seems that the in-house service department was reimbursed by the manufacturers for every warranty repair that they did on a piece of equipment. So what did theyu do? They went into the stock room, wrote down the model and serial number of every major piece of equipment in stock (they were all written on the outsides of the boxes), and then filed a phoney repair claim right before the warranty period expired. Few or none of this equipment was ever actually repaired, but it was a great profit center until they got caught because the equipment shipped to Crazy Eddie’s had an enormous failure rate compared to every other electronics chain in the country. Greed was the cause of the chain’s demise. It would make a good movie someday.

MarioSquirt Posted 02 January 2006 13:30

How about writing down the model numbers and serial numbers of all junked equipment and pricing them as new equipment during inventory. We were told to do this in service all the time.


MB Posted 28 January 2006 07:24

A fun site – thanks.

The Truth About Crazy Eddie

_Jim Orange Store_ Posted 10 January 2006 10:13

The Truth About Crazy Eddie and Management Style

Most of this will come to many of you as no surprise! In advance, please excuse some of my unacademic comments.

I came to work at Crazy Eddie in 1986. At the time, I was 22, still an undergraduate student.

A few highlights:

.CE offered me pennies above minimum wage at the time.

In the few years that I was employed at CE, I never met Eddie and saw him once at a CE award event in the city at the Beacon Theater. His attire, a sweat suit, which I personally thought was disgraceful. I mean, personally I could have cared less what he attired himself in, but he could have shown some respect to his employees for the event but opted to dress like he was going to the gym.

. I never received commissions on what I sold, despite the fact that commissions were being paid in other stores.

.CE occassionaly paid what they referred to as “spiffs.”

.The only real revenue stream that sales people could make additional income on was through the sale of the infamous “SC” service contract.

.When commission checks came, I believe monthly (and always, always, always LATE!!!) they were usually short by several hundred dollars. Despite the fact that I and others kept our receipt of the Service Contract sale, Crazy Eddie would never justify or show evidence of SC cancelations. Same went for spiff commissions. It was always a song and a dance at CE.

.I was recognized for my above average service contract sales by Mr. David Panoff (spelling). Panoff wasone of the alleged fraudsters who was indicted with Eddie and the other clowns. I think this heab slipped through the cracks of the judicial system though and got away with his shenanigans. My beaf with David Panoff to this day is that he exploited me for my services by attempting to promote me to sales trainer for all the stores in the chain, due to my success in SC sales. There was only one problem with that equation. He failed to give me an increase in compensation for the added responsibilities. When I realized that I was traveling throughout the chain training others (most of them incompetent nitwits) on my secrets and techniques, which included my use of “subliminal messages” throughout the sale. I quickly caught on to David Panofff’s sham and resigned.

Crazy eddie hired a specific passive type of personality. Let’s just say that the people who worked there were not the sharpest tools in the shed and liked the autonomy the company offered them. For example, you could be a slacker or an aggressor and work theire for years. It was easier to be a slacker though, because you were not compensated commensurately for being productive.

.While in the field training, I learned that Sales people were flooding customers with a tsunami of lies over the terms and coverage of the contract.

.Crazy Eddie did with exploitation and misleading customers, what the Natzis did with guns.

Inclosing, I told David Panoff and all the others at the time before I resigned, “If you play with fore long enough, you are going to get burnt.”

The “SC” King!

MarioSquirt Posted 10 January 2006 15:49

Not everyone had bad experiences. I had left Crazy Eddies before it went public. I was partially vested in the profit sharing plan and quite a lot was in there and sent to me when I left.

I also know commissions were made in sales. Department managers made commission on the sales of the entire department, also besides the Service contracts, commissions were made on all the Recoton crap, and any other accessory. If you were not getting it, someone was.

As for Panoff, he actually started off as a good guy. I think something changed when the company went public. As for Kelso, he was never in anything other than sweats anytime I saw him.

Tim from Store #2 Posted 05 February 2006 21:53

Hey Jim Orange Store–I think I remember you. I don’t want to write your last name here in case I’m right, but I remember you came to store #2 (SND Audio. 6th Ave & 8th St. in Manhattan) and taught me about selling Service Contracts, and by some miracle while you were there I sold a VCR with a combo SC–something like 5 years on the VCR plus an extra warranty on the heads. You were impressed…and I was shocked.

Ahh yes–spiffs. I sold more Sanyo VHR-3250s than anything else for about a three month period because we got an extra $20 for each one we sold.

Crazy Eddie – Manhattan

_Sean_ Posted 16 August 2005 18:12

My father purchased my first computer from Crazy Eddie for Christmas- time square store or maybe it was brooklyn. It was an atari 400 with tape drive and modem add ons. I was 12 years old and in heaven until the phone bill came in for all the bbs boards that I called from a list from Antix magazine.

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 18 August 2005 23:17

Where was Crazy Eddie’s in Manhattan? I’m guessing there were a couple locations…

Tim from Store #2 Posted 05 February 2006 21:56

There was one on Liberty St. down near the WTC
405 Ave. of the Americas (at 8th St)
45th St. bet. 5th and 6th
999 3rd Ave (59th St)
57th st off 3rd Ave
86th St. & Broadway

Did I miss any?

Crazy Eddie in FILM

914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 10:18

someone mentioned Splash.
there’s a CE tv ad heard in Easy Money.


jerry carroll

_looking_ Posted 14 September 2005 14:11

anyone know what happened to jerry carroll?? does he still do voiceovers?

914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 10:28

go to and search for JERRY CARROLL.

there is an excellent old Jerry Carroll broadcast on WPIX from about 1976. It’s edited for all his drops, station IDs, wisecracks (with sound effects), and backlisting…. he does a Crazy Eddie ad to boot and actually says, “this could be the one that puts Crazy Eddie away forever!!”

does anyone have a copy of the Beastie Boys “infomercial” they did mid-90s featuring Jerry Carroll? I never saw it but it was supposed to be incredible.

Maybe the BEST writing of the WHOLE CE story

914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 11:09

Believe it or not, it’s in a book called Frankensteins of Fraud by Joseph T. Wells. The story of Eddie Antar and his whole involved family from his childhood. Antar is an entire chapter called “The Antar Complex”. It’s an incredible tale and it seems pretty safe to conclude that it’s close to the truth– or the truth as it might be available at this time.

The really nice part is that it’s easily found on the web, where they make it available in its entirety (the chapter).. look at THIS and download is mentioned right under the pic of the book.

Former employees will certainly find a lot to chew on here, perhaps even debate or expand upon?

God i love this shit.

Mashugana Dave

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 03 August 2005 09:06

Eddie was Crazy but oy vay, Dave was mashugana…

(from photo by Allen Tannenbaum)

IfTheRecordsWeren’tFree-We’dBeAllNews Posted 15 February 2006 19:52

Just saw a parody bit “Angry Achmed” on Fox News 13Jan, 4pm PST. Follows on the heels of real life “Crazy Gideon” here in Los Angeles, and “Crazy Eddy” and now “Mashugana Dave”.
Any one else have a link to Crazy Gideon, Angry Achmed, Eddy or Dave. What about other TV loonie video links.

Saying Nothing But Thanks

PS I remember in my youth in SF Bay Area, Uncle Sol Wiseman “Saying Nothing But Thanks” and Jim Wesson with a Buick place and then Tom Campbell Matthew’s TV & Stereo (“Top of the hill, Daly City”) with stereos and stuff. I thought the Attorney General got he and the company for criminal stuff.

Lately he has been the voice for San Diego-based Dow Stereo-Video (think it’s a deeper position) and even moe recently since the death of Ken Crane (Tv& Stereo SoCal empire), he magically has appeared there.

Looking for video and vocal links for all old stuff_

Crazy Eddie stole our apartment.

_Jerry and Liz_ Posted 21 February 2006 15:05

Hi All

Crazy Eddie or criminal eddie as we like to call him gave one of his properties to his Mother so the SEC couldn’t take it – it happened to be out last apartment building which we had to vacate because the building was finally seized by the SEC and sold off to a condo developer …

Crazy Eddie commercials on YouTube

_brengibble_ Posted 23 February 2006 13:51

Hi, I’ve been happy to be a reader of this guestbook, and to give a little something back, here are some commercials I’ve been taking off of old tapes. Hope you enjoy them!

Record and Tape Asylum

Beat The Heat

12 Days of Christmas

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 26 February 2006 11:13

whoa, these are great! thank you so much!!!

914Dino Posted 27 February 2006 08:02

Incredible. Thanks!!!


_JJ_ Posted 02 March 2006 00:54

Just found this site and it’s great, even if the CE owners were crooks. I grew up on the commercials and worked for a couple of years in the “reeps” warehouse in the back of the East Brunswick store. I have many great memories of those times.

I remember they used to employ off-duty East Brunswick cops as security guards and apparently paid them twice what a normal guard would get. Whenever any of us got pulled over, we’d casually mention working at Crazy Eddie’s and they’d ALWAYS say “just take it easy on the way home” and let us drive off.

I looked through the previous posts and I don’t see any mention of one of my favorite promotions: the annual “Crazy Eddie’s Night of Thrills” at Raceway Park… featuring nitro-burning funny cars, etc. A blast, literally. You don’t see Walmart spending $ on that sort of thing, that’s for sure.

Somebody should totally do a movie about that place… or at least a book that pulls the whole sordid story together.


couple odd pieces of CE trivia…

_JJ_ Posted 02 March 2006 02:36

1) The lead prosecutor in the Eddie Antar case was Micheal Chertoff –soon to be famous as the US Secty of Homeland Security who didn’t know New Orleans was under water until he saw it on CNN.

2) CE makes a puzzling appearance in the Phillip Glass / Robert Wilson opera “Einstein on the Beach.” A section of the libretto, written by Christopher Knowles, reads:

You will
Crazy Eddies Crazy Eddies Crazy Eddies Crazy Eddies Crazy Eddies
Goodbye Crazy Eddies
Crazy Eddies are the most ones
Like into a coat jacket
are into like it has the has the ever
Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever the

You Want To Hear A Crazy Eddie Spot?

peppertree5706 Posted 14 March 2006 01:20

I found a Crazy Eddie sixty second spot on this aircheck from WYNY.

It is at 42:07. Dig it.

914Dino Posted 19 March 2006 14:27

this one is interesting.. it lists 6 locations, so it’s not that early of a spot, yet Jerry Carroll sounds remarkably restrained and he speaks pretty soberly (which, honestly, is NOT what he’s known for). i wonder what was going on THAT day when they recorded this one.
perhaps they had some CE spots that weren’t as “insaane” for more serious radio programming? nice find nevertheless.

crazy eddie radio spots

_antman_ Posted 25 April 2006 01:09

i worked on a few of those crazy eddie radio commercials…with my producer/supervisor at the time “charlie ambrosia” …does anybody know of him and where’s he at….?

hspero Posted 25 April 2006 23:08

I was Charlie’s boss at Eddie’s–love to know where he wandered off to.

REEPS Posted 02 May 2006 23:03

Hey Harry – Where did you wander off to, yourself?

You’re still getting “kudos” for your work, I see –

You talk to Burtie Boy, lately?

Looking for an original XL T-Shirt!

_outofcontroldennis_ Posted 26 November 2005 14:25


mosman Posted 22 December 2005 23:24


msharpe Posted 20 March 2006 19:20

This is a long shot but do you still have any of the tshirts available or know where I can get one? Thanks!

ty webb Posted 15 May 2006 19:07

vintage crazy eddie shirt on ebay

914Dino Posted 17 May 2006 12:43

times change in a big XL shirt, if you could find one, from that period of the 1980s, would likely fit like a largeish medium at this point.

think that’s bad? women’s sizes are fifty times worse from then to now.

Crazy Eddie Badges

007james Posted 22 June 2006 17:09

I still have mine, name and all, worked stock, sales, then records. Worked at route 10, Livingston which I liked, then transfered to Ocean NJ, which I hated…..Always shopped in route 18 Brunswick NJ

MarioSquirt Posted 23 June 2006 07:41

Which badge? Is it the round metal one that you pinned on, or the plastic rectangular one with your name already on it. I have both

wendy doc Posted 23 June 2006 14:07

we have a variety of assorted badges, glasses, shirts, playing cards, stuff that didn’t even make it out to the customers. i worked in the public relations/promotions dept and i married Richie Doc from the serviceshout out to whoever is out there that i might know

this site is wild

007james Posted 23 June 2006 16:47

It’s the rectangular badge with a p-touch type label and Wendy Doc, I’d love get one of those t-shirts, are you selling any???

wendy doc Posted 23 June 2006 19:08

right now we are holding on to them- i’ll let you know when we do

Who is Crazier?

_Fun Box Boards_ Posted 26 June 2006 11:50

Who is Crazier?

Jerry Carroll


LLoyd Lindsey Young?

Mazzy Love

914Dino Posted 26 June 2006 13:20


Definitely Jerry. I don’t doubt that Lloyd wouldn’t tear it up in the right setting, but all he had to play with was those old people’s birthdays. Jerry on the other hand was far more creative and actually pulled all kinds of shit off in the context and media he worked within.

Then again, Lloyd Lindsay Young did have that shout-out in a Diamond D song: “so make like Lloyd Lindsay Young and say hello”.

What I wouldn’t give for WWOR and WPIX to go back to the way they were…….


Mikelzno Posted 26 May 2006 00:30

Anybody fron paramus out there, I met my wife , who was a “register G” and i worked in computers at the time. between 1981-1986. It would be great to find out where everyone is at!!

MarioSquirt Posted 26 May 2006 08:41

Many memorable people worked in Paramus: Commordore Bob, Ray Nav, Larry A, the car installation crew, Chuck Deck,

LARRYF Posted 26 May 2006 22:10


butterworthy Posted 03 June 2006 00:15

Ah, Commodore 64’s!! You and Howard, I remember. Hmm, and you married Crystal?

Mikelzno Posted 04 June 2006 22:32

Yes, that is right, I married Chrystal. And we now have 4 kids, talk about crazy huh. And Larry, I don’t live in NJ any more, we live in orange county, NY.

Remember those bright yellow vests???

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:33

and what about the slide puzzle with the crazy face on it??

Brett Hemnes

_Jim Orange Store_ Posted 10 January 2006 09:05

Hi Nancy-

I am responding to your question about Brett Hemnes aka “The Great O Round One.”

Brett was apparentely somewhere in California gallivanting in the early 1990’s, when he was
killed in a car accident, that according to reliable sources. I know that he always liked the west coast.

You may recall that he had a passion for small inexpensive cars. Specifically in 1986, he had a brown Mazda. Hos assistant manager Mike Maffa had a red one.

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:49

When I last saw Brett he drove me around in his Ford Thunderbird after we closed the store. This was in Poughkeepsie, NY 1987 or late 86.

have you seen this?

becki Posted 18 December 2005 15:26

Crazy Eddie: He’s Back

Crazy Eddie’s is back.

The chain’s TV commercials in the late 1970s and early 1980s set the tone for manic discount advertising of electronic products and appliances. The spots were best known for their claim that “our prices are insane!”

Pitchman Jerry Carrol used to whip himself into a frenzy on air, urging buyers to hurry down before he (or the rest of the world) went insane. He will be back touting the new business.

The grandchildren of Crazy Eddie founders Eddie, Allen and Mitchell Antar will open a 9,000 square-foot retail center next month in Wayne N.J., complete with an Internet site offering computer bargains and a fax and phone order service.

The original chain of Crazy Eddie stores closed in 1989. Eddie and Mitchell Antar were later convicted on fraud and racketeering charges related to the firm’s initial public offering of stock.

Eddie, describing himself as a consultant to the new venture, announced the re-establishment of the business at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:55

I spoke to Mitchell and Alan Antar about 3 years ago while they were trying to make a go of internet based sales. They had some success then they got pulled from it for some reason. I was in market for 24″ Sony, but bought direct from Sony afterall.

teacher, union memeber

_fanspeed_ Posted 21 March 2006 00:13

if your a teacher, nurse, union member, r construction workers come on down to crazy eddies, damm remember that ad from growing up in jersey

Grapevine Posted 30 June 2006 07:57

Sorry, that was not Crazy Eddie, that was JGE – in the beginning, there was JGE, otherwise you had Lafayette, and other traditional dep’t stores.


_914Dino_ Posted 13 February 2006 10:12

Yeah, i just came back to the PCShow site to see if my t-shirt image was still there.. and they installed a forum!! I’m so proud.

I grew up knowing the Hartsdale store on Central Ave somewhat. A family friend used to work there and i remember being blown away by a Dynasty Discolight there. Since then i’ve picked up a bunch of different items, from other shirts (Official Free Commemorative Store Opening!) to a VIP card to a receipt from the Hartsdale store..

The receipt is stapled to a repair shop’s receipt.. seems that a friend of mine’s father got a turntable from CE, found out it was broken and took it for repair to find out it couldn’t be repaired. Hooray for Eddie Antar!

What’s the most unusual promo item that they made? I would think there might be a cardboard cutout of Carrol out there somewhere, but who knows.

Grapevine Posted 30 June 2006 08:51

I opened the Hartsdale store and did all the audio and video wiring, ran the service dept and stepped in as mgr there. I know a lot of people from that store circa, 79-81 and some I still speak with today. Another woman that worked there now lives with me ! Who would be some of your friends that worked there?

Grapevine Posted 30 June 2006 08:58

I remember a 54 rpm flexible record playing the CE commerciile I either discarded them or gave them away6ut thought so little of it after a whal famous for its doo wop bathroom jingle! I had almost everything from one time to another but thought it was no big deal. Usually, I gave things away through the years. Nothing left except video tapes of many commercials that were famous.

Grapevine Posted 30 June 2006 09:01

Screwed that sentence up ! You know I meant 45 rpm duh!

914Dino Posted 09 July 2006 21:54


You know, I contacted said friend a little while ago, and it seems that I was either wrong or imagined the whole thing.. Oh well.

I remember that store even though I must say it was a bit too far away [originally from Port Chester] and i was a bit too young to go there myself. the commercials are great (lots on YouTube these days) but a FlexiDisc from Crazy Eddie? Wow. That’ll have to be a new collecting goal for me….

Thanks for the info.

Doo-Wap Commercial

_michaelrb_ Posted 13 January 2006 15:28

Does anybody have a copy of the Crazy Eddie Commercial that featured a doo wap group in a men’s bathroom?

butterworthy Posted 18 January 2006 01:45

hmm I don’t know anyone who could have afforded a VCR when that commercial aired…but

when you think you’re ready
come down to crazy eddie
the man whose got most everything in stereo sound
his audio selection
will meet perfection
and he’s got the lowest prices around

so come on down
and put him to the test
find out whose prices really are the best
he’ll fix you up
with the sound for your place
and he’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face

so when you think you’re ready
come down to crazy eddie
the man whose got most everything in stereo sound
and as the story goes
in fact, it’s known all over the world
yeah crazy eddie will not be undersold

Chris Balton Posted 03 February 2006 13:34


914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 11:27

I’d love to see this commercial.. I never before realized it, but there’s a bizarre rap tune called “Yo Stupid” by Nu-Sounds ft. Papa Jam (on Jazzy Jay’s “Cold Chilling in the Studio Live” album, UNI 1989) where the group sings a version of this jingle!

Anyone willing to copy videotapes?

Larry Weiss Posted 15 February 2006 11:09

Chris Balton? That you? You alive? Reach out and say hello some time.

Larry Weiss Posted 15 February 2006 11:20

Most of the original Crazy Eddie television commercial masters that were shot during my era (the beginning through 1983) were lost when Unitel Video cleaned out their library without bothering to check with anyone. Among other things, they threw out reels and reels of bloopers and stuff too raunchy to ever air on TV. But I do have a reel or two of classic Crazy Eddie spots including the doo-wap spot (on which I also sing). One of these day’s I’ll post ’em.

Chris Balton Posted 01 July 2006 13:08

Hi there Mr. Weiss,
yeah Im still alive & well,
how are YOU ?

You still in advertising?
give me a yell!

Chris Balton

1 (570) 840-0858 Cell
1 (718) 554-1427 Studio

Chris Balton Posted 01 July 2006 18:22



wendy doc Posted 01 July 2006 19:03

i am looking for the xmas in august commerical where jay dubin’s wife and myself were in bathing suits on a beach toel while jerry was in his santa suit ranting & raving . and the commerical for mothers day – wherei was in a rocking chair as an old lady with jerry in theback ground. i never could find a copy and unitel did savethem – they said. if anyone knows where i can get a copy let me know- they are priceless..

prodbam Posted 10 July 2006 09:00

The commercial can be found at the location:

Copy this link into your bowser, it’s a collection of 4 commercial versions of the “If you think your ready…” song, it’s great. There are scores of CE television ads on this site! I really enjoyed the promotional ad for the opening of the 57th street store mimicing the “10” movie with a Dudley Moore like guy running down a beach and falling over upon seeing a hot chick! So funny.

prodbam Posted 10 July 2006 09:04

And also available here:

I shared a prison cell with Crazy Eddie

_shakewell_ Posted 08 August 2006 14:30

I shared a prison cell with Crazy Eddie. Actually it wasn’t me, but my ex-brother-in-law, who did ten years at Levenworth for a thousand pounds of pot. For a while Eddie Antar shared a cell with him. I’m told Eddie was an asswipe in prison.

Sam E. Antar Posted 09 August 2006 01:29

Eddie never went to Levenworth. He was in prison in Otisville, NY and then was in Fort Dix, NJ.


_Discomat_ Posted 16 August 2006 09:26

I used to work at Discomat in NJ. The chain was bought by Crazy Eddie’s and prompty driving into the ground by the mess of the Antar family.

…bbbut wait! on Antar

914Dino Posted 23 February 2006 09:30

This is the first time i’ve ever seen a picture of Eddie Antar. Also (admittedly poor) images of his wanted poster and stock certificate.

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 26 February 2006 11:20

Nice find 914dino–I’d never seen him before either. The court TV documentary’s actor bore a close resemblance.

Wow, did you notice this figure below?

“Various civil judgements against members of the Antar family exceed $500 million.”

914Dino Posted 27 February 2006 08:01

Court TV? I didn’t know about that! Was it any good? Probably not that in-depth..

Sam E. Antar Posted 04 July 2006 21:12

The web site now has a clean wanted poster of Eddie Antar available for download.

914Dino Posted 14 August 2006 22:13

Sam E. Antar himself is bringing forth more information on CE overall.. he is the one behind and the critical character behind the prosecution of Eddie Antar. Check out the site and scroll to the bottom for more links.

I’m very impressed that there’s a member of the family affiliated with this messageboard. Thanks Sam.

Sam E. Antar Posted 15 August 2006 01:46

Your thanks is appreciated.

However, my past actions at Crazy Eddie were nothing less than criminal and immoral.

Innocent people on this web site have suffered as a result of crimes I participated in.

I apologize to all for my part in the crimes committed.

I make no excuses and take full responsibility for my crimes.

914Dino Posted 16 August 2006 08:12

I respect your position Sam, and it’s admirable, at least in hindsight.

I might be a fan of the Crazy Eddie phenomenon overall, whereas it’s never affected me personally, but nevertheless I am interested in understanding the story itself. The sheer detail of it all and the extremes it reached are nothing short of noteworthy. Just like with, it appears that this is a story worth telling for myriad reasons.

I’m curious about your feelings about the Joseph T. Wells book, with its chapter entitled, “The Antar Complex”. Do you feel this was accurately done? Is there more of a story here?

MarioSquirt Posted 16 August 2006 16:09

I was fortunate. I left Crazy Eddies with 4 years vested in profit sharing. Actions on your part and others involved did not effect me financially. I left Crazy Eddies because I was taken advantage of. I was offered a level of responsibilty and was not adequately compensated for it. When I presented this, I was flatly turned down for increased compensation. I was bitter over this, but that bitterness turned to joy considering the loss I would have had had I stayed and bought into the company stock.

Sam E. Antar Posted 17 August 2006 20:29

Joseph T. Wells is one of the leading voices for reform in accounting education and is an outstanding anti-fraud professional, educator, and author. I know him personally.

His account of the Crazy Eddie story is excellent. I was interviewed for it by researcher Brett Reeves. Brett interviewed many other sources including Eddie’s late father, Sam M. Antar and others.

Certain sources gave accounts that differed from mine and were included in the book. I did not agree with certain accounts that they gave and was ultimately published. However, no book published can be 100% accurate and I cannot fault the researcher or Mr. Wells for this since they were not there when the events happened.

In any situation, even the best situation, where you have an event, and you interview witnesses to it, you will get many versions of the same event.

I can say that a larger manuscript was originally prepared. I think it ran over 100 pages. However, due to editing, they shrunk it down and published only 45 pages. I think the full manuscript would have been better.

I never as a practice review authors or reporter’s writings or manuscripts. I only when asked confirm the information I give them or when asked respond to the inquiries for information from them for confirmation. Sometimes small mistakes happen as they are human too.

For example, in this book they referred to me as a pot bellied kid. I was a skinny kid and fat guy now. In a different college text book I am referred to as Eddie’s brother and not his cousin. However, small issues aside, they are very good reference about the fraud and both authors gave their best efforts write a factual account of what happened.

There is much more of a story to be told as I am constantly updating my web site with new information. See the Untold Story page and others and I frequently add more detailed information. The Crazy Eddie fraud was a 19 year fraud. Therefore, there is much to be told.

Authors will have a “different take” on the Crazy Eddie story and that is alright with me even if I disagree with certain accounts they write. Remember the movie “the Man Who Shot Liberty Valence?” At the end the reporter, when confronted with the real facts, decided to keep the legend alive. Sometimes, I guess, certain small legends are important as long as they do not obscure the overall real facts of what happened. I will stick to the facts in my writings. I will let others speculate of what may have happened.

914Dino Posted 18 August 2006 23:11

Thank you Sam. Your efforts and insights are appreciated.

Crazy Eddie

_KerriganUK_ Posted 21 August 2006 16:13

I’ve just stumbled onto this web…Its fab…I worked in a bar in London in the mid/ maybe late 80’s and a friend of mine used to send me Kiss Fm cassette tapes he’d recorded in New York…I loved the Crazy Eddie adverts…and theres was an amazing ‘Donnies super curl’ one that had a funky tune….Those ads cheered up the working environment….I love CE….would be interested in hearing from anyone with old kiss fm tapes?….see ya…

Judge Ackerman Opinion in Crazy Eddie SEC Civil Case – Available for Download

Sam E. Antar Posted 27 August 2006 18:40

In addtion to the book “Frankensteins of Fraud” by Joseph T. Wells, anyone interested in reading more about the Crazy Eddie saga should read Judge Ackerman’s 70 plus page Opinion in the SEC civil fraud case.

Link for Ackerman Opinion download below:

Link for free download of Joseph T. Wells chapter on Crazy Eddie from his book:

Funniest Commercial

_Bubbarx_ Posted 11 September 2006 16:46

It was a late Saturday night, I had just gotten home and was, well, lets just say I had a few camels.

I was watching TV and here comes this Crazy Eddie commercial, but no words. It wasn’t Jerry Carroll, but a giant chicken, making chicken noises (whatever they are) but with all the wild, crazy, insane mannerisms and outstreched arms ala Mr Carroll. I cannot tell you how much I laughed that night. Never saw that commercial again…. LOL

My Crazy Eddie Nightmare

_Rachel T_ Posted 24 September 2006 14:26

One of the first nightmares I remember having is of being trapped in a Crazy Eddie’s with that guy popping up in barrel after barrel and I couldn’t escape him. I told this to a friend, and he found this website. Now everyone knows I’m not crazy for remembering this Crazy Eddie stuff.

My Life At Eddie’s…..

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 August 2006 10:13

I worked as a repair tech in various service departments from 1983-1989, or whenever the Marshals padlock the Carle Place store, which was the last one I worked in. I started in Bronx Central Service under Panoff, Richie Doc and Joe Kay, then managed Hartsdale’s tech shop, then the Village, then Carle Place. Hartsdale was a blast, even though I had to drive up from Queens every day. We serviced units from three stores, Hartsdale, Nanuet and Norwalk, and we were three techs, so it was a walk in the park. We used to have so much free time that we’d sit and eat and watch movies until go-home time. We affectionately used to refer to it as “Hotel Hartsdale”. That was back in the Harold Morris/Bobby Ackerman days.

I have nothing but good things to say. As a tech, we were treated pretty well, so much so that most store personnel hated us. But, there was lotsa joking, pranks, drugs, alcohol and money to be made.

Panoff was the manager of Central Service, and a good one at that. Our systems worked, so much so that I use the same systems managing a large pro audio service center today. I even have Burt Rosen (C-Pro) as one of my customers!

Yes, THOSE were THE days!!!

Michael Boyce Posted 30 September 2006 20:46

I was a regular customer of Crazy Eddie’s From the early ’80’s until I left New York In 1989. I bought my very first home CD player (in 1987),as well as a two-CD set called “The Chicago Transit Authority”-ah,to live those days again! I also was there (at the Hartsdale Store-I also visited the Bronx Stores,as well!) during his “Christmas Sale In August”-I played,over and over, a audiotape of the commercial that appeared on WNEW’s broadcast of “The Moody Blues Story”to unsuspecting shoppers who didn’t know about the sale.So I guess you might call me a spokesperson,too! I hope Crazy Eddie’s new handlers will carry on the name! Michael Boyce

“Masterminds” show

_Large Marge_ Posted 24 September 2006 19:52

I just watched a new show called “Masterminds” about criminal masterminds and today’s show was about crazy eddie. I moved from New Jersey in 1979 so I never really heard about the rackerteering charges that eddie was accused of. I was a little surprised because when I left NJ the store’s were being advertised all the time. Did anyone else see this program?

butterworthy Posted 30 September 2006 20:38

Yeah I finally caught this episode too…the show’s timeline seems a bit out of sorts, interesting though.

Sam E. Antar Posted 01 October 2006 15:14


“…the show’s timeline seems a bit out of sorts….”

You are correct. Also some of the events were simplified. However, overall the show was accurate despite some minor mistakes.

The reason was that the show was produced by Canadians (Red Apple Entertainment) who did not know the story and had to be educated from scratch about the events and issues.

In addition, it is difficult to explain 18 years of fraud and 6 years of investigation of a highly complicated crime in just 22 minutes of air time.

All said, Red Apple did a very good job.

To get a complete picture I suggest you go to my web page and read Judge Ackerman’s Opionion in the SEC Civil case and download the Crazy Eddie chapter of Frankenstein’s of Fraud from this web site. For Judge Ackerman’s Opinion.
For Frankenstein’s of Fraud download.
For the complete story from me

crazy eddie watches

wendy doc Posted 01 July 2006 19:08

does any one remember those craay eddie watches- we ordered them from china and by the time they got to us – the batteries were dead. that still did n’t stop everyone from wanting them at the next grand opening. 10,000 people on line all night just for a crazy eddie giveaway. crazy!!!

does anyone rememebr the e team!!!!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 August 2006 10:04

Yeah Wendy, I found mine when I moved to Long Island. I also found a couple of old washed-up yellow T-shirts.

Jeez, a Crazy Eddie forum. Who woulda thought we’d ever have one? BTW Wendy, tell Richie I said hello. I’ll give you a hint who I am: I live about a half-mile from away from you and you’ve seen me and my wife around town. I used to work in Bronx Central Service.

I found this place accidentally while looking for Panoff.

Larry Weiss Posted 11 October 2006 15:16

I still have a box of those watches somewhere – both the yellow and the black versions. They’re new and untouched, although after 25 years the batteries are probably shot.

I was just thinking about how many Crazy Eddie do-dads we made. All kinds of t-shirts, Frisbees (uh, I mean Humphrey Fliers), playing cards, pens, key chains, painter’s hats, baseball hats, watches, matches, eyeglass cases, yo-yos, buttons, clocks, cups … anybody remember anything else?

Grapevine Posted 11 October 2006 19:37

I had a 45 rpm or maybe 33 1/3 small flexible record that had the doo-wop bathroom music on it. When I worked in Brooklyn store they were always new things showing up in mid to late 70’s.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 15 October 2006 13:38

Hey Larry, tell Ira I said hello. I used to work with him and Richie Doc AFTER Eddie’s in Levittown. He’ll know who I am, and now Wendy will too!


_TANGO_ Posted 11 November 2006 04:15

Hello to all.. It’s me BOB TANGO!! I worked Audio and car stereo. Anybody remember , Pick up on the “RED” or “GREEN”? Those messages were for getting your decision on the customers credit approval/disapproval. Remember Maria the cashier? She dated the stock guy?? Also, ALEX the manager who dated a CRAZY girl?? He also moussed his chest hair!!! ALL TRUE!! How about Chris Antos in Repair?? Paul Mink? When me and the entire stock room went to RUSH at the coll.. I worked there from 1983-1985. LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it.. HOWIE the MANAGER.. YOU out there???He fired me cause I drove to Canada to play in a band!! I came back to NO job.. I deserved it, I suppose.. PLEASE ANYBODY from C/E that remembers me or my memories, please email me at Last one.. How about the Christmas dinner at Terrace on The GREEN, NYC??? COME ON , how GREAT is that? Just think our generation witnessed the birth of the CD.. PRETTY COOL//Anybody need an ATARI home computer OK ONE REALLY LAST one.. REMEMBER LANCE from the computer room or the girl named BARI???? AHHH hahahahaha PLEASE somebody call me, those were some of the VERY best days!!

Specific Crazy Eddie Commercial

cgavinelli Posted 11 October 2005 13:36

Growing up in New York, the Crazy Eddie commercials were stuff of legends. I lived about a half mile from the main store on Coney Island Avenue and Kings Highway.

Anyway, I don’t know what made me think of this, but dies anyone remember this one? Unless it was a parody that I somehow missed, this one spot had, presumeable, Jerry Carroll dressed in a giant duck outfit and the duck “quacked” out the entire “typical” commercial, giving the same signature cadence and motions to phrases like “…and he’ll beat it…” “…his prices are insane…”, etc. He spoke ZERO words, he just quacked the whole thing thru.

Can anyone on this board confirm the existence of such a commercial?

william wallace Posted 06 November 2005 17:41

you bet there was a duck commercial bud, it was no parody, this was how nuts the francise was!!By the way, who recalls the equally bizarre alligator commercial?!

Larry Weiss Posted 15 February 2006 11:32

Yes – but it was more like a chicken. We were going to produce a Thanksgiving commercial, but the turkey costume provided by Rubies Costumes looked more like a chicken. Just goofing around Jerry put on the head piece and started clucking like a chicken and we started rolling tape. It was so hilarious we decided to edit it into a finished spot. Like most Crazy Eddie commercials from those days, the spot was shot around 2AM in a soundroom at the Coney Island Avenue store.

Grapevine Posted 05 July 2006 15:29

Worked in Bklyn then, I remember the laughs ! Saw him parading around with it.

jester Posted 26 November 2006 19:45

What you saw is the Movie Howard the Duck, it’s an 80’s flick and they did have an Eddie commercial where he was basically a duck.

Howard The Duck

jester Posted 26 November 2006 19:51

Anybody remember Howard The Duck? They did a parody where he was duck, real funny.

Crazt Eddie Hat Going on Ebay

_Cguy_ Posted 28 November 2006 15:01

I’m tempted to buy, get it fast:

Fun times being a salesman at the Paramus store

Lee Estrada – ELVIS Posted 30 November 2006 10:22

I worked in Audio on weekdays and an Elvis Impersonator by weekend – had fun with Larry, Steve P, Mitchell Antar and the crew.

Mike Wan was dept Mgr and we turned the store into the “Animal House” fun place to work.
I always bothered Jeff and Dwight on the video deck!!!

stern JPG

Happy Birthday Kelso

Jdub Posted 25 November 2006 23:59

Always rooting for you MC

Pete Romprey Posted 26 November 2006 19:07


Lee Estrada – ELVIS Posted 30 November 2006 10:32

Kelso was very close friends with my friends in the NY PBA Jim Connolly with whom I entertained with Tiny Tim of Laugh-In frequently.

Love Ya Eddie Antar and family – remember Dave Pardo too?

Crazy Eddie language

_Vin_ Posted 30 April 2005 09:52

I worked at Crazy Eddie in Paramus in 1980. We had a special series of code words that we used so that customers didn’t know what we were talkign about. Does anyone else remember that?

Bud Posted 17 May 2005 20:35

I was a frequent customer at Crazy Eddies in Paramus…so gives us an example of your “Crazy” language code.

SpLiFFORd Posted 23 May 2005 10:23

I remember what you’re talking about – I used to know Bert who worked there in the 70’s

Shoof the Minoosh – Look at a hot female
Abeed – Black person

I’d have to think of more. There are a lot. I think this is some wierd dialect of Hebrew or maybe Yiddish? I have no clue. My friend Ray would know. I’ll ask him. We bought a bunch of tech from Bert in the 70’s, including a giant pair of Cerwin Vega speakers

SpLiFFORd Posted 23 May 2005 10:25

Yeah this was at the main store on 6th Avenue and 8th Street. I also remember they had a pretty cool 12″ and dance section all of which would be considered classic disco and R and B. They even had a mirrored ball.

Ed – Norwalk Store Posted 27 July 2005 09:04

I worked in the Norwalk store. I recall a couple.

Lunch – putting a customer returned product back together in the box so it looked new, and then could be resold as new
Spiff – a product to push that had an additional payout to the salesman if sold at full price.

Brian-S.I. Store Posted 28 July 2005 21:59

i remember a few. . .

kish – throw it out
husho – shoplifter
tesh – bathroom
lot 6 – a gay person

VLparamus77-79 Posted 19 September 2005 19:17

I worked in the Paramus store in the late 70’s a s a service manager. I was in charge of the lunches and got quite good at making things look brand new. Except those bogus Acoustiphase speakers. When ever a pair of those came back with a scratch, we used to strip the drivers and crossovers out for parts and I got to keep the cabinets. I knocked out the front panels of the big ones and used them as record shelves for years. They were much better as shelves than they were as speakers!

As ar as the language goes, I believe it came from Arabic, as the Antars were Syrian Jews.

LT Posted 21 September 2005 04:53

My first job ever was at the 86th street and 3rd avenue store in NYC. I was 16 years old and learned a bunch of code words…. ie: “lot 6” -outta stock “lot 8” -crazy person “safie bayer”-raise the price,sucker. “N.A.D.”- nab at door (no one left with out a sale!) I also worked in the audio room where we had huge sub woofers hidden. When the customer would want to buy speekers we would crank them up using that keypad on the audio wall (remember? the one that only employees knew how to use) when the would get them home they would sound like crap… Those were the days! INNSSAANNEEE!

VLparamus77-79 Posted 25 September 2005 01:15

I remembered a few more phrases:

“shoof the abo” check out that ass
“saf” cheat, outfox

VLparamus77-79 Posted 25 September 2005 01:19

Also, does anyone else remember the pricing codes? An item usually had a number like 94289 on the display listed as a stock number. If you removed the 9’s on either end and divided the remaining numbers by 2, you got the item’s wholesale price. I actually saw this system used in a few other stores and could use it to negotiate really good deals.

Mr. 86 Posted 19 October 2005 19:52

I worked in Hartsdale in the 80’s and we used to mix pig latin with Syrian for our store language. So you could hear some one say “Shoof the eye-gay with the iped-stray ants-pay rapping to the j-dub reg G.

That crap sounded normal after a while! What a place!

butterworthy Posted 31 December 2005 01:51

Oh this brings back memories…all the pig Latin and slang Yiddish…I guess you could call it that. It was a fun place to work. I don’t think I realized what a scheming place it was until I left and grew up. Anyone remember nightime softball games between stores? I worked at the Paramus store in the early 80’s..I miss the burgers from The Fireplace across the highway. I think I still have a yellow CE’s bandanna.

MarioSquirt Posted 02 January 2006 13:20

I worked in Paramus service. Nothing worse than setting up a BSR turntable with a pickering sigma cartridge paired with acoustiphase speakers and a Sound Design receiver and have the customer ask if they received a good deal.

maf – out of stock
fee – in stock
ot – twice the c-line
c-line – book price
reep – return to manufacturer
hattie – truck
azab – someone just looking
baha – commission

MarioSquirt Posted 03 January 2006 10:33

How about the different names each store had.

Moore Industries was the Paramus Store

I can remember some of the others, and some where named for nicknames in Eddie Antar’s life.

DNS Audio – I think was Fordham Road

914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 10:15

The Central Ave store in Hartsdale was called Debbie Audio, probably after Antar’s wife OR mistress- they had the same name.

I’ve GOT to get an ex-employee friend of mine from that store on here!!

How many CT stores were there?? Norwalk??

sound 2112 Posted 18 March 2006 23:55


Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 August 2006 10:37

It was called “SY”, or a derivative of Syrian, Eddie’s native language combined with various english slang and/or abbreviations. Let’s see, in no particular order:

Tesh: toilet

G: Girl, Woman

Biz: Breasts (hey, I didn’t make it up!)

Abo: er, Derierre, Butt

Neek: F**k (as in the verb)

Kished: Fired

Fee: Here, In Stock

Maff: Gone, Out of stock

Lot 6: Faggot, Queer (derived from the cryptic pricing scheme, literally meaning “3-dollar bill”)

JJ (pronounced “Jedge”): a di*k

JO: Jerk Off (verb or noun)

Hudda: sh*t

There’s more, but it was three lifetimes ago, for God’s sake!!!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 August 2006 10:42

This was a clever scheme. Each store had it’s own d/b/a, but was owned by Crazy Eddie. On paper, it looked like they were all separate business with separate tax write-offs, but the money all funneled back to the same place. Essentially, stock was “purchased” from Central, so each store was taxed separately, rather than as a corporation. It was a brilliant scheme to maximize profit, even if the stores operated at a loss.

Grapevine Posted 25 August 2006 13:25

Husho – Thief !

Sam E. Antar Posted 25 August 2006 19:29

More Crazy Eddie language:

NAD: nail at door
SW: switch the customer to a different item to purchase
Lunch: repackage the customer’s merchandise as brand new

Arnold Spindler and I coined the term in 1971. He would tell me to go out to lunch. In a bag would be the repackaging equipment (staple gun, tape, etc.) to repackage the merchandise as brand new.

Grapevine Posted 25 August 2006 23:20

This language was native to all stores and used constantly. It wasn’t until the early 80’s that it was not catching on with employees. the reason had to be the tremendous growth of personnel and stores and there was not enough original “culture” to be transferred to everyone else. Although some words such as fee and maf clearly stuck.

Grapevine Posted 25 August 2006 23:36

Another phrase- T.O. Turn customer over to another salesman

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 26 August 2006 00:20

AND, lets not forget…..

KELSO = Eddie

Sam E. Antar Posted 26 August 2006 01:59

One term that the “inner circle” and certain trusted others used (regarding skimming) that did not find its way into the mainstream Crazy Eddie language as the business grew:

nehdi – Syrian word or slang for cash or currency

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 27 August 2006 01:40

Hey, we all forgot “Sketch”, as in to bullshit someone, or to be a phoney, e.g:

“I don’t feel like dealing with this Lot 6 JJ at the counter. Go out and play “sketch manager” for me”

daleo-ck Posted 14 September 2006 05:05

The Crazy Eddie “language” went far beyond the stores and warehouse. My husband & I, with 26 combined years at Eddies..had inadventently taught our kids those words…if we had a lazy day my kids asked “are you going to azab all day”. Or if we ran out of milk ..”We’re maf on milk”… This is normal in our home. And that’s OK with us . Crazy Eddies brings fond memories for us and yes, there were some tough times but the good out-weighed the bad. Sammy you came up with a few good ones I forfot “lunch”. Chas & I would love to talk with you…kelly

Sam E. Antar Posted 15 September 2006 00:43

Kelly & Charley:

My contact information is listed on my web site at the bottom of each page.

It’s good to hear from you.

butterworthy Posted 30 September 2006 20:41

I can’t believe what good memories you all have!

Johnny C. Posted 31 October 2006 03:16

I worked from the late 1970’s into the early 80’s at the Crazy Eddie warehouse on Coney Island Ave and Ave Z in Brooklyn. It was located in an old Key Food store, which is now a 99 cent store.

You’re talking about “the C-line” which is the lowest price a salesman can charge for an item. I was one of the guys who printed out the tag with the C-line code on it and stapled thousands of tags to the boxes as they arrived in the warehouse.

The warehouse crew was about 6 or 7 strong and we had a lot of fun back in those days. In the morning we would each run around the warehouse with a forklift piling the store’s orders on pallettes, then load them up into the 3 trucks, for delivery. Meanwhile, a couple of tractor trailers would be waiting to pull in so we could unload a thousand Pioneer turntables, or a few hundered Acousti-phase speakers.

Every holiday season, Eddie’s wife would walk through the place, accompanied by one if us, and as she would point to a 20 foot high stack of tv’s or Electro-voice stereo systems, and say 5 of thiose, 9 of those, we would load the forklift up with her holiday shopping.

I really had a lot of fun, and I took advantage of my employee discount (C-line) many times. after I left, I helps a bunch of my friends get great prices because I always knew the C-line when dealing with salesmen.

Dr. Marcus Posted 12 November 2006 17:29

I worked as a Regional car audio manager. I opened Neptune, NJ, Hamden, CT., Middletown, NY., Enfield, CT. and a few others.

I was really tight with Moe Eskinazi, Bobby Ackerman, Peter Totora, Mark Hadad (original partner of Antar). I again worked with Moe at “The Wiz” in 1990 and 1991. I was the Manhattan Area “Audio Guy”.

The following words are all I recall……

Sketch – to lie about a product or situation.
Maff – not in stock. As in “Dr. Marcus on the Green…You sold a Maff”
Saff – to over charge.
Jedge – dickhead, asshole. Literally a male sex organ.
Shoof – to look at.
Abo – a girls ass. As in “shoof that abo!”
Zab – a loser customer.
Bagel – the service contract or SC.

As I was based out of store 8 (“debbie” AKA D.A.D.I.) we employed our own local language to complement the “sketch” language that was used company wide. It consisted mostly of pig-latin.

That is all for now.

Dr. Marcus Posted 12 November 2006 17:35

The language was a mix of Arabic (Syrian) and Yiddish.

If you watch the movie Three Kings (Clooney,Wahlberg,Ice Cube) you will hear the word Shoof more that once. The character is telling someone to look at something.

Dr. Marcus Posted 12 November 2006 17:40

anyone remember Hank Ripperger. Johnny Piccolino. Mark Cooper. Hans(pretty boy)Haedelt.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 November 2006 18:32

Sure, I remember ALL of those guys from when I worked in Hartsdale. Hans used to show up in his Porsche and was a wanna-be rocker that hung out with the guys from Anthrax before they were anybody. I remember taking his Porsche for a spin around the parking lot and almost crashing into the front of Turco’s!

Yep, those WERE the days!!!

Did you work in Hartsdale too?

Dr. Marcus Posted 12 November 2006 20:10

Yes I did. 1985 or 6. Mark Hadad and Peter Totora were the Mgrs.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 November 2006 20:30

Yep, I was there. I was the Senior Tech in the repair shop in the back. I had Lenny and James working with me. Of course, there was Jimmy in Security, Jeff in Car Audio, Reggie in Stock, Anthony in Video, Elaine Gindi (family member) in Records, Mary, Ruby & Leslie at the registers, and Joel Arthur was the Service Manager at the time.

Man, if those walls could talk…YIKES!!!

Dr. Marcus Posted 12 November 2006 21:07

Jimmy was the stock, no sorry, the INVENTORY mgr.
Jeff Bisgier worked in Car Audio (I taught him ALL he knows).

Kevin “Trigger” Morgan was the Greenburgh Police Detective that worked the door so often.

Girard Marcelisi and Brian ManJohn worked in car Audio also.

Lisa, Girards sister worked Reg. with Yvette and Marcy. Mauro Jacobelis, PE.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 November 2006 23:25

Oh yes, Yvette and Marcy. I still have pictures of Marcy hangin’ out back in service.

I remember Kevin at in security, right along with Jimmy Muranelli. Jimmy’s brother Tommy worked in Car Audio as well.

I was there for four years. I LOVED that store. I got sent up there straight from Bx. Central Service. It was a blast a 393 N. Central, wasn’t it?

Dr. Marcus Posted 13 November 2006 00:06

Do not remember the address but I know that it became a Bed, Bath and Beyond. Did it not?????

I take that back! Your memory is tremendous!

Bed Bath & Beyond – more info Β»
393 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY
(914) 948-3720

Where are you these days???

I am in Kings Cty.

Prospect Heights via PA via Atlanta via Phoenix via Manhattan via Fort Lauderdale via the apartments across the street from Eddies where Mark Cooper used to live with his Asian girlfriend. Tompkins Manor????

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 13 November 2006 10:57

I’m still in NY. From when I started at CE in Da Bronx, I went from:

Astoria to Bayside to Oceanside to Baldwin to Oceanside.

I live a few blocks from Richie Doc.

wendy doc Posted 18 November 2006 17:19

who is this that lives near richie doc ?

Dr. Marcus Posted 19 November 2006 14:31

Mark Last AKA “Dr. Marcus” from DEBBIE #8 Hartsdale.

Worked under Hadad and Totora. Became car audio regional (such a bullshit title). Opened Hamden, Neptune (NJ), “New” Norwalk, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Enfield, and a couple that are a BLUR!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 20 November 2006 12:06

Hey Wendy, it’s John Frondelli. Long time no see! Tell Richie I said “hello”.

Pete Romprey Posted 26 November 2006 19:37

hey is that dino that used to work in orange (tera audio) Ct stores hamden orange norwalk 1 and 2 And I do not think there was any above hamden. I was based out of ornage store I think i help set up the 86th st store I was on the set up team as a retail sales manager.Any one rember ray naverette? what happened to him,or mark hadadd from hartsdale or bobby ackerman

Pete Romprey Posted 26 November 2006 19:45

Mr antar How is arnie? has anybody herd from him? i worked for arnie in the office on ave z and kings hwy!

Grapevine Posted 29 November 2006 23:39

Dr Marcus, who are you? I opened Poughkeepsie too and worked with Haddad and Peter T in Hartsdale, in fact Charlie D from stock and I are calling a big Hartsdale reunion!

Pete, Haddad was kished for husho’ing, Ackerman I saw 4 yrs ago and after he lost his Eddie gig he came to me for a job. He is doing well in a Tool Nut store in Yorktown.

Dr. Marcus Posted 30 November 2006 03:25

I am Mark Last. Drove a Black Grand Prix with T-Tops. Short guy, Blond-Brown hair, blue eyes.

I became a Regional Car Audio Manager (Bullshit Title). Worked in Hartsdale Car Audio with Brian Manjohn, Gerard Marcelisi (sic), and Jeff Bisgier. I left Eddies to persue Car Audio Concepts, my car audio installation company. I did well. I then moved to Florida in 1989.

Lee Estrada – ELVIS Posted 30 November 2006 10:28

Biz – Boobs
Azab – Just Looking Customer

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 30 November 2006 10:52

Hey Grapevine, keep me informed about the Hartsdale reunion.

When I was at Hartsdale, I saw the management of Mark Haddad, Peter Tortora, Harold Morris and Bobby Ackerman. Bobby and I had a major blowout. Personally, I could never stand him. He tried to have me kished, but Panoff, Joe Kay and Richie Doc calmed him down. Hey, do you remember the big husho at Hartsdale, when the security guys were in on it with the car audio dudes? That’s when they got the Greenburgh Police in there as moonlighting security guards. Do you remember Jimmy Muranelli?

JBCS Posted 01 December 2006 20:18

Dr. Marcus,
You seem to have an exceptional memory. Here’s some stuff from long ago to jog your memory…
East Coast Fitness, Take-5, “and a Subaru”, a condo in Cocoa Beach, FL w/ John L., a stripper named “Cricket”, sleeping in an elevator, a trip to Wildwood with Richie Mangiamelli (sp), Mike Tognino and yours truly (remember getting pulled over on the way there?)….oh, and a bottle of urine in the refridgerator.
I’m sure by now you know who this is. I was shocked to see your posts in here. It’s been a long time….18 – 20 years I think. We had some great times!!
For the rest of you reading this……my user name (JBCS) is Jeff B. Car Stereo. I was in Hartsdale from 1984 – 1987. (I may be off a bit on my dates). Good to see I’m not the only one who misses Crazy Eddies!
Write back Marcus. I’ll be checking back here frequently. Hope you’re doing well.

Dr. Marcus Posted 01 December 2006 23:34

Holy effing JBCS! Long time. Long time. Do I not owe you money? Oops. Sorry! Things went weird for me for a while.

E mail me at my private e mail.

Lots of catching up to do.


Shoof Da Biz! Posted 02 December 2006 14:30

Hey Jeff, I remember you! I was “Big John” in service, with Lenny.

Ahh, the good old days! Makes me want to call up Louie at Villagio’s and order a pie with extra cheese!

JBCS Posted 02 December 2006 23:46

Hey Marcus,
It sure has been a long time…and yes, you still owe me money *lol*. I keep remembering all these crazy things we did. I’ll send you an email when I’m done posting this message.

I definitely remember you Big John! Gotta love that service dept! VCR’s sitting on the shelves for months and months….plus I got my Monster cable for free . I used to run next door to Villagio’s on Friday and Saturday nights and buy beer and drink them behind the car stereo board, while customers would be looking at the Kenwood KRC-838 radio’s and the KAC-9020 amp and the 6999 speakers. Now THAT was stereo equipment!! *lol*

I’ve seen a lot of names from the past mentioned in here, but I remember a few that nobody have listed yet…..Remember Greg T. (Thorn, I believe.) He was a manager for a short time and then left and went to Neumark & Lewis (Neumark & Screw us). Then there was Jon Fink in PE, Matty Bloom (the king of sketch), and some guy named “Scott” who worked the floor in audio. (I saw him about 4 or 5 years ago at The Wiz still selling audio). There was also Bob O’conner, who went with me to Enfield to help set up the car stereo room before they opened.
Wow….what a blast from the past this is!

Grapevine Posted 04 December 2006 14:18

Dr. M

Where in Florida are you? I’m in WPB area.

Dr. Marcus Posted 04 December 2006 18:40

I was once (1989) a resident of Florida. I am now back in New York and wondering why the hell I ever left!

Grapevine Posted 04 December 2006 19:36

Dr. Marcus:

The reason you left Florida? One word, HURRICANES

Dr. Marcus Posted 04 December 2006 23:55

Canes but not Hurri.

Crazy Eddie Trademark & Internet Domain Name eBay Auction!!!

_eBay Auction_ Posted 22 June 2006 22:00

That’s right!!!

The Crazy Eddie trademark, Internet domain name and all related business goodwill is now for sale on eBay!!!

The sale’s details and a link to the eBay auction can be found at:

The eBay auction began on June 22, 2006 and it will only run for 10 days!!

wabbawabba Posted 21 November 2006 01:28

wabbawabba Posted 21 November 2006 01:28

check out this crazy ebay auction…..


Sam E. Antar Posted 23 November 2006 03:02

Selling the Crazy Eddie trademark is like someone trying to sell the Enron name to an energy company.

Pete Romprey Posted 26 November 2006 19:12

i FIND THAT HARD TO SWALLOW UNCLE “SAM” i WAS AN EDDIE COMPANY EMPLOYEE as a district sales manager I loved our company and think that in the right hands it could be a great oppertunity for the person with enough juice like eddie once had.If I had the cash I wouyld buy it in a a store on ave Z in brooklyn and start all over again.No problem what so ever the leagl stuff has got to be over or you would not be able to sell the name do not let local public opinion make your decision for you. Kelso was a great man to work for he just took bad advice.
pete romprey 203 619 3102 ct

Sam E. Antar Posted 29 November 2006 01:45

I am his cousin and not his uncle.

I openly admit to being the criminal I was. I am ashamed of it and live with the daily embarrassment and humiliation every day. I accept it upon myself as the cost of what I have done.

Eddie Antar was no victim of anyone’s advice. Eddie Antar, his brother’s Allen and Mitchell Antar, his father Sam M. Antar, and his brother in law Ben Kuszer were greater criminals than me who lined their pockets with almost $100 million dollars before the government and victims had to force it from them.

I hope they are ashamed of their actions too and are man enough to accept the consequences of their actions rather than accept the false pretences of greatness that others here have laid upon them like you.

Let them admit the vile nature of their criminality like I have in public.

Kelso or rather Eddie Antar was no great man but was nothing more that a deceitful con artist like his father, brothers, and brother in law.

Grapevine Posted 29 November 2006 23:32

The more interesting note to point out is another question; why did everyone else on management team (not mentioning names)go along with these deceitful deeds? The curtain fell on so many more people who must have recognized wrongful acts but could not bring themselves to challenge the company or better yet, leave the company. Look at what greed did, how sad.

MarioSquirt Posted 30 November 2006 07:37

“The more interesting note to point out is another question; why did everyone else on management team (not mentioning names)go along with these deceitful deeds?”

Two words – money and power.

They did it because they were able to do it. There was a feeling of invicibility at CE. Look at the differences before CE went public and after the IPO. Everyone felt they had wads of cash, profit sharing accounts went through the roof, stores were opening up faster than we could tin and tag and buzz sound room wires.
Too bad it ended up being all smoke and mirrors, with only a few truly profiting; Those who were smart enough to leave. By the way, I was not there when CE went public, I had already left and received my vested profit sharing and bought myself a brand new car.

Sam E. Antar Posted 01 December 2006 05:05


Great question:

“Why did everyone else on management team (not mentioning names)go along with these deceitful deeds?”


Great answer:

“Two words – money and power.”

My Comment:

The overwhelming majority of people who worked at Crazy Eddie were hard working honest persons. However, sometimes it turns my stomach when I see certain culpable people (they know who they are) elevate Eddie Antar and his immediate family to a messiah like pedestal and rationalize their past actions.

It is disturbing too that certain persons not involved in any crimes also elevate Eddie and his family to such high status and ignore their web of deceit and pain that they inflicted on others.

I make no excuses for my prior criminal conduct so I will add one more word to MarioSquirt’s answer – Greed.

Grapevine Posted 01 December 2006 21:26


You were lucky. I was there on and off but for a total of almost 10 years and was given nothing when we closed down. Took 9 years to get a piddling that was frozen in my 401k – no profit sharing portion did I see. If I remember right, even the 401k that was installed ( I remember the rollout meeting in Hartsdale)was put in place by some popular past baseball player. Granted, these were the earliest of days for 401k plans but I think even the 401k plan was later determined to be very questionable. Anyone can share on this subject?

Grapevine Posted 01 December 2006 21:31


Money, power, greed and FAME and the highly contagious effect that being around the “famous” has on people. Everyone wanted to hitch a ride with the “star”, and in whatever way possible stake a claim on their contribution to what was then, history in the making. and boy was everybody right!

Sam E. Antar Posted 05 December 2006 01:47


Your comments are again well noted and respected.

We should note that the criminality of the few should never take away from the good times and shared good memories of the many people as we have read on this great site.


Sam E. Antar

All-Time best X-mas Package Sold!

Grapevine Posted 18 December 2006 21:54

Here is where to post your best “dream” X-mas audio or video system as you remember it being sold at Eddies:

Example: Kenwood KR-7300, Acousti-PhaseII, Dual 1245 turntable w/Empire cartridge, Service contract w/ free lifetime cartridge mounting, record cleaner. Free cartridge mounting while you wait at service dep’t.

Flushing Store?

VJ Posted 24 December 2006 22:51

Anyone work in the flushing, Main street store? What happened to Norman Antar? Was he involved in what happened? He worked a few days a week at that location.

Sam E. Antar Posted 25 December 2006 02:29

Norman Antar was Eddie Antar’s uncle and Sam M. Antar’s brother. He passed away several years ago.

Working at CE during the holidays

_Mariosquirt_ Posted 15 December 2006 07:56

I do not miss working 12 hour days trying to find something good to say about a Fisher stereo system over and over again.

I do not miss the picked over sandwiches management brought in so we did not need to take a lunch during our 12 hour day.

I do not miss hearing all the complaints from the customers about waiting on line at the cash register, then on line at the stock window, then on line at service

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 15 December 2006 12:57

See, that’s why I liked working in service, because we’d NEVER find ANYTHING good to say about a Fisher ANYTHING! Just make sure you sell them the SC!

The holiday special lunch a Hartsdale was from KFC, buckets of fried chicken, well done outside, raw on the inside. YUM…..NOT!!!!!

JBCS Posted 21 December 2006 21:38

I have one fond memory of those Fisher Rack systems. In Hartsdale, they had some of them set up right outside the opening to the Car Stereo room, facing towards it. I used to take the remoter control from one of the systems and when some jedge (I think that’s what we called dumb customers) would turn the system on, I would lean on the glass display case in Car Stereo (the one with the radar detectors….Bel 844, Whistler Spectrum 2, Uniden RD-9, etc) with the remote hidden by my arms and hit the volume button. The thing would start blasting out all distorted at full volume and the person would be freaking out trying to find the volume control. They’d finally hit the power button and walk away red faced. Now that was fun!

914Dino Posted 22 December 2006 08:32

hey shoof…
i never worked at CE, but boy i remember that KFC that was on the other side of Central Ave. definitely some scary food.

Grapevine Posted 22 December 2006 22:59

For Christmas day, all non-Jewish employees were asked to work – most did not. However, on Jewish holidays it was considered appropriate for Jewish employees to take off. On Jewish holidays Non Jewish employees worked the store with light coverage. I remember that. Every year we were made to feel guilty for taking our Christmas holiday off. I worked many X-mas Eves until 8 or 9pm.

MarioSquirt Posted 26 December 2006 07:30

The days after Christmas had to be the worst time to work in service. How many credit slips can you write in an hour, how many lunches can be sent back to stock, how large a pile of reaps can you stack until the weekly truck arrived. How long did it take to look up the prices and add the columns to give the “value” of the returns. Hw many service managers guessed at the price because it just didn’t matter. And inbetween all this, you had to still deal with the sevice items and sell those Recoton preamps.

I sure pitied anyone buying anything after Christmas, the chances of buying a poorly packed lunch was very high.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 26 December 2006 10:47

Speaking of Day-After-Christmas reaps, does anyone remember the Commodore 64 computer nightmare? OUCH!!!!!

Bathroom Graffitti in Original Store at 1117 Kings Highway

_Sam E. Antar_ Posted 12 October 2006 19:01

I remember the famous original Crazy Eddie bathroom at 1117 Kings Highway. We would write scribbles on the wall shambling (Crazy Eddie language for ranking out) each other. Eddie had it specially preserved for many years. We would laugh at each others shambles to one another. We never took the “shambles” seriously.

Hopefully some of you remember the shambles on the wall and can post some. (You can leave the names out because the purpose is not to offend any one).

CEguy Posted 26 October 2006 12:49

these are a couple of the shambles i remember….i’ll only put parts of last names to protect the guilty……

arnie sucks nat sherman.

will david Neid…. ever work overtime?

SR wrote “jackie trill… is like a summer’s eve. a disposable douche.”

alan antar wrote this one…”crime doesn’t pay. ask Alley Day..” (talk about “what goes around, comes around”!)

SR said: “Can you T.O. the G, she’s shoofing my jaj and her uy-gay’s gettin’ pissed.

Larry Weiss Posted 26 October 2006 18:51

Sam, I hope you don’t mind but, as I recall, there were very clever (pretty funny, actually) but not very nice lyrics about you that could be sung to the Col Bogey March (“Bridge On The River Qui”). Those who remember can sing along here: The Ahmet Song

Larry Weiss Posted 26 October 2006 19:01

If that link doesn’t work, try here.

Sam E. Antar Posted 27 October 2006 01:20


You have my permission to post whatever was on the wall about me since from you I know it’s authentic. It’s OK I can take it. (I have a feeling I am going to feel sorry for this).

Here are some trivia questions for you.

Do you remember “Ahmet’s” last name?
Who gave that nick name to me?
Why did he name me “Ahmet”?

CE Guy:

Do you remember the very first graffiti scribbling that appeared on the wall?

Hint: It was written by a customer about Arnie (not a shamble).

More trivia:

There was a famous list on the wall. Does anyone remember what was listed (not important who)? (Do not mention names to embarrass anyone).

Finally the big bathroom mystery:

Who remembers the naked poster episode (do not mention names involved)?

LPF Posted 29 October 2006 12:52

The problem was trying to go to the tesh without M C ‘s dog jumping or biting you. (I think his name was Chance).

Sam E. Antar Posted 29 October 2006 19:55


Guess what?

I used to clean the tesh before I graduated to bigger (though not better)things.

Not only that but I cleaned the smudge marks (from Chance’s wet nose) that he would leave on the glass doors dividing the sound rooms upstairs.

Once Chance almost attacked me and MC came to the rescue in a “nik of time.” Imagine how history would have changed?

Do you remember how MC’s car windows used to look like?


CEguy Posted 03 November 2006 11:16

here’s the song as i remember it…
amit, (not ahmet) please forgive me…i actually wrote it back then…


i believe the name AMIT was a combo of (S)am and M(it)chey (Mitchell) when they sold tv’s and stereos at school.

i know i know amit’s last name, but i can’t remember…maybe Custooshoo?

CEguy Posted 03 November 2006 11:19

i’m still looking for the poster of Marcy’s friend, Nadine. πŸ™‚

Grapevine Posted 03 November 2006 11:47

Was Marcy the Reg G? I remember Marcy being a reg G in Bklyn – who was the other store mgr on coney island ave with MC? Can’t remember.

CEguy Posted 03 November 2006 11:52

she was the reg g on kings highway in the record store (asylum)

Sam E. Antar Posted 26 December 2006 22:46

Do you think if we got permission from the Landlord or Tenant at 1117 Kings Highway to peel off the layers of paint in the bathroom we can uncover some Crazy Eddie archeology? It would be the find of the new millennium.

CE Guy: By the way, I think it was SR who stole Nadine’s poster that was hidden in the drop ceiling. The women in the store were always “shoofing his jaj.” This way he could leave the poster over his bedroom ceiling at night and have Nadine’s image looking over him.

Answer to the last name of AMIT: Aslatoof

Another Crazy Eddie Commercial

_BenG_ Posted 26 December 2006 23:57

Wasn’t there a commercial for Crazy Eddie that featured Sha Na Na in a bathroom? I also used to like the commerical that was shown late night when Jerry Carroll whispers almost the whole way through the ad….great times!

Dr. Marcus Posted 27 December 2006 21:45

Not Sha Na Na!

Dr. Marcus Posted 27 December 2006 21:46

Type “Crazy Eddie” in the search line and a bunch can be viewed.

Have great friends for life because of CE – been good for me!

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 22:06

Some of my best and closest friends are still part of my life. Worked with them over 25 yrs ago. Live with one now, we met in 79 in Hartsdale and been reunited 3 times since.

It’s this special once in a lifetime kind of experience only achieveable through working at Crazy Eddies!

wendy doc Posted 01 July 2006 18:55

who is this ?
i am sure that we know each other – i worked in crazy eddie 10 years and my husband who i met in syo was there for 20+

Grapevine Posted 01 July 2006 22:20

Well I knew your hubby before you did cause I worked from 77-81 then again from 82-84, then from 86-89. Worked on Coney Island Ave but in Bronx before then and met Richie back then, does he remember Abbey who worked in Bronx service with myself and Panoff and the original service techs??? I sent you a private message telling you who I am. Oh, and I remember you to Wendy!

MarioSquirt Posted 02 July 2006 12:32

I worked in Bronx Central service during the early 80s. Knew everyone who was upstairs from Dave, Mark and Charlie to Richie and Byron to Cathy, Siobhan, Maryann and Regina, the service van drivers Mark, LeGrant, Jerry, Dylan, or downstairs in the record warehouse.

Or double parking by the Hospital on Tiebout and forgetting my car was double parked all day. Come out at 5 to find my car in the middle of the street, nothing nearby it, and no parking ticket either.

Grapevine Posted 02 July 2006 19:03

I think I worked in Bronx service in 1974-1975, then quickly became service dept manager in Brooklyn, 1975-1978 service which was down the block, up the street on Quentin Rd and upstairs! We used to have all the repairs brought upstairs from the store on Coney Island Ave, all lunches were done up there. What a job it was dragging all the equipment up and down stairs. Customers always complained they had to carry all there equipment upstairs. I remember taking care of Lee Mazilli right before he joined the Mets. The service crew consisted of: The Wizard -senior tech, and Larry, tech. Joey Amato was a budding tech. His dad Tony Amato use to moonlight 3 nights a week to do our lunches, and would he be pissed if the store took back merch that did not have all the right packing. Carol Cartelli handled all the phones. MC was store manager. I could go on about that place. MC would take everything back, no matter what! Imagine, taking your retunrs to the store, then being told you had to go down the block, turn right go down the street, up the flight of stairs to get your exchange ticket, then go back to the store to finaloize your transaction !! Who had all that time? Today you could never get away with that. But we were able to then.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 August 2006 10:26

Hey Mario, I worked in Bronx Central Service in the early-80’s as well. Mark Mercer hired me. Back then, it was Joe Kay, Carl and Steve as the senior techs, then me, Mac, The Captain, Joe P., Peter Ali, and Karen as the regular techs, and Shirley, Greg and Henry in QC, as well as the infamous Charlie Kramer in parts. The staff was Panoff, Richie Doc, Anita, Wendy, Byron and Bob Lane. What a friggin’ riot that place was! I remember one morning I came in and Steve Brodsky was kickin’ the shit out of some shoplifters in the break room, under the watchful eye of the store guards, who, of course, were always moonlighting cops. That’s why all the vending machines had broken windows!

Then there was the third floor. Man, if the walls could talk, we’d all have been fired. Well, maybe not. You REALLY had to screw up to get fired from Eddies. or “kished” as we used to say in “SY”.

Speaking of “SY”, I remember when a certain service manager, who shall remain nameless, got busted in Hartsdale Service for some rude comments about a girl at the counter with her boyfriend, who just happened to be an ex-employee and was well-versed in “SY”. It went something like “Shoof the biz on the G. I’d like to neek her in the abo”.

Sound familiar?

MarioSquirt Posted 28 August 2006 08:19

Way too familiar considering its been 20 years

I knew Mark and Peter Ali from Paramus and Bronx service. Carl was an audio tech and then moved to video. Joe Kay trained him. Carl and Mac and Wallace had their lunch routine.

One time I remember Joe Kay working on a VCR through a plastic bag because the roach infestation was so bad in the VCR he did not want to get near it

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 28 August 2006 11:06

Yeah, Mac also had a big rig of VCR’s next to his bench to dupe the ubiquitous porn tapes we’d find in units, plus he had a rear-view mirror to see who was coming.

Yes, THOSE were the days!!!

MarioSquirt Posted 28 August 2006 15:16

We used to do our dubbing in the QC room. Too many times a customers machine missed the van because it was busy and it couldn’t be packed into one of the gray tubs.

Now where did the name U-boat come from?

Grapevine Posted 28 August 2006 19:28

Bronx service- circa 1974
Dave Panoff
Joe Kay-tech
Ernie-from philippines or Jamaica or somewhere-tech
Jack (always with a pipe in hand) – tech
Frank Reilly-counter
John Desereou-counter
Sal Sofia-counter
Schlomo – Panoff’s buddy-counter and misc
Abbie Roth- Admin for Panoff

Still working on the rest

Store mgr- Zookie and I think Harold Morris
Hyper crazed salesman- Bobby Ackerman

daleo-ck Posted 10 September 2006 03:09

Grapevine Who are you ? My husband Charlie Daleo worked in Hartsdale around your time and I was up there working on the computer. As a matter of fact the Hartsdale crew gave us a great wedding shower when we married in 1982!!

Grapevine Posted 11 September 2006 08:09

Ask Charlie who the service mgr was that opened the store in 79 and I know Charlie and the whole crew. I worked there till 81 I think.
Store magrs, Nicky Zippilli, SR -Steve Russo.

Give you one guess!

daleo-ck Posted 14 September 2006 01:20

Charlie’s 1st guess is Sal but Byron came around alot back then also.

Grapevine Posted 20 September 2006 15:13

Say hi to Charlie, he got me. email me with your private email address I have some much to tell you both !

daleo-ck Posted 21 September 2006 02:24

trentonnj Posted 24 October 2006 13:33

Hey all: I was a student at Fordham University and got a job in the record warehouse underneath the Fordham Rd. store (behind service) in 1976-1977-1978. The Crazy Eddie toolkit? A screwdriver and a phrophylactic. Why? If ya don;t know, don’t ask …

As best as I an recall, one of the Antar family — Bennie? Bernie? Something like that — small guy, dressed very flash for 1976 — was in charge of the record department. Under him in the warehouse was Morris Blumenfeld, a really cool guy with a thick mustache who used to send me, the nice stupid catholic college boy, down to OTB on the corner of Webster and Fordham with his bets every day, I suspect because he knew I was too stupid to actually look and see what horses he was playing (he was right, I was too stupid). David Ackerman was sort of second-in-command, though his role was more that of a well-connect do nothing. Then there was a whole cast of revolving characters pulling orders and receiving inventory — the guy that sticks out in my mind was named Eddie DlaDla, a south african man of indeterminate age, who apparently was a very well known poet in S.A. I met Barbara Masekela, Hugh Masekela’s sister, who taught at Rutgers in NJ some years later, and she knew of and thought very highly of Eddie, both as a poet and a party animal. Bill Calgagno from New Brunswick, another student at Fordham, got me the job — there was a young Puerto Rican kid named Joey from the neighborhood who worked there. I know I’m forgetting people — there was a guy with a real long blond ponytail that worked in service that we partied with, we later went to a Grateful Dead concert in Giants Stadium with him in my wretched ’66 Ford station wagon. And out on the street, Curtis Sliwa was sweeping up — he was still a punk kid working at Mickey D’s and was just hatching his Guardian Angels scheme. And the blackout of ’96 (’97?) — I wasn’t in town, but as I heard it, there was a crew right behind the steel security doors holding shotguns and ready to kill if the doors came down. Other good memories — getting HUNDREDS of cases of Saturday Night Fever and selling that record by the THOUSANDS — christ, we hated that record. 12 double records to a case, weight 30 lbs. or so, slinging them around was very tiresome. But the record warehou se itself was too cool — we had damn near everything in stock, and everyone was a musical genius. I guess I was first hired when we were clearing out the original record warehouse of this amazing pile of debris that had been left behind after the previous business was closed — a Kresges or Woolworths or some such. Thousands of pounds of dusty crap. What fun!

trentonnj Posted 24 October 2006 14:11

Mitchell Antar … it was Mitch who was Morris’ boss. Don’t know where Bennie came from … I think I only ever saw the man himself once. Running suit, big gold medallion, some kinds cool car, parked illegally right in front of 300 E. Fordham. Anyway, as David Bowie sang to Uncle Floyd, “We was dumb, boy, but you were fun … ”

MarioSquirt Posted 25 October 2006 08:53

How about the daily battle to get the freight elevator in the morning between the record warehouse and the service department at 300 e forham road. The driver for the service deaprtment would hold onto that elevator forever so he did not get delayed. The driver’s name was Mark. I was there when VHS, Beta and the videodisk were first being mass marketed. Movies cost from 80 to 120 dollars each. Lots of movies, including soft-porn were viewed and allegedly copied in those days.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 25 October 2006 14:56

ALLEGEDLY COPIED??? Hell, Mac up in Central Service’ tech shop had a whole copy rig set up to copy the porn (including lots of homemade stuff) found in machines and given to us by the video department. He even had a rear-view mirror set up on his bench to see when Panoff or Joe Kay were coming!

Man, if those walls could talk, we’d all be toast, ESPECIALLY up on the 3rd floor!

Jdub Posted 13 November 2006 08:51

Hi Charlie MC here miss you buddy and love you forever in a platonic way like a brother

daleo-ck Posted 29 December 2006 22:47

Mc Hi Charlie Daleo here. Havn’t been on this site for a while, just got your message. Miss you also. Thinking about all the great times we had at ULS. Like hanging around all night while Jerry Carroll was filming a comercial. And I know we will never forget showing up at the store during a snow storm. And Phil the TV salesman called Albrands and had a tv delivered to his house and got fired for hushoing.(What a fool) If you don’t remember this one, it was a Jewish holiday and the goose brought in a quart of vodka we wound up drinking the whole thing. I got stopped on the way home spent the night at the booking headquarters in South Brooklyn, got out the next morning just to make it to work on time the next morning. The first important job you sent me on was to go over to Eddies house and shovel the snow from his driveway. You told me I was the only one you would trust to go over there. That I think was the first time I met Eddie. He asked me if I wanted to come in and have coffee and warm up. We had some great times at ULS. Talk to you soon.
Your buddy,
Charlie D

Grapevine Posted 30 December 2006 09:24

Hey MC… ULS service mgr Sal here. I remember your famous two words that you told me to do for every customer that was not happy. “Exchange it”! No box or packing, tell Tony Amato (the moonlighting cop) to worry about lunching it. God only knows who’s house wound up with those lunches. But you had the right idea anyway. After sending someone a block and a half away from the store, in the snow, rain and heat- we better exchange it!


_slorideimpala_ Posted 01 January 2007 12:59

At my store if you find a lower price on something somewhere else, I’ll eat an entire bucket of lobsters!


914Dino Posted 13 February 2006 15:15

where were all the Crazy Eddies? from an old 1981 receipt and a lot of people from this site, this is what i have so far.. please help me out if you have addresses or if you know that there’s something wrong here. i thought there were about 30 stores, but now we’re up to 36. Grapevine said there might be up to 48 stores? Please let me know extra info or if you can confirm– some of this data is speculative. and the numbers are just my listing of them, no connection to the store itself. thanks everyone.

–UPDATED 16 March 06–
I could use some sharpening up on the Manhattan and NYC stores. Anyone have more details?
Any store info would be appreciated! Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

1. Liberty Street
2. 405 Ave. of the Americas (at 8th St)
3. 45th St. bet. 5th and 6th
4. 999 3rd Ave (59th St)
5. 1496 3rd Ave (84th St)
6. 212 East 57th st off 3rd Ave
7. 86th St. & Broadway
8. 408 Jericho Tpk, Syosset
9. 401 Old Country Road, Westbury
10. 89-22 Queens Blvd., Queens
11. 393 N. Central Ave, Hartsdale
12. 1117 Kings Highway, Brooklyn
13. 2067 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn
14. 300 East Fordham Road, Bronx
15. 2821 Richmond Ave., Staten Island
16. Poughkeepsie, NY???
17. Middletown, NY
18. Massapequa, NY??
19. Main Street, Flushing, NY??

New Jersey
20. Cherry Hill, NJ??
21. 2155 Rt. 22 West, Union, NJ
22. 809 Rt. 17, Paramus, NJ
23. 269 Rt. 18, East Brunswick, NJ
24. Woodbridge, NJ
25. 114 Rt. 46 West, Wayne, NJ
26. Totowa, NJ
27. Tom’s River, NJ???
28. Route 10, Livingston, NJ
29. Route 35, Ocean, NJ
30. 1260 Black Horse Pike, Pleasantville, NJ

31. Spencer Street, Manchester, CT
32. Southeast Road, Farmington, CT
33. Orange, CT
34. Norwalk, CT
35. Enfield, CT
36. Danbury, CT?

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 26 February 2006 11:27

Spencer Street, Manchester, CT
Southeast Road, Farmington, CT (across from West Farms Mall)

Brian-S.I. Store Posted 01 March 2006 18:36

I worked in both . . .

89-22 Queens Blvd

2821 Richmond Ave., Staten Island

prodbam Posted 06 March 2006 23:52

Let’s not forget Wayne and Totowa, NJ
There was a store in Staten Island, NY
And, if memory serves, one on Queens BLVD near Macys. It wasn’t Jackson Hieght, coulda’ been Rego Park.

In Manhattan there were 2 stores in Greenwich Village. The original electronics/music store and 2 doors down the block, a computer sofware outlet known to us as “6th Ave Software.” That location then became our dedicated video rental location.

I thought there was a west-side Browayway store in the west 70s.

sound 2112 Posted 18 March 2006 23:40

you’re missing the one in woodbride NJ
E-M Me at

ontime13 Posted 06 April 2006 21:52

the store on Kings Highway Brooklyn

007james Posted 22 June 2006 16:49

Route 10 Livingston NJ
Route 35 , Ocean NJ

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:39

I worked in the Nanuet NY store in early 80’s part time and managed the Poughkeepsie, NY store from 86 to 88 along with Dennis C and Brett H. Brett died in auto accident soon after. I also ran the Danbury, CT store right up to they pulled the plug. Danbury and Nanuet not in your list.

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:42

Oh, a few more stores to mention. Middletown, NY I think was # 46, I know Pokeepsie was #42.

I worked in #8 the Bronx in 1976 and Brooklyn from 77 to 79

914Dino Posted 29 June 2006 21:58

just fyi… the numbers are only my numerical listing, there’s no connection to whatever system the company used.

peppertree5706 Posted 11 July 2006 01:52

Wasn’t there a store in the Philadelphia area?

I think I remember his radio ads in Philadelphia. The store could have been at the Cherry Hill Mall in NJ.

Grapevine Posted 11 July 2006 23:04

Yes. I think I remember showing up at one in Philly. But memory is failing me. Perhaps it was opened for a brief time. Sure Sam E or someone else on this board will verify.

crabby Posted 18 July 2006 22:28


nytosac Posted 29 August 2006 06:42

I clearly remeber a store in Manhattan on 86th st between Lexington and 3rd avenues, on the north side of 86th.

914Dino Posted 08 September 2006 10:56

there’s a note of the 1984 opening of a store in Nesconset NY (part of Smithtown on LI, i believe).

anyone have any more info on this? (address, conformation, etc) i will add it to the list, but i’m starting to wonder if we are overshooting how many stores they actually had.

Grapevine Posted 08 September 2006 23:52

I was manager of Poughkeepsie, NY Store #42 I think and was manager of Danbury, CT I think # 48

VJ Posted 24 December 2006 22:43

There was also a store on Main Street in Flushing. I worked there right after high school!

FeverDog Posted 01 February 2007 01:59

One was in Cherry Hill, in the Cherry Hill Plaza, in the corner. There’s a guitar store there now.

Bought a Walkman there, and Night of the Living Dead and Halloween on VHS. And, oh yeah, a George Harrison album and the White Nights soundtrack. Insane, the prices were…

FJeff Posted 07 February 2007 11:51

The address of the Kings Highway store was 1117.

Any Crazy Eddie stuff for sale? anywhere?

JesusFlysSouth Posted 27 December 2006 00:29

Google has not been kind to me… anyone got the LD on stuff?

914Dino Posted 29 December 2006 17:20

yeah, bet..
check out Ebay and maybe i won’t bid against you.


FJeff Posted 07 February 2007 12:01

I have 2 sets of CE playing cards that I might consider selling.

Captain Video

ddino Posted 09 February 2007 05:04

I started at the Crazy Eddie NYC, Village Store while on college break (83) and quickly learned the ropes selling audio alongside Bruce, Shawn, and Richie S. Returning back to Florida, I was rehired by none other than Uncle Zookie at the Captain Video in Kendall, FL. I had good and bad experiences throughout but never once boring. I cannot say that deep inside me I was unaware that something truely crooked was going on behind the scenes with the nonsense spiffs and B.S. VHS service contracts which even to this day are sold quite vigorously at CCity. Even though I was young and naive these experiences became lessons about human nature which have served me well. Hence I recognize peoples schemes and immoral personalities now with ease and know who to be-friend and who to stay clear from. Thanks Less S, The Safdie Bros., and finally and most specialy Steve B. who in a small, but big way “opened my eyes”! danny d

Fucking Xmas day and Jan 1

Spiegel Beagel Posted 23 March 2007 10:43

I hated working those days. I remember having customers come up to me on those days and asking for a deal. I’d say something like, are you of your fucking mind, do you not what day today is, get the fuck away from me

People I remember

Spiegel Beagel Posted 23 March 2007 11:24

Bobby Ackerman – Man did he ever get pissed at me when ever I gave refund. Especially the ones for complete portable video outfit with camera and 2yr sc.

Harrold Morris – He ordered terrific lunches on Saturdays

Lee Sessler – One time he calls me up in the middle of the night, the alarm is going off, he picks me up, and he wants ME to go into the dark store and check it out. NFW

MK – Nice guy but a little bit of a shaky leg

Michael Blecher – Last time I saw him his teeth were white

Pardo – How that guy got such good looking chicks is beyond me – now I wonder if they were hookers

Mitchel Antar – one of my favorites. I was a stock broker at OpCo and ran into him, caught a lot of shit for that, his broker thought I was trying to steel the acount

Marty from 57 St video – made great videos

Steve Youberg – I can still see him picking at his beard

Panoff – I remember getting very drunk at a xmas party and hitting on his sister

Alan Antar – “Is it fresh, it better be fresh.”

Richie Falter – How many customers are still looking for non-phase shifting glass?

Kelso – The greatest, period!!!

Ike Karey – suck my dick

JJ from Norwalk – fuck you too

Brett – sorry to hear he died, nice guy, I remember he liked small pickups about 5 feet off the ground

Uncle Eddie – Nice guy

Company Cars – The stretch Airies (4 door) was cool but the two door Airies without breaks was like a Turbo piece of shit – no brakes

Spiegel Beagel Posted 08 April 2007 07:07

I remeber one guy, can’t remember his name, he was 86street, was always late, always had a great story.

One day he comes in and says he was late because his wife opened a can of Alpo and found a dead rat, said he had to stay home waiting for the people from Alpo to come and investigate.

Eddie Antar promise to me………

Grapevine Posted 29 June 2006 21:29

Hey kid, “you’ll have a job with us for the rest of your life” !!!

Said to me in Brooklyn office Coney Island Ave.
Then he left and flew to Israel !!

Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 April 2007 13:46

The day I quit to Mitchel on the phone was the same day Kelso formally resigned.

“Fuck it, if spiegel is gone”

Store #2

Tim from Store #2 Posted 05 February 2006 21:59

Anyone remember the village store? I worked there from 1986 to 1988. I stared in computers/microwaves and worked my way “up.”

I remember so many crazy things about those years. Anyone else out there from the Manhattan stores?

doorman Posted 22 April 2007 22:36

i worked the front door with a guy named marty, the mgr was perry. both are now dead. perry in a motocycle wreck & marty died in his sleep. my name is tony. i also remember ralph p, bob a, brain o, and mgr greg b. i hope everybody is alive and well.

missing d/m of security

doorman Posted 23 April 2007 23:05

ralph p. d/m of security for the west 8th street, liberty street, & coney island ave stores has been missing since the early 90’s. if any body no’s his where abouts please let him no that jabba is trying to reach him.

I remember everybody

doorman Posted 22 April 2007 23:13

I worked the door at the west 8th street store with a greate crew. marty, bob, brain, edgar, richie & ralph. the mgrs at the time were greg, perry, mike, david & mike. both marty & perry have passed. I remember all the fun times after work at uno’s down the block. My name is Tony. Anybody who remembers me i am doing fine. good luck to all.

marie Posted 28 April 2007 18:18

I remember you!!!! I got you the job…It was a great place to work….I have many many fond memories…….It’s me your sister

Accounting Dept

marie Posted 28 April 2007 18:08

Any one out there from the Accounting Dept on Coney Island Ave or Carteret NJ office???

renee Posted 03 May 2007 17:45

Louie’s Marie?

marie Posted 08 May 2007 22:30

Yup….who is this?


mojo Posted 27 June 2007 20:30


crazy eddie t-shirt

Whelan Posted 27 June 2007 10:59

A few years ago I was CT on vacation and saw a Crazy Eddie t-shirt in a Second hand store. Of course I thought it was hillarious and had to have it. I just assumed it was just some small local business. I had never heard of Crazy Eddie. It didn’t fit me so my girlfriend wears it. It looks better on her anyway. So this morning I catch part of an interview on the Today Show with Crazy Eddie. Something about legal trouble and being a crook. And here I am. It was a dollar well spent.

Grapevine Posted 27 June 2007 20:59

Good find! The key to the worth of the shirt is to count the stores listed on the back. The fewer (say 3-4) the better as these could go for $5,000 and up so I’ve heard.

Whelan Posted 28 June 2007 09:55

Actually all it says on the back is “Crazy Eddie. INSANE!” No stores. That’s as few as you can get. So it’s worth $10,000 right. hahahaha

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 June 2007 10:16

are you guys for real?

I got the goods

Great Memories at CE Union NJ & Livingston NJ Stores

DaveP Posted 06 July 2007 00:23

I was with CE from 1986 to 1989. Started in Union as a stock boy then worked car stereo, car stereo mgr, asst video mgr. Then went to Lee Seesler and asked for a transfer to Livingston to work with Wayne Zydiak (GREAT GUY!!!!!!) and John Debona (Great guy and FUNNY guy!) I helped them clean up that store and turn it around.

The people and the culture at CE was something that was absolutely amazing! It was a “cult like family” that was one of the most fun places to work.

I also remember:

Eddie Wienstien – Little weazle prick

Humphrey Stokes – great guy!

Steve Berger – Told him I paid my dues and wanted a raise. I called Elias Zinn and went down to Edison to meet him. STEVE FLIPPED OUT!!!!! Told me I had huge balls to do what I did. hahahahaha he was right – I got the raise!

Lee Seesler – great guy. Gave me the opportunity to go work with Wayne and get away from Eddie Wienstien.

Pat (worked video in Union) WOW!!!!! We went out and hit it HARD alot of nights!

Barry and all the guys in service in Union – They were a blast!!!

Fred Saba in Union – Now there was a certified WACKO! But funny as hell!

Jodi and the who cashier crew from Union – had alot of laughs!

Carlos in Computers in Union – nice guy.

JJ in Audio in Union – Was a class act and a gentleman.

I will always cherish the CE memories!!!!!

crazy eddie the movie

_mojo_ Posted 11 July 2007 20:07

just saw on e.t. tonight danny devito movie company wants to produce crazy eddie the movie

danny devito playing “eddie”

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 11 July 2007 23:19

Casting this should be a friggin’ riot!!!

Hey, let’s have some fun: who should be cast in what roles?

I vote for Andy Garcia as Kelso.


LEO Posted 12 July 2007 06:26

Gilbert Gotfried as Sam

Grapevine Posted 12 July 2007 12:21

Angelina Jolie, as Lorraine A. (the Bklyn office receptionist)

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 July 2007 13:45

Y’know, I always said that if the walls at CE could talk, we’d all be screwed. This movie has major juiciness potential. Lotsa sex, drugs, rock & roll and husho!

Fond Memories

prodbam Posted 02 March 2006 01:22

Amazing what you can stumble upon!

I began my 11 year journey in 1979 with the opening of the East Brunswick location. All of my time was spent on the other side of the glass and pine paneled wall selling records and 8-track tapes.

I quickly becam a record store manager moving to Paramus, Union, Hartsdale, “The Bronx” and Manhattan locations.

After a few years of watching me, they made me a district manager with the honor of travelling to the far reaches of the Eddie Empire, Enfield CT.

My fondest memories were of my fellow co-workers in the music departments. Many are still in the business, some not, and some are dead.

I’ll never forget the day when pulling the car into the Norwalk CT store to find it burned to the ground. The cause was ruled an over-load of an extention cord. There were many an hour getting deposed over that mess.

914Dino Posted 02 March 2006 01:33


So we have an idea of the extents of the “empire” as well as more info on CT stores. I’d love to know how far the CE stores went west and south. 30 stores is a lot.

Thanks for the great data.

BIGBURT Posted 06 March 2006 17:07

Are you still with us Barry Merer?

BIGBURT Posted 06 March 2006 17:09


prodbam Posted 06 March 2006 23:33

Oh yes indeed, still out here. Since giving Ms.Bryan and the Friedmans the slip in 1999, I’ve been a web programmer and producer for various clients.

prodbam Posted 06 March 2006 23:42

I’m certain that we went as far south as Toms River, NJ… I think. Mainly NY and NJ. Westbury and Syosset to the east, Wayne, NJ to the west. I could never spell Pougkkeepsie until recently, that was also pretty far north in NY State. Nothing beat Enfield, CT, a mere stones throw from Mass.

marie Posted 28 April 2007 18:26

Burt….hmmmmm…I think I remember you. I was the supervisor in the Accounting office for Benny…I worked with Florence & Valerie on Coney Island Ave and then in Jersey..If this is the Burt I’m thinking of our paths crossed for a while at The Wiz too!!! Any way hope all is well….Great site…good memories.

cehjec Posted 04 May 2007 23:39

Who are you? I think I might have worked for you in EB records dept. from 9/81 to 7/82.

Grapevine Posted 05 May 2007 19:21

Marie, we remember you. I remember the whole gang in the office in Bklyn. I just was re-united ( after over 20 years because of this site) with Charlie D. and his wife Patty that surely must have worked with you.

marie Posted 08 May 2007 22:49

Oh My….all these names are so familiar. So much time has passed. I’m trying to remember everyone. God……I’m getting old….Wish I knew who you were. I’ve seen your name all over the site. What nice memories…I loved working at Crazy Eddie….

mitzirocco Posted 31 May 2007 21:51

My father is Jack Acacia, he worked at the EB Store for many years. I am sure he would love to hear from you all. please email me to get in contact. I remember spending summers in the service dept poppong bubbloe wrap for hours.. hahaha.

REEPS Posted 15 July 2007 17:58

Hey Jack –
It’s Dave – how you doing?
Say hello to Joe.
You can get back to me at

Last post for the nite, I just found this forum tonight πŸ˜‰

JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 00:44

I still have about eight yellow comment cards that I *still* use to-this-day, as character references.

I’ll post a camphone pic of them up here soon, for Old Times Sake.

I grew up in Westchester and my first job, after taking a “semester off” from college after 2 1/2 years of school, was at that Location.

I remember my next job after leaving was at the Trader Horn in the Beech Shopping Center, in Peekskill NY.

Here I am 22 yrs later having never finishing college…

Also, someone please note me on how to add a “response” to a previous posting, rather than start a new discussion.

I couldn’t figger it out.

People I remember from there:

JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 00:34

Two people I remember from when I was there. My mgr was Mark Haddad and our DSM or whatever he was called, was Jerry Ackerman

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 20 July 2007 01:15

I believe that Peter Tortora co-managed with Mark, and the DSM (which I would like to think stands for “Dick-Sucking Manager”) was BOBBY Ackerman, possibly on of the biggest assholes I ever knew at CE.

Make that DEFINITELY!!!

JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 01:58

I stand corrected, YOUR RIGHT

JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 02:00

And I agree about ur assessment of dick sucker, as such!

Where are they now?

Grapevine Posted 26 August 2006 10:13

I have run into numerous former Crazy Eddies employees, but still looking for others, and heard from some of the family as well.

If you are looking for someone from the stores, or want to know where they are today and what they are doing- post it now. Maybe someone out there will know.

radsoul Posted 21 October 2006 09:57

I just happened onto this website. I was intrigued by this because I grew up in brooklyn and grow up with the “SY” community. It has been ages. I was wondering if anyione knew if Eddie Antar passed away. I remember reading that he was very sick and died of cancer. Yet when I tried to find it on the web there was no mention of it. If anyone knows, I would appreciate them getting back to me to let me know. I bought my first TV set from the Sights and sounds store. I remember when Eddie worked in crawford’s. I was part of the community.

CEguy Posted 26 October 2006 14:12

eddie did not pass away. he’s very much alive.
eddie was partners in the electronics section of crawfords.

Jdub Posted 13 November 2006 08:45

Hi, MC here just wantws to say hello I am still in the business I wholesa;e and retail TV’s and appliances. I miss all the old guys but I stay in touch with most of them.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 23 March 2007 05:50

B) I just came across this web site, for some reason Kelso was on my mind so I googled.

Yo MC, shoofing hushos?

I made Aliyah Oct 2006, professionally I became a fancy shmancy chef, which I’m sick of doing. I’m also a painter/artist.

6 years ago I had a bone marrow transplant in NYC. I still remember Kelso calling while i was in the hospital and offering me anything, especially blood that I might need. I loved that man. I still remeber the first time I met him, it was at the opening of 57th Street. I always felt like I was working for someone special, like if I had the opportunity to work directly under Henry Ford, or RH Macy.

Before that I lived in the south of France for 8 years, worked as a private chef and traveled around the world cheffing on 50 meter private yachts. Pay was excellent. I even cxrossed the Atlantic a few times aboard yachts.

Its been a long road, but some of my fondest memories are hanging out late at night getting pissed with Kelso at some dive bar on 65 ST & 1st Ave.

Last time I saw Micaek Bl, his teeth were white. I hope they still are.

syyyyy Posted 06 April 2007 17:32

I was at a client in Lancaster PA in 1997, right there on the wall of the bathroom was an original c.e. ad varnished on the wall, it had been 20 years, now 30, since i worked there (CIA store 77-79) it just blew me away…

Grapevine Posted 07 April 2007 22:13

I thought you should see Bobby Ackerman’s store’s web site. Store is called the “Tool Nut” Wonder where he copied this idea from?

Spiegel Beagel Posted 08 April 2007 07:05

I thought Ackerman owned a fast food restaurant. He was always nuts about tools, as I remember.

Last time I saw Blecher he was running kereoke parties.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 09 April 2007 23:45

I worked in Hartsdale with Harold Morris and Ackerman from ’83-’87. Ackerman was a flat-out scumbag and lunatic who was always packin’ heat. I had more than my share of near fist-fights with him, and I wasn’t even under his domain. Panoff was my boss.

I’m glad someone pointed out “Tool Nut”, because I purchase lots of tools on-line and had that bookmarked. NOT ANYMORE! πŸ™

Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 April 2007 13:49

I learn’t a lot from Ackerman, he was a good guy. I had a different view from up in the office.

Was he a motherfucker? Sure. But he knew his shit and that counts.

norwalker Posted 14 June 2007 11:19

I am another person who stumbled onto this site. I lived in Norwalk, CT back then and Crazy Eddie was my first full time job from 1984 to around 1988. I worked in the customer service dept. I am now in the Reinsurance industry, light years away from pre-computerized retail customer service, but I found Crazy Eddie to be an educational experience in how to run or not run a business, in additiona to building interpersonal and organizational skills.

I have many wacky, good and not so good memories of the store and company over the years. First the bad memories:

* I remember the company being extremely cheap. I remember starting at $5 an hour and when I wanted a raise I had to threaten to quit to get 50 cents. Then when I became svc. mgr We were the top svc. dept. in CT and I believe 3rd in the chain regarding station evaluations profitibility etc, and upper management would dick my guys around for piddly raises.

* Same thing for hiring new employees in svc. dept. we were understaffed and working 10 hour days but mgt refused to start anybody over $5 an hour, sick eh?

* Bobby Ackerman, complete dick everybody in the store hated him

* Christmas bonus – Now that I’m in the corporate world, I know what a “christmas bonus” is. It usually comes in the form of a check with 3 or 4 zeros, a gift Ipod, camera etc. At crazy eddie it was a bottle of manachevitz one year, I don’t remember if we even got one other years.

* The smell of burnt plastic in my nostrils. After the Norwalk store burnt down, I was in the salvage crew. It was winter, no electricty, no heat and and extremely dirty job. I remember blowing black crap out of my nose for weeks after the salvage was completed. It was weird being in the store after much of products in it were burnt to a cinder.

* The cheesy yellow vests. There was a brief stint where mgt. tried to enforce a polyester yellow vest wearing policy. At first the policy was “you can wear the vest or a suit” Our dept was in such revolt, the next day we all came in wearing suits, LOL! Then the store manager got pissed and said, you can’t wear suits anymore, you have to wear the vests. So at every opportunity we would “forget” to put them on, accidently “leave them at home” or “stain them with a chicken parm wedge” or throw them on the floor in a high traffic and dusty area.

Now the good memories. I remember we had a very mischevious dept in which I was probably the head mischief maker. I think that’s what kept our dept. morale high even under some of previous circumstances mentioned.

* We loved using the intercom for various mischief. For example I can remember us getting on the intercom to pester Jack the stock boy, we would say things like “Sanitation control mgr. Jack please report to the stockroom to fulfill your managerial duties.” in the most official sounding voice we could muster.

* Loved the monthly svc mgr meetings where the other CT mgr’s would carpool to the meeting, gripe about everything that needed to get fixed and then go out for something to eat after the meeting.

* On our service repair tickers if we had an A**hole customer who would give us problems we filled in our secret code A.H. for A**hole so the svc. rep knew who he was dealing with when he called or showed up at the window. Once A.H. customer asked what the code A.H. stands for? I had to think quick and told him it was a shelf location at the repair facility, LOL!

* remember the crazy 1x sale only, where there would be for example 1 projection TV at the INSANE price of $300. 200 people would line up outside the store and then we were up in the balcony dept and we could watch the pandemonium and occaisional fist fights break out when the doors opened!

* I remember one time the security guard, Norwalk Police Dept Sargent Jim Adams approx. 6 foot 4 and 280lbs caught a shoplifter, a little skinny teenager. The shoplifter told Mr. Adams he was going to “take his life” Jim Adams picked the kid up by his pants, spanked him a couple times and through him in the back of a squad car.

* Larry “Stun Gun” who worked in our dept. once announced over the store intercom to the sales people “Don’t sell the Sankyo TV’s, they are defective” Unfortunately the Sankyo was the featured sale of the week and 8 or 9 customers milling around the Sankyo’s? (brand?) immediately left the store. Needless to say the store mgr, I think it was JJ? at the time came upstairs so fast and grabbed him by his shirt and tie and told him if he ever did that again he would personally throw him out of the store, LOL!

* We had a water fountain in the break room. One time a guy from the record dept relieved himself in the fountain. The asst. manager, Phil? just happened to be sitting in the office and witnessed the event on the security camera. In five seconds flat the guy had his namebadge ripped from his shirt and was told to leave in never come back. The water fountain was decontaminated but as far as I know, nobody ever drank out of it again.

* Michael C. when he was svc. mgr told me to stay at the window one night, I didn’t listen and came to the back of the dept (he was watching gay porn) I said, Okay, I’ll stay up front! He said, “I warned you!” LOL!

* I remember a lot of the people, and bump into some every now and then. Donna Marucci, Robin, Larry stun gun, Jerry Dennision, Rich Ochs, Michael Castellano, crazy russell, Jack from the stock room, Kent Perry, Stan Perry, Bob from orange. Sorry to hear about Brett, he was in our store for a while. Tim G. Chris Wise, he worked at County TV for a while, Tony Wise, he was a DJ on the norwalk Radio station for a while which coincidenltly is only around 3 or four buildings down from where the store used to be, Bernard H. Many people that I remember by face, but it’s been so long I don’t remember their names…

* I remember those long days leading up to Christmas and after and hanging out at the Chinese restaraunt after hours, or going to Mesan Gallacia for tapas and drinks.

* I had an old Samsung 19″ TV I bought at C.E., with the old 2 -13 channel dial that was still working until I decided to dump it and get into the 21st century 2 years ago. I still have a CD player I bought at C.E.

* I’ve had 6 jobs since Crazy Eddie,and it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years since then, but the topic of Crazy Eddie still comes up in my current job or with friends every now and then.

Wow, a trip down memory lane!

RAE RAE Posted 26 June 2007 08:33


JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 21:03


I just went and looked at that website and I see his store is in Yorktown Heights, NY. THAT is where I grew up *and* lived while working @ CE. My zipcode for 20 years was also 10598 which his “store” is now.

Is that really his store?

If so I wanna call there

Please confirm… someone

Grapevine Posted 20 July 2007 21:29

I thought Ackerman owned a fast food restaurant. He was always nuts about tools, as I remember.

When Eddies shut down, Ackerman operated a tool supply truck, like Mac Tools for a while, then sold Marvin windows for a distributor and then opened his Tool Nut store.

I worked there

_zaxcom_ Posted 21 July 2007 10:42

When I was in college I worked at the stores in Paramus, Syosset and Westbury. For a tech crazed kid it was the best job. The hours were long though and they were always pushing us to sell some rather shady stuff. I know that we were always told to steer people away from SONY because the margin was small. Oh yes the codes with the two 9’s in them, that gave us the “cost”

And I still “schuf the biz” today.

zaxcom Posted 22 July 2007 11:49

I forgot to mention that I still own audio and video stuff I bought there in the late 70’s when I worked there. I have a Sony TV, cassette deck and a Technics receiver that are still going strong in my kids room. And I still have the receipts. I cant remember the names of anyone I worked with, but I was part of the very first crew that opened the Westbury store. We trained in Paramus, and then opened the new store. It was at the Paramus store I saw my very first XXX film. I guess they sold them there kind of on the sly. When no one was around the guys in TV would put them up on the screens.

R? Posted 23 July 2007 18:48

Did you train in the Audio Dept.? If so then I trained you I was also at Westbury for the opening. By any chance did you have red hair?
Please don’t post my full name here but PM me.

zaxcom Posted 23 July 2007 23:27

No, I was in the TV dept. I have brown hair.

DNS / SND Memories

MAFF_OR_FEE? Posted 08 August 2007 23:20

I worked DNS and SND stock summers and Xmas during the late 70s, just wondering if anyone else on here worked under John Cioc, Mike Rosetti at DNS or DK at SND. Uncle Zookie, Steve Brodsky and Harold were the mgrs at DNS that I remember, and of course Lester at SND. Anyone else remember Ezra or Jack in sales at DNS, or Angel, Ralphie, Tito, Richie, Cunnie in DNS stock?

Been a long, long time but this site sure brings back a lot of memories (mostly good ones!). If anyone remembers, I was the guy who Zookie used to let ride the black Honda 750K through the Bronx store and store it upstairs.

Hope life after CE has been good to you….

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 09 August 2007 09:47

By the time I got to the Bronx (Central Service), Harold Morris had already been moved to Debbie Audio (Hartsdale). Brodsky was still in the Bronx though. My favorite memory of Brodsky was that he would kick the shit out of the hushos in the break room, while the moonlighting cops-turned-security guards blocked the doors so they couldn’t get out. Now THAT is crazy!!!

When I worked in Carle Place service later on, Brodsky was the store manager there. It was during the whole stock scandal, and Brodsky got taken away in handcuffs for taking a news photographer’s camera and breaking it over the guys head.

Yes, THOSE were the days!!!

MAFF_OR_FEE? Posted 09 August 2007 21:10

Yeah, Steve was definitely a wild guy. I remember him mooning people out the back of one of the Hertz rental vans we used at DNS to make deliveries (going out on deliveries were always my favorite part of working in stock, even after I almost got stabbed during an attempted hold-up over by River Ave & the Grand Concourse).

I also remember being stuck in the Bronx store with him John Momoso (“Moe the Guard”), Roberta the register G, Brodsky, an audio sales guy named Steve Geller, Gene Hedgey, Morris the record dept mgr and his wife, and a boat-load of stock and sales guys during the ’77 blackout. Now that was wild! The power went out before we could lower the riot gates over the windows and doors, and the chain jammed when then tried lowering it manually. Within 45 minutes, we were surrounded by about 100 wild-eyed locals that had only one thing on their mind. Moe had to fire off two .38 rounds to keep em outta the store after they broke the plate glass windows trying to rush the joint. All he had was one 5 shot Ruger in an ankle holster, man was he glad he didn’t need the other three rounds!(weren’t we all?) After that we parked both the delivery van and a bunch of cars up on the sidewalk on Fordham as a barricade. Man, I remember watching Busch’s jewelers get hit first, and then saw a King Louie armchair magically walking down the street in pitch darkness on the backs of some guy half the size of it! I still have this “Death Squad” T-shirt featuring a huge DeadHead logo, it was *quite* surreal…..

Yeah, although I only worked summers and holidays (Dad was very big on me staying in school and going onto to bigger things in life) the memories of the things that happened and the events that transpired during my Crazy Eddie days are etched into my mind like a laser beam. Had a blast, especially when hanging with some of the folks from the other stores (SND, ULS, Moore, the Warehouse, etc) at events like the “Crazy Eddie Night of Thrills” at Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ. Man, I remember riding in a pickup down the track slamming yellow CE frisbees into the crowds as souvenirs. Man, we had such a blast just getting there. Later…..

Woodbridge Store (WADI)

Glenn Helley Posted 15 August 2007 23:13

Those were the days………… πŸ™‚

Interesting Question

Glenn Helley Posted 16 August 2007 19:43

Does anybody remember EBCB ?

Crazy Eddies – Entourage Connection

Spiegel Beagel Posted 24 August 2007 13:16

Season 3 – The Return of the King (Episode 17)

13 minutes into the episode – We get mentioned

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 24 August 2007 21:46

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”

– Don Henley/The Eagles 1976 –

Given my penchant for song parodies and recording my own music, I should do a parody called “Hotel Crazy Eddie”. Somehow, it just fits! πŸ˜€

Totowa Store

annelid Posted 05 September 2007 03:26

I used to work in the Totowa store as warehouse man. I vaguely remember the manager, he had a beard and all.He was such a stickler on everything. G-d forbid if I came in a minute late from lunch. Well, when the store closed I eneded up getting a job in Seacaucus @ the Wiz.

Who ends up being the manager there, the same guy as the Totowa store.


_RAE-RAE_ Posted 08 September 2007 11:20


_RAE-RAE_ Posted 08 September 2007 11:02


Crazy Eddie ads

Dr. Jekyll Posted 23 September 2007 04:11

I well remember Jerry Carroll’s ads for Crazy Eddie. One blooper I saw showed me that he could turn the on-air persona off when the camera stopped like flipping a light switch. When Eddie Antar was arrested, I had read that he had all kinds of money everywhere but where it should have been.


Sam Is A Snitch Posted 22 September 2007 18:09

Sam, why can’t you get over it? Stop being a pussy. Forgive yourself, it’s okay, I’m sure everyone but you has moved on. You aren’t a criminal anymore, that’s what matters, no? The fact that you seem proud of ‘being ashamed’ is disgusting. More pathetic is how you put your whole family in jail. You fucking snitch. You pay your debt by turning the bad into good. Your cousin forgave you. What you guys did was messed up but that was years ago. You come across like a little bitch. Putting ‘convicted felon’ in parenthesis next to your own name makes me sick. No wonder you seem so alone. You should be ashamed of yourself, not for the fraud, but for ratting out your blood family and making the public aware of how much of a little bitch you are.

LEO Posted 23 September 2007 21:48

Right on “Snitch”…Sam has chosen to dissapear from this forum since being confronted about the rest of the clan. Definitly holding back an awful lot of facts. Not surprised. Once scum, always scum.


mitzirocco Posted 31 May 2007 22:15

After reading these post’s I will email my father AKA JACK(always with pipe in hand) Acacia this site. HE would be thrilled to see this.I remember most of the names that are mentioned here. I know as a few years back he was still seeing and hanging out with Joe Kay. Please email me if you would like to reach him.I hope everyone is good.

Grapevine Posted 01 June 2007 23:11

Not too many people know that the original techs of the company were Joe Kay, Jack Acacia and Ernie (can’t remember last name) in the Bronx store. Also, the Wizard and Lenny in Bklyn service. Dave Panoff was just starting to coordinate service for the amll chain at the time – I’m talkking about the mid 1970’s when I worked in Bronx service and learned how to mount phono cartridges and deal with all the REAPS. These REAPS turned out later to benefit my ability to deal with screaming customers. A good learning tool !

KingOfTheExiles Posted 08 June 2007 17:29

Actually, as I remember it, The Wizard, Officer Tony A. and Richie Doc. were the first employees in the tech. dept. Tony was the “lunch” guy but used to tinker with some minor adjustments in the early days.

Grapevine Posted 08 June 2007 19:15

True about Tony, and Richie Doc tinkered but the acutqal repair guys were Wizard and Joe Kay a little later on. Before then things were lunched or reeped and returned -giving the customer a new unit instead of dealing with repairs. Who else can verify this. I started in Bronx service in 75 or 76 then Bklyn service in 77.

As service manager in Bklyn, Tony A hated when I would EX Merch for lunch as they always piled up in the back room on him. But I always had to follow MC’s strict orders!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 10 June 2007 02:16

Jack & Joe…HAAA! Great guys. I worked as a tech originally in Bronx Central with Joe Kay, and spent many Saturdays later on in Edison service helping out, first on Rt. 27, then Carter Drive. I learned a lot about electronics from Joe, and Jack filled me in on the profitability of selling R & R contracts right from my bench to the customers, and yes, always with pipe in hand…or mouth.

I’d love to get in touch with Jack and/or Joe. Anyone remember Cosmo? I still speak with him, and we’ve been wondering where we could find these old mentors.

Jack Acacia Posted 29 September 2007 14:36

I saw your messages on the c.e. web site Joe Kay and I would like to get in touch with you cell#267 394 2491 e.mail


merlinpoo Posted 08 October 2007 08:50

if your mum is your sister do you call her mum or sister?? πŸ™

Sam Is A Snitch Posted 09 October 2007 10:38

LMAO! So random yet hilarious. Classic trolling This is the second best subject on this board, next to mine, of course. Which reminds me, SAM:

Sam, why can’t you get over it? Stop being a pussy. Forgive yourself, it’s okay, I’m sure everyone but you has moved on. You aren’t a criminal anymore, that’s what matters, no? The fact that you seem proud of ‘being ashamed’ is disgusting. More pathetic is how you put your whole family in jail. You fucking snitch. You pay your debt by turning the bad into good. Your cousin forgave you. What you guys did was messed up but that was years ago. You come across like a little bitch. Putting ‘convicted felon’ in parenthesis next to your own name makes me sick. No wonder you seem so alone. You should be ashamed of yourself, not for the fraud, but for ratting out your blood family and making the public aware of how much of a little bitch you are.

LEO Posted 10 October 2007 02:36

Let’s see if we can get Sam to respond to this “rumor” that has just surfaced to me.

Whose money paid for your very valuable home, Sam?

If you did, that would clear up any rumors that, I would think you would like to do away with.

If you didn’t, then I would think the public has has a right to know.

Also, did you disclose to the “investigating parties” who put up the money to pay for it?

Steve Berger

Glenn Helley Posted 16 August 2007 16:52

What ever happened to him……also Larry Eyeballs…Jeff Yarish…….etc?

insane Posted 16 August 2007 18:47

They all went the way of the dinosaur- like everyone else. Didn’t matter how “big” some thought they were, they all fell like beaten soldiers.

steve berger Posted 17 October 2007 21:38

hi glenn im doing fine been my own biz for 15 years have three kids and still living in nj nice to hear from u

Glenn Helley Posted 21 October 2007 22:27

Nice to hear from you Steve πŸ™‚


davidsco27 Posted 30 October 2007 08:42

I worked at the Discomat in Riveredge for 2 years. Anyone else from there around???

What a shame that great store was destroyed by CE’s

Coney Island Ave store (Brooklyn)

jabba Posted 28 October 2007 21:18

What ever happened to Store Mgrs, Richie G, Tommy C, Jay, Ralph( DIG IN )& Darren(Fat). What about that doorman Darlan. He was nuts. I remember every Saturday the store Mgr would feed the workers because we had no time to go out to eat. I dreaded working Saturday’s.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 30 October 2007 19:06

Poor baby!

Brett Hemnes

_Sean Mullin_ Posted 07 November 2007 17:52

I just Googled Brett and found your posts about him. I thought I’d bring you up to date on him. He moved to Southern California and worked as a manager at Circuit City and then The Good Guys (another electronics store). He was the best man at my wedding in February of 1995 and was killed in the car crash in July of 1995. He was hit head-on by a guy that was extremely high on drugs and alcohol. He was driving a Honda Accord and was hit by a truck. The other guy survived and is hopefully still in jail.

Westbury Record & Tape Asylum

spinningwebs Posted 10 November 2007 22:39

Anybody work there? I did… some great times

Nesconset, Long Island, NY

_TANGO_ Posted 26 November 2007 22:32

Hello Out There…
My name is Bob Tango… Anybody out there work at the Nesconset/Smithtown Crazy Eddie? I worked there from 1984-1985 or so. Paul Mink and myself ran the AUDIO room and Car Stereo departments. I remember the crew were very friendly and we all hung out often. We all went to see RUSH at Nassau Coll. I remember Alex the manager who put hair mousse on his chest hair NO KIDDING , he had a girlfriend who was NUTS. A girl Barrie who had the scent of a chicken, haha Her claim to fame was she once dated Joe Lynn Turner, I don’t think so, but who knows. Maria the cashier. Very sweet girl, I heard she married one of the stock guys. There were a Father, Son and sister working there. I can’t remember their last names, but Italian and the VERY BEST people you could know. I remember the son did a great imitation of Springsteens “I’m On Fire” It was something like Difalco or something. I remember Lance in the computer room. Poor Lance’s house went on fire and he lost his dog in that fire, VERY VERY sad. He was such a nice guy. Then there was Chris Antos who worked in repair, A great guy really funny, nice guy. He played in a band with some of the other guys in repair. I provided a PA and live sound engineering at the roller rink in Smithtown one night . They were doing Motley Crue covers, etc. I recorded that show and STILL have a copy of it. I hope to get in touch with him and give him a copy. I remember a GREAT Christmas party at Terrace On the Park in NYC. Had a GREAT TIME. My then girlfriend is my now wife. Married 20 YEARS in August! UNREAL …. I remember Howie the Manager. A nice guy, but he fired me when I missed one day of work…You see I bought a brand new Mazda B200 Pickup and decided to take a road trip to Niagra Falls.. OOPS I forgot I had to work and never covered my time. To be young again!! After Crazy Eddie, I got married to lisa and we moved to Florida where i was a Police Officer for 10 years. I was injured and am not working due to these injuries. I moved back to NY, then back to FL where I am now. Paul Mink is STILL in Florida also. JUST in the time I worked there CD’s were introduced to the world AND VHS players. Renting a movie back then required a $75 deposit PER TAPE plus the $8 rental fee. Back then you PAID for membership as well. It’s amazing how it all moves along. PLEASE write to me, I would LOVE to hear from ANYBODY back then. I know I have about a dozen more names in my head… I will update this entry soon. Write to me at I would LOVE to hear from you….

_Bob_ Posted 27 November 2007 21:27

Did Eddie have to cook the books to keep the company afloat (like Enron), or was it just to make more money? If things were run like they were supposed to, would Crazy Eddie still be in business today?

It’s a shame, I used to love going to Crazy Eddie as a kid with my family.


_Alicia_ Posted 03 December 2007 23:35

Do you have any copies? Willing to pay to borrow them and make my own copies… please call or email as soon as possible… need this for a film project. Thanks!!

Alicia Van C.
917 757 0303 Flyers (Not Frisbees!)

_Larry Weiss_ Posted 05 December 2007 12:59

Hey Folks …

I’ve got a trash bag full of foam indoor “flyers” (Note to Whammo: I did not call them “Frisbees”) that were made to promote the failed effort circa 1999/2000. My wife has made it exceedingly clear that she wants me to make room in the garage, so, rather than trash the trash bag, I’ve decided to offer the Frisb…uhmmm I mean “flyers” to all you folks here at prices so low I’m practically giving them all away. (Actually, I *am* giving them all away – I’m just asking for an “Insane” 3 bucks to cover postage and a large envelope to mail them in). If you’d like your very own bonafide, never before flown, genuine yellow, been-sitting-in-a-trash-bag-for-eight-years-but-still-like-new, not-a-Frisbee, indoor foam “flyer”, drop an email to and I’ll reply with instructions.

Crazy Eddie Newark Store

_TimB_ Posted 21 December 2007 08:48

Does anyone remember the Crazy Eddie store in Newark, NJ?

Crazy Eddie Antar & Sam E. Antar on CNBC 06/27/07

Sam E. Antar Posted 21 June 2007 01:16

Show: Business Nation
Network: CNBC
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Time: 10 PM and 1 AM

Youtube Link:

Herb Greenberg interviews Eddie and Sam.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 21 June 2007 04:41

Sam, you look good. Kelso looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire show, will CNBC stream it all?

I’ve only seen a few moments on the clip, so I really don’t know how the rest of he show went. I’ve read about your work with children and it sounds very good. But you really need to lose the anger, it hurts no one but yourself and your family.

To me Kelso was a great man, perhaps it was somewhat of a cult, but he was able to take people like myself and draw out of them more success than they might have found by themselves.

There’s always two sides to every story and a whole lot in the middle. My only memories of working at Eddies that aren’t fond were after Kelso stopped participating fulltime and that assehole Ike Karey became centrally involved. He was a major league scumbag with a cold heart.

It all happened a long time ago. Those were some of the best times of my life. Remember when the Money For Nothing video hit MTV, that was us, and the SNL spoof? Most importantly, I’m sure you’re aware of the supreme court case that abolished fair trade laws in the US. Kelso was the eye of the storm, life there is not so easy, and in a capitalist world where greed is good, considereing all the bad that can possibly come from greedy intentions, that supreme court case changed the world for american consumers. The day the court ruled against Sony is one of the most important days in American business history, its ramifications still are felt today.

I wish you success in your internal teshuvah. Life is wonderful, there is so much to feel good about, there is still so much good work to be done, so many mitzvohs to perform. Don’t worry about going to hell before going upstairs. Its a Christaian concept anyway, you need to ditch it. We all make mistakes, and in the end we all need to be cleansed.

Sam E. Antar Posted 21 June 2007 04:53

You wrote:

To me Kelso was a great man, perhaps it was somewhat of a cult, but he was able to take people like myself and draw out of them more success than they might have found by themselves.

My response:
What Eddie Antar and I did was nothing but evil.
Eddie Antar is not a great man and neither am I.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Spiegel Beagel Posted 21 June 2007 05:04

I have to disagree with you, everything you did was not evil. How many men did Crazy Eddies help get started in life. How many families live in homes bought with profit sharing money? How many men were able to afford to get married and raise children on our paychecks? How many men found there dignity be employed at good work?

There is real evil in this world, there are people in this world that do unthinkable evil to other people in misguided attempts at moving towards our maker.

All you really did, was push the faller. As bad as it seems to you, the only people you really hurt were those that were meant to be hurt anyway. Thers a much bigger picture and each of us is just small brush stroke.

Sam E. Antar Posted 21 June 2007 16:22

The efforts of Eddie Antar, his father, brothers, other family members and me were not misguided. Our deliberate actions were nothing short of vile, malicious, and evil.

While you were not involved in any of our crimes and personally benefited from working for the company, it does not rationalize or diminish the impact of our criminal actions.

Had Crazy Eddie never existed, I am quite sure that you have found gainful employment else where.

The largess of the Antar family does not excuse our criminal actions.

My crimes are unforgivable and nothing that I do today can ever undo any past criminal acts.

Almost three thousand people came to work for Crazy Eddie to seek a better life and all lost their jobs.

Countless others suffered and many people still suffer today.

I doubt that most of these people would have come to work for us if they had known of the Antar family’s frauds.

During the interview, I told Eddie, “You’re not a big (expletive) anymore, Eddie. You’re a two bit thug just like I am. So stop playing games.”

I will not play games with you by excusing my actions. Please do not excuse Eddie Antar’s actions.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Grapevine Posted 23 June 2007 00:26

So I’ve learned after taking several poly graphs at Eddies ( a customary random requirement) that there existed a form of paranoia from the Antar family that their employees could be stealing from them. It was within this shifting of attention to its employees that kept the family free to hold its power over employees and keep the focus away from the illegal acts of the family.

I agree with some of Speigels commentary, however not all. Not all of the people affected were destined to fall. Only a few, and an exceptional few were positioned to capitalize on the profits of the company.

I for one was not lucky enough. I went jobless overnight with all the financial repsonsibilities of a father, husband etc. If not bad enough, I had to wait many years to get any money that remained in the 401k plan.

So,what have I learned? A sure thing that whenever someone is always talking about theft or disloyalty to its people, closely examine the persons chronically laboring in these words and those consistently exploiting the intentions of others under their management. For its probable that the bad deeds are being performed by those in power and by using fear, intimidation and power, those doing wrong will hide their deeds behind this curtain of deceit

Sam E. Antar Posted 23 June 2007 00:59


Your comments were very well said.

I personally do not believe (despite what Eddie said at the interview) that he has truly come to terms with his past.

Read Saturday’s Wall Street Street Journal column by Herg Greenberg.

Link here: subscription required –


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 June 2007 04:53

How can I see the complete interview? Is it available on line?

Sam E. Antar Posted 29 June 2007 21:51

Link to interview:


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

LEO Posted 03 July 2007 02:17

Sam, why don’t you pst the ENTIRE interview?
Not enough of Eddie, or Eddies diologue about YOU!!!

LEO Posted 03 July 2007 02:21

hey Sam…did you return ALL of the “benefits” you and “your family” benifted from the everyday looting that you participated in? Now THAT would be redemption!!!

Sam E. Antar Posted 03 July 2007 19:06

To Leo:

You should know that I do not have any control over what CNBC edits in their productions.

I have no problem with them showing the entire interview.

Regarding any issues you or others may have relating to me, you should contact the Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, and the attorneys who represented the victims of my crimes. Here is a partial list:

SEC Headquarters
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549
(202) 942-8088

FBI Newark
11 Centre Place
Newark, New Jersey 07102-9889
(973) 792-3000

Class Action:
110 Wall Street, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10005
(888)759-2990, (212)425-9055, Fax (212)425-9093

Elias Zinn’s and Entertainment Marketing’s Attorney

Folkenflik & McGerity
1500 Broadway 21st Floor
New York, NY 10036
(212) 757-0400
(212) 757-2010


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

LEO Posted 04 July 2007 01:54

Again I will ask, did you return ALL of your ill gotten gains? Simple question, give a straight, simple answer!

LEO Posted 04 July 2007 02:00

Again I will ask, did you return ALL of your ill gotten gains? Simple question, give a straight, simple answer! YES OR NO?

Sam E. Antar Posted 04 July 2007 02:29


Pay I received off the books – No
Income taxes on my undeclared income – No

You may contact the Internal Revenue Service at:

Internal Revenue Service
290 Broadway, 14th FL
New York, NY 10007

I lost money selling Crazy Eddie stock, but paid about $20,000 in disgorgement to the SEC. I paid another $10,000 in fines.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie & convicted felon)

LEO Posted 04 July 2007 03:00

I don’t want to contact anyone…I simply wanted to know from you. All this talk about redemption is very noble, but not totally true, is it? Why don’t you put it ALL out there, Sam, it will do you good. Therr is a lot more to tell, isn’t there Sam?

Sam E. Antar Posted 04 July 2007 03:18


You wrote:
“I don’t want to contact anyone…”

Why not? If you have anything new to add, please contact law enforcement.

You wrote:
I simply wanted to know from you.

Why don’t you read my web site, my blog, articles in the press about me, my writings on other blogs, articles I have written, and obtain transcripts of my many fraud presentations?

You wrote:
All this talk about redemption is very noble, but not totally true, is it?

Did you ever read the following from Herb Greenberg’s MarketWatch column?

A former CPA, Antar makes no excuses for his criminal past, referring to himself in e-mails, casual discussion and his Web site — whitecollarfraud.com1 — as a “low life” and “convicted felon.” Even the normally loquacious Minkow appears to enjoy leaving the talking to Antar, who takes no money for his speeches. “I don’t want to be held up on the pedestal of redemption,” he says. “I would rather people learn from my vile, ugly and vicious crimes. It is most important that they understand the ugly nature of criminality. My life is a mistake of history.”

Link here:…8B93-189E2F8E8A92%7D

You wrote:
Why don’t you put it ALL out there, Sam, it will do you good.

My question again:
Why don’t you read my web site, my blog, articles in the press about me, my writings on other blogs, articles I have written, and obtain transcripts of my many fraud presentations?

Would you prefer if I write a book listing my many sins, too?

You wrote:
Therr is a lot more to tell, isn’t there Sam?

My response:
If you have anything else to add, please contact the FBI, SEC, IRS, or the US Attorney. I listed their contact information in my previous responses here to you.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

PS: Leo, rant on.

LEO Posted 04 July 2007 03:31


Sam E. Antar Posted 04 July 2007 04:45

To “Leo”

You wrote:

My response:
Using cap letters in a post means that you are shouting. Now you are both shouting and ranting. If you think that I am ranting, you are delusional, too.

You wrote:

My response:
Read my blog and my web site. Read articles in the press. Get transcripts of my fraud presentations. Do a little research.

My sins were many. I have spent about the last 20 years discussing them. Perhaps, I forgot to tell the government about how many times I played hooky from school. Maybe, I did tell them about me playing hooky from school. If you have sins that you believe I left out, please contact the F.B.I., I.R.S., D.O.J., or S.E.C. You can call the C.I.A. too if that suits you.

You wrote:

My response:
As President Reagan once said, “there you go again.” Still shouting by using cap letters? You are really losing it. Cool off. Drink some Kool-Aid. Eddie Antar made a great brew.

You wrote:

My response:
I do not plan on writing a book anyway.

You wrote:

My response:
I have spent about the last 20 years filling in the blanks. Again, if you have anything new to add, please contact the F.B.I., I.R.S., D.O.J., or S.E.C.

There is not enough space here to write about all my sins. Therefore, please read my web site, my blog, articles about me, and obtain transcripts of my fraud presentations.

You wrote:

My response:
Nothing will rid me of the guilt I feel for my crimes. My sins are unforgivable. However, any guilt I feel is irrelevant and does not help any victims of my crimes.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Spiegel Beagel Posted 04 July 2007 08:57

Sam, Leo asked you a pretty simple question and for some reason you don’t want to answer it. I have a feeling that there are legal repercussions from anything you put in writing, and that you don’t want to lie. Obviously you have something to hide.

6451196 Posted 04 July 2007 12:02

Leo, the fact that you wrote “Therr is a lot more to tell, isn’t there Sam?” (your misspelling) leads me to believe you have a personal stake in this answer you’re looking for. Why not have the guts to be more specific in the question? I think Sam has answered, (more times than I would have) as well as he can, given the vagueness of your questions. Step up, be a man and ask the question you really want to ask. And as for the “dog” jumping into this conversation, how many kibbles did Leo feed you to take sides.

I’m a totally impartial observer enjoying this little tete-a-tete between Sam and Leo, but I think the one that’s holding back information is Leo. Sam has pretty much answered all questions put to him by the Government, the Press and everyone here on this forum.

I totally believe that if you ask him a specific question he will answer it. Whether or not you chose to believe his answer is your prerogative.

LEO Posted 06 July 2007 17:58

First, The caps had no purpose whatsoever.I simply had the lights off and found it easier to see. Nothing else intended…I apologize. Next, I am not searching, nor have ANY STAKE(caps for emphasis) in this whatsoever! For your imformation 6451196, Sam HAS NOT answered my question on this forum. I absolutly cannot understand why he cannot, or better yet, will not answer the question directly, and will only deflect answering it, by telling me to “go back and read” or “contact any or all of the government agencies that he has “cooperated” with, as he says. Let me make it very clear, that I do not know or do I claim to know the answers to the questions I am asking. I simply would like to know if Sam has come as clean as he claims he has. His answers thus far have lead me to believe otherwise. If it is for legal reasons that he cannot respond honestly, he can say so, or he can simply choose to not respond.
As for asking him a specific question, as 6451196 stated, just read my original post and you will see that it was just that, a specific question, that started this “tete-a tete”.
Sam, stop deflecting the question, and either answer , or deny to answer. Simple stuff.

LEO Posted 06 July 2007 18:01

Not responsible for spelling or typographical errors.

LEO Posted 06 July 2007 18:05

hey Sam…did you return ALL of the “benefits” you and “your family” benifted from the everyday looting that you participated

6451196 Posted 06 July 2007 20:34

“Pay I received off the books – No
Income taxes on my undeclared income – No”

Leo, I believe Sam DID (caps for emphasis) answer your question on the bottom of page 3 (and quoted above). Why the hounding if you have no stake in this? I’d love you guys to continue conversing but your questions are redundant. Come up with something new. Are you digging for things like meals, medical coverage, business travel and items like that? In relation to the total fraud, those dollars are miniscule and trivial. The truth is that it appears that Sam is the only one out of the whole bunch that is at least TRYING (caps for emphasis) to give something back to the community. It has to be costing him a fortune out-of-pocket to pay all travel and expenses to all the Universities, Agencies and Businesses he’s made his Anti-Fraud presentations to. I haven’t heard of any of the others involved trying to give back anything. Instead of constantly castigating the guy, how about giving a little credit for the attempt. I would also enjoy hearing about anything the others involved in this matter have tried to give back to the community.

LEO Posted 07 July 2007 07:50

EXACTLY! The unreported $3 an hour he received in 1968 is miniscule.

And yes, the questions are redundant. Except for the fact that they haven’t been answered, one way, or the other.

As for the others, they are not getting up in front of these universities, and other forums, claiming to have “seen the light”. Perhaps they should.

It would be nice to see, all come totally clean, and perhaps if the “others” started blogs, sites, and the like, I would confront them too with an assortment of questions.

I will ask the question of Sam in another fashion.

Sam, aside from the $10,000 or $20,000 that you paid in fines, have you or any relatives, aside from Eddie, his brothers, brother-in-law, or parents, returned ALL ill gotten profits?

If yes, please elaborate. If no, a simple no will do, or you may choose to elaboraqte, as well. If you choose not to answer, one can reach their own conclusion. Plain and simple. Please spare us any long speeches, and or road maps, to find out the answer. Also, why should I go to the littany of agencies you have listed, when I am speaking to the source?

Sam E. Antar Posted 09 July 2007 12:25

“Leo”, I actually started working for Eddie’s father in 1969 for $5/per day off the books and Crazy Eddie in 1971 for $10/day off the books (not in 1968 at $3 per hour). In my previous response, I had explained to you that I neither paid taxes nor returned any money that I received in compensation from Crazy Eddie off the books. I did pay about $30,000 to the government and I lost about $8,000 selling my Crazy Eddie stock.

You ask, “…have you or any relatives, aside from Eddie, his brothers, brother-in-law, or parents, returned ALL ill gotten profits? Well, Eddie, his brothers, brother-in-law, and parents have not returned all ill gotten gains unlike what you are attempting to imply.

It is no secret that plenty of relatives and non-relatives including many people who post on this board at one time or another had received cash payments like me as part of their compensation from Crazy Eddie. I do not recall any action by the government to collect amounts directly attributed to compensation made off the books from Crazy Eddie.

The government collected about $90- $100 million Eddie Antar and his immediate family (about the amount they profited on Crazy Eddie stock – pretax). However, if you include their proceeds from the skimming and income tax issues, insurance frauds, etc, Eddie Antar, Sam M. Antar (now deceased), Mitchell Antar, Debbie Antar, Allen Antar, Rose Antar, and Ben Kuszer did not give back all of their ill gotten gains. Eddie Antar’s second wife, Debbie # 2 was a signatory to secret foreign bank accounts, too. I doubt she returned all of her ill gotten gains. My father (now deceased) who had received off the books compensation from Crazy Eddie and made about $200,000 (not sure of exact amount) from selling Crazy Eddie stock did not repatriate all of his ill gotten gains. He had immunity from the government. Eddie’s mother-in-law who disbursed the off the books payroll has not to my knowledge returned her ill gotten gains. Of course there are many more details all of which has been disclosed and is known to the government and civil litigants.

In my previous response, I said if you have anything new to add that is unknown to the government, that you should contact them. If you are implying that I intentionally held any information back from the US government or civil litigants, you should contact them.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

LEO Posted 09 July 2007 18:44

Sam…Are you aware of any looting of the company AFTER the “other” Antar’s had left the company? i.e. cash, merchandise, jewelry, etc? You must admit that, there was a free for all when the company was free of all of the indicted. You did remain at the company longer than the others, is that correct? I think it would be interesting to hear what went on when the “shit hit the fan”.

Sam E. Antar Posted 09 July 2007 22:56

Sam M. Antar, Allen Antar, Mitchell Antar, and Ben Kuszer (the so-called “other Antar’s”) tried to blame the entire Crazy Eddie fraud on Eddie Antar, me, and others. They sent Arnold Spindler to the SEC to set Eddie, me, and others up to take the fall for their crimes. Abe Grinberg tried to play the same game, too. Their attorney, Marvin Gersten, met with new management and the government in an effort to set up Eddie and me. I lied under oath and protected both factions of the Antar family until 1989.

If you are implying that I knowingly and intentionally held back any information from the US government and civil litigants, the answer is no. If you believe that I lied to the government and civil litigants, report me. I did not “loot the company” by taking undisclosed cash or merchandise. All of the merchandise that I bought was paid for in full.

My “off the books” compensation ended before Crazy Eddie went public. Afterwards any compensation I received was in the form of “on the books” pay, stock options, a company car, and benefits such as health insurance.

Actually, one of the many excuses that Eddie had thought about to explain the inventory shortages that resulted from our earnings inflation (before we parted ways) was to allege that the company was looted by its employees through internal theft. I told Eddie that I thought no one would believe that such a large amount of alleged looting could explain the inventory shortages resulting from the earnings inflation.

The looting I that I learned about was done by Allen Antar (so-called “other Antar”). Abe Grinberg, initially received immunity from the government. He later pled guilty for lying to the government about the crimes of the “other Antar’s.” For example, he admitted to lying about cash payments received by Allen Antar from Zazy International. We could not reconcile the Zazy account after Allen Antar was gone. Apparently Allen had a side deal with Zazy that we were unaware of. He was stealing under Eddie’s nose. In addition, we discovered a large amount of NLC’s (no line checked) invoices in which Allen had authorized merchandise to be delivered to his friends without payment.

Also, certain merchandise was delivered to Benel Distributors (owned by Eddie’s brother-in-law, Ben Kuszer, also part of the so-called “other Antars”) from Crazy Eddie without payment. Apparently, Benny had either hid those invoices or Eddie (who had an undisclosed ownership interest in Benel) authorized Benny to take the merchandise without payment.

Eddie Antar also looted the company. For example, he used the pension and profit sharing plan to buy life insurance for employees. He received kick backs from the brokers. However, Crazy Eddie stopped making contributions to the pension plan before Crazy Eddie went public. Eddie and is immediate family had received kick backs from other vendors, too.

After I left Crazy Eddie, I heard unsubstantiated rumors about other employees looting the company and reported what I heard to the government and civil litigants.

As I said before Leo, if you have any new information to add that is factual, please report it to the government. If you wish to continue your innuendos, go ahead and continue ranting.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Spiegel Beagel Posted 10 July 2007 03:52


Thank you for the answer. I still think you need to stop beating yourself up, but thats a different story.

I have one question, what was Ike Karrey’s role in all this?

LEO Posted 10 July 2007 05:57

Sam, I don’t consider any of my questions, as “ranting” or “innuendos”. They are simply questions and inquiries. See above. If anyone has a history, or reputation of ranting, it would be you. Again, you fail to answer most of the questions that I posed to you. See above.
So, as I understand it, your answer is that you never received kickbacks from anyone while at Crazy Eddies, is that correct? Sam, please realize that it is not my intention, nor will it ever be my intention, to report you or anyone else to any government agency. These inquiries are just out of my curiousity, and I am just interested to hear the parts of the story that seem to be missing. It is my opinion, that the entire story has not been told, and your willingness to inform those interested, gives me the opportunity to try and piece together the puzzle. I thank you for that opportunity.

6451196 Posted 10 July 2007 13:45

Leo, I think Sam has answered your question.

“The looting I that I learned about was done by Allen Antar (so-called “other Antar”). ”

“After I left Crazy Eddie, I heard unsubstantiated rumors about other employees looting the company and reported what I heard to the government and civil litigants.”

I think that about sums it all up.

I have a feeling there’s a book and maybe a movie or TV series in all this which can maybe provide all the minutiae.
It will be interesting.
What do you say Sam? A book??

LEO Posted 10 July 2007 14:26

645…not really. Sam tells of himself, and Allen Antar, “and rumors about other employees, and reported what he had heard to the government and civil litigants…Who, What, When, Where, and How? I asked about ANY looting, AFTER the “others” had left…that would include A.A. I was just wondering if any remaining higher ups, that were still around, took the opportunity to have a party when there was no one around to watch the store. Would be interesting to hear about that, I think.
I also asked, did you remain at the company longer than the “other Antars”? Not answered.
For some reason you find it necessary to side with Sam, and make it out that I am getting the answers to the questions, when I am clearly not. This is your second or third response that is inaccurate. Also, Sam has clearly stated that he is not interested in writing a book. Get with it!

6451196 Posted 10 July 2007 16:23

Leo, I beg to differ with you in relation to my “inaccurate” responses.
I am just as curious as you are, but I read Sam’s response of “unsubstantiated rumors” to mean that he’s not out to continue those rumors. Why mention names of possible innocents and embarrass them.
I’ll give you that he didn’t mention exactly that he stayed there longer than the others, but I read that he implied that many times by saying he was “left holding the bag” by the others. Let’s show a little imagination here.
As for taking sides, not at all. It’s just that only 1 side is posting here. I’m sure we’d all love to hear from the other side as well. Problem is, they’ve all clammed up, I guess hoping this all just goes away.
BTW, my money’s on a book happening eventually.

Sam E. Antar Posted 10 July 2007 18:15

BTW, my money’s on a book happening eventually.


Perhaps, I may write a book and include all the juicy details. I will give my proceeds to the SEC fund for victims. Maybe, I will add some items to my web site and blog from time to time.

I guess, Leo and others will have to wait as they rant on.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

LEO Posted 10 July 2007 20:05

Sam, I guess you will continue painting the picture that suits you, as you have done from the beginning.

While much of your testimony is probably true, I am not convinced that you have told it all, and have been protecting many others.

Obviously, your hate towards your cousins, is and has always been your motivation. Jealousy perhaps.

There are many other culprits in this saga, and you know who they are. Why protect some, and look to fry others?

Get it out Sam, and then you will have done some good. Until then, you are, and will always be the low life that you proclaim that you are.

Admit to the wrong that you have done, in its entirty. Reveal what you know about others. There is much more to this story than what you have told. Tell all, and rid yourself of the guilt that you live with. Do it now Sam, and clear your conscious.

insane Posted 10 July 2007 22:26

This is great ! I’ve waited 20 years to hear all this come out. Leo, how do you know Sam has been painting this certain picture from the beginning as you say. Unless you were around at the “beginning”. If so, then you should know the truth too and should speak it too.

There was always talk not of a book, but a movie. I’ll remain silent now and wait to hear more.

antman Posted 10 July 2007 23:50

LEO why dont you be a man and tell us what you think you know to be “so much more to the story”

LEO Posted 11 July 2007 04:15

Don’t you see the obvious?

Only the people he chose (“the other Antars” were the targets.
Can’t be they did it alone. Just can’t be. Since Sam is the only other person, aside from a few role players, who stayed around for the duration, he would be the only one who can spell it out. Many others had to play major roles. Plain and simple! Name them Sam. You know who they are, and what they did.

It is not for me to say, antman and insane. A) because I honestly don’t know, and B) because Sam is the fraud specialist, who likes to sing. Let’s hear HIM sing.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 July 2007 05:10

I’m sure everyone here has read this

If not, its one of my favorites, bon appetit.

I just don’t understand what would be Sam’s motivation for hiding others. We were there, we may of not known all the little details and knew all the money and paper trails, but we always knew who was in charge, who was running things. If you’re trying to insinuate that perhaps maybe CE’s was some kind of a front for something darker underneath, I find that hard to believe. Kelso ran it, he was the energy the vision, he had the help of close and not so close family. Maybe he owed money to backers, I don’t know, but except for maybe some few dollars that some people hid to live on, its probably all pretty much out in the open.

I don’t know about you, but I had a great time. Those were great days. I flipped my options a point and a half off the all time high, and paid a wonderful ampount of taxes on that amount. I had no inside information, I just had my eyes open, and got nervous and sold.

I don’t need to look under every rock. I loved the antars, maybe they were screwing me, but they always paid me what they said they would, I have no complaints.

Except for one! I still want to know, what was Ike Karreys role in the mess. Not only in my opinion was he incompetent, there was something about him that I never liked. I remember the glee he had when he went after some poor manager that made a wrong choice and took some money. I’ll never forget how he stood up at one of our Wedsneday meetings and went on and on how he was going to get that guy. I never heard an Antar talk like that. They may have been paranoid as its been written in other notes here, but I’ve never known them to be vindictive. I’ve heard rumors about Ike that I won’t say, perhaps you have too. I found them shocking.

insane Posted 11 July 2007 07:49

Well, I never had stock, but options that were worthless, and got a FAT ZERO although in management with no severence when everything collapsed. I was there till the very end of all closings.

BUT, I will say that the family was always very nice to me and all the “named family” members knew me and I knew them. We joked, laughed and I always felt accepted and an important part of the company. Even though I went through hell at the end, I still miss working there with them along with all the excitement and fun.

6451196 Posted 11 July 2007 11:08

Well FINALLY others have jumped in to the fray!
I was beginning to think that maybe I was picking on Leo, but I guess it’s obvious to others too that Leo’s holding back on something he knows or THINKS he knows, or is he just a shill for some interested party. With over 1,300 readings of this forum there MUST be others out there with comments and/or opinions. Jump in folks, the water’s fine!!

antman Posted 11 July 2007 21:02

Leo you can choose to be ignorant but if you know or read the whole story Sam did not choose his targets (other Antars) they chose him. They sent people to make false statments to the government blaming only Sam and Eddie, this while Eddie ran away and Sam was lying to protect them. Sam did what any normal person would do if you found out you were backstabbed by people who you were protecting..he told the truth.

LEO Posted 12 July 2007 06:14

The ignorance is in thinking that he told THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I totally agree that Ediie tried to leave Sam holding the bag. My point is, and still remains, that Sam is not telling the whole story.
I will reitterate that I believe that Sam is leaving certain people out of the equation, as well as many details. Believing that it was ONLY the “other Antars” and Sam involved and who should be punished, is both ignorant and naive.
Sam has clearly selected who he wanted to help the government prosecute, and those who he wanted to see get a free pass.

The list of people who were left unaccountable, and unpunished are many.

6451196 Posted 12 July 2007 12:47

Leo, why not drop the facade? You’re appearing to be a liar and a coward! You’ve left no doubt that you have a hidden agenda. Your relentless hammering that “Sam is leaving certain people out of the equation” borders on obsession. Come on man! Give it up! Give up the names of the people YOU think were involved and ask Sam to offer up his opinion/knowledge on them if he so choses. STEP UP LEO!! BE A MAN!! IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, SPIT IT OUT!!! As for me, I’m done here. Adios.

LEO Posted 12 July 2007 15:09

645…I will repeat, I don’t know what the names are, moron! I am entitled to believe that Sam is holding back to protect the guilty. And you, if you so choose, are entitled to be naive.
See ya!

charlie & kelly d Posted 13 July 2007 05:11

Sammy…..Thank you,while We’ll always enjoy memories at Eddies….we do realize there were some dark times…but don’t ever blame yourself. We helped big time.I for one thought something was going on , I knew something wasn’t right. We are behind you 100 percent You were right on msnbc! Do you realize how many people you’ve reached. We’ve gotting emails from Florida, Jersey. Stand strong Sam E Antar…but we like to call you Sammy.

Kelly & Chas

Kelly & Charlie Daleo

Spiegel Beagel Posted 13 July 2007 06:20

Non Antars that never seemed to be mentioned, that probably were involved or knew what was going on, lets hear about them:

Ike Karrey

Dave Pardo

Dave Panoff

Ray Navarette

I don’t remember his name but the guy who ran the warehouse

The Greek guy that always hung out with Allan at 57th Street

The guy who was head of security

The accounting firm that did the inventories

The Wall Street analysts that did the due diligence for the IPO

insane Posted 13 July 2007 16:21

Warehouse guy: Dave Niederbach
Head of security in early-mid 80’s, Mike Cartagiano

I think the IPO firm was Oppenheimer

If I remember correctly, the 401k plan was put in place by a former major league baseball player that left baseball, then started pushing 401k plans. Kelso brought him to his stores to enroll people.

AND – what was Ike Kairy’s role? He always looked crazed and when I heard we brought a doctor in to run the company, I knew it was time to “BEND OVER”.

LEO Posted 13 July 2007 17:19

Now we’re getting somewhere. You can start with these names, Sam.
“Greek guy” was actually Italian, Gigi. I think he passed away.
Let’s not forget Solomon Antar, the lawyer.
Kudo’s to Insane and “the dog” for jumping on board.
Oh, there was also the guy that ran the jewelry dept. Does anyone remember his name?

insane Posted 13 July 2007 21:11

Oh and what about Morte Gindi (I think he passed away)and Eddie Gindi. They were close to the action as I recall.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 14 July 2007 18:17

Gigi was someone else. Greek guy with white hair and drove an eldorado is the one I’m thinking of. There was also a tall thin guy, maybe italian, but the guy I’m thinking of is definitely not Gigi. And yes and no, I don’t think Opco did the IPO but they did float I believe two sets of bonds afterwards, those were the real problem.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 14 July 2007 18:19

Mort Gindi is definitely gone. He was a very nice guy, I used to run into him all the toime on the upper east side with my gf at the time, sometimes we’d eat at the same restaurant.

LEO Posted 15 July 2007 11:08

Sam is awfully quiet…no?

LEO Posted 17 July 2007 01:24

I believe Bear Stearns did the IPO.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 17 July 2007 05:33

Sam has become awfully quiet. Three times I’ve asked about Dr Karrey (sic) and not a peep. He was one of the office of the president during those final days. I remember hearing, as a rumor, that there had been a big blow up between him and Mitchel, and Mitchel is quoted as saying that”you ruined my brothers business.” There really is a whole lot thats not been discuseed. Also Kelso wasn’t involved and was kind of reported missing in action for about a year before he formally resigned. I always had the impression that he was very upset about the death of Mort. Its almost like the entire affair is a three part play, before going public, the expansion after the IPO, and then the finale, which coincides with Ikes being brought into the business. I’m pretty perceptive about these things and its this final act that is never really talked about. Sams confessions really only cover the first two acts of out tragedy.

LEO Posted 17 July 2007 12:09


LEO Posted 22 July 2007 09:48


It seems that since there have been questions asked, you have disappeared. Where have you gone Sam Antar?

The silence is deafening. Speaks volumes.

Could it be that you’re holding something back?? You wouldn’t do that Sam, would you?

Drop a line, or a dime, the truth will set you free.

LEO Posted 03 August 2007 13:00

Maybe, just maybe, those who responded that my questioning Sam was unfair,(6451196, amongst others), are starting to wonder why the nortouriously very vocal one, Sam E. Antar, has suddenly become quiet as a mouse, since he was asked to name names, and respond to my,and Spiegal Beagle’s questions.

It is sooooo obvious that Sam is, and always has been holding back, spilling the beans on some of the other culprits who probably had “the goods” on him. Yes he has implicated himself, but he also stopped short of confessing about his, and others financial gain part of the story. ACT III SAM, LET US HEAR ACT III!

Don’t stay underground Sam, come out and be a man. You told Eddie he ran like a coward, and now it is who who is hiding like a coward.

List the names, and their involvement!

VJ Posted 04 August 2007 15:50

Is this interview available to watch in its entirety on the internet?

Please post this link if you have it.


cameraboy Posted 07 August 2007 23:30

As an SY kid growing up on e 3rd back in the day I must say I saw Eddie as nothing short of a superstar…a disco superstar–no question.

That saffo stuff…well I’ve done it…that’s business…go to any bazzar anywhere in the world ancient or otherwise…that’s what it is. Let the buyer beware.

These business tycoons are doing it. The investors that lost money, come on, the stock market is a gamble. Always has been.

A movie defintely…Pacino as Kelso and Paul Giamatti as Sam.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 08 August 2007 02:36

cool casting, Al Pacino and Paul Giamatti, except that I think Pacino might be a little too old for the part.

Maybe Jerry Piven as Kelso. Pacino could play his father. Howard Stern as Ike Karrey. Michael Imperioli as Mitchel. Pee Wee Herman as Alan.

How about Patty Duke as Debbie one and two?

cameraboy Posted 08 August 2007 10:52

It must have been 20 years ago that I thought the whole CE thing would make a great movie; and it’s LONG overdue–maybe too long. At that time I said Pacino…and it could still work (because he’s the only one that could play the part) as an older Eddie and then flashback to the younger Eddie played by another actor.

Paul Giamatti for sure as Sam.

I remember Debbie #1 from the neighborhood (I never worked in the store) I would cast Gwyneth Paltrow.

Sales question: Did you guys have the system of LB, FEE, SW, Check Line, Rehash? What I want to know is was getting the FEE a big deal at CE?

Also, character question, did Sam ever make beahs back in the day? Or strictly, stock, buying, accounting, etc… Because that might explain the sympathizing so much with the zboon. Let’s face it waiting on the New York mooch forces you into the LB.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 08 August 2007 12:34

I’ve been thinking and I think now the perfect Kelso would be Woody Harrelson.

Paul as Sam for sure. Just the right amount of nebesh.

Courtney Love for the Debbies, she can handle two roles.

Oliver Stone directing

Getting a fee from stock was a real big deal in the last days when everything was maff.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 16 August 2007 03:45

Well…. I guess we really got to the heart of the truth on this one. I feel so much better.

LEO Posted 16 August 2007 11:56

Meaning what, Beagle?

Spiegel Beagel Posted 16 August 2007 18:42

I was being sarcastic.

insane Posted 16 August 2007 18:54

You guys were putting on a great show (although you didn’t intend it to be that way), why the intermission?

LEO Posted 17 August 2007 01:59

Sam didn’t show up for the last act…and there was no understudy.

antman Posted 20 August 2007 02:40

Sam was just tired of being asked questions that we already all know the answers to…and if you check his website he is also going head to head on the blogs against executives at

JewishGuy Posted 20 August 2007 07:11

Originally posted by VJ:
Is this interview available to watch in its entirety on the internet?

Please post this link if you have it.


I was wondering the same thing.

Can anyone please provide a link or directions as to “where” it might be.


LEO Posted 26 August 2007 01:26

Sam, you are still a fraud! Nothing less.

For you to continue “educating” others about the practice of fraud, under the guise of being reformed, is pitiful.

Once confronted, you went into hiding and have refused to answer questions.

Come up to the surface, and make yourself available to those who have questions, and deserve answers.

You were, are, and always will be a RAT BASTARD!

You need SERIOUS help!

6451196 Posted 26 August 2007 23:56

Leo, who made you the judge and jury? You pitiful little nothing. What have you accomplished in your life that gives you the right to make these judgements about Sam? You think Sam has nothing to do but rehash over and over the things he’s already rehashed about his past? He’s got nothing to do but entertain your little perverted mind about the past? These occurences took place 20 years ago. All the pertinent players were interviewed MANY years ago. Why should Sam replay their testimonies and name the names again that were deemed to be unimportant by all the law enforcement agencies that did the investigative work. It was 20 years ago you dope, let it be done.
As for YOU calling Sam a “rat bastard”, how about the fact that you hide behind the name “LEO” and don’t give your real name. We can all conclude that you have more than a casual interest here. What’s your REAL name? You know Sam’s. Otherwise, talk about someone needing “serious help”, why else would you get so emotional about Sam dropping out of this forum? BooHoo, Sammy won’t talk to me anymore, WAHHHHHHHHHH! Get a life LEO!

LEO Posted 27 August 2007 00:34

Plain and simple! He is out and about, NOW!!! preaching the gospel. So NOW!!! is the time for him to finish the story, and come clean. I never new about this forum to pose the questions before.

Is 6451196 your first name, or last name? Or are you like Madonna or Cher and only have one name? What is it that you’re hiding big mouth?

Once Sam decided to “tell all”,he should have done just that, TOLD ALL!!!

Isn’t it amazing that only his cousins and his uncle were the cuprits? That they committed the crimes all alone with Sam? Don’t you see the obvious, or do you choose to back him up, because you need to be protected, Mr. 6451196? What is your interest in defending him?

What’s perverted about asking for the WHOLE TRUTH? What’s perverted about wanting to hear the WHOLE STORY? It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 years or 200 years, if there is more to the story, let’s hear it!

LEO Posted 27 August 2007 00:45

Incidentally, my real name IS Leo.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 27 August 2007 01:27

I think that Sam just doesn’t know the whole story, what happened during that last year or so.

Just seeing a bit of him on the CNBC interview, and I didn’t see it in entirety, it seems like he has some problems emotionally dealing with what he was a part of and seems to be locked in some kind of a loop and not able to get over his anger.

6451196 Posted 27 August 2007 12:02

Leo, you’re a totally obsessed fool!
I seriously think you should see a Dr. about your emotional problems. It’s not normal for someone to show such anger about a topic (you say) that you have no connection with. My name wouldn’t help you at all because I’m not attached to the story myself. I’m just a Brooklyn boy and was a customer, as were millions of others, who bought much of my electronics from the original Kings Highway crew, amused by this “great story” that occured during my lifetime. It was fun to follow, but Leo, I think I see Lithium in your future (if not present).

original_crew_member Posted 27 August 2007 15:29

cameraboy, actually you are pretty right-on with your casting. paltrow as debbie 1 is great.

i was there from 72-77.
in answer toy u’r other questions, sam was in charge of the stock guys and was the best stock guy there was, himself. as a kid he always knew exactly what was in the cellar of the kings highway store and the stock room upstairs. he also organized stock.
we had the greatest sales crew in the world.
we would “T.O.” like crazy if we weren’t feeling the sale and then ,eddie would catch the customers on the way out of the door. he would “N.A.D.” before there was such a term.
we used all the terms u refer to. if a customer came in for JBL 100’s we would LB them, get the FEE, check line and then SW the customer to either ULTRA-LINEAR, MARTIN, ACOUSTI-PHASE, AUDIO SPECTRUM or CERWIN-VEGAs.
if we couldn’t SW, we TO’d. if we still couldn’t SW we gave the customer what he wanted. but we almost never didn’t make the SW. and the truth was, our speakers were comparable in sound, if not in actual quality (or at least WE believed). the business was fun and we were like a real family, complete with all the love-hate relationships.

MarioSquirt Posted 27 August 2007 16:11

“and the truth was, our speakers were comparable in sound, if not in actual quality (or at least WE believed)”

Huh? All you had to do was open up the back of an AcoustiPhase (code ACP) and see the difference between a real speaker and the CE push speaker.

Grapevine Posted 27 August 2007 21:36

Open the back of the Acousti Phase speakers? For a while the fronts of the cabinets were loosening up. Not enough hot glue. They also sounded the best in the sound rooms compared to the others because all the others were wired out of phase to make them sound “empty”. Actually though, the Acousti-Phase Monitors made the absolute best record album cases after you punched the fronts out.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 August 2007 05:46

Those Cerwin Vegas hurt my ears. I couldn’t be in the same room with them, I hated having to kosher a reep in audio.

I was more a video guy, loved those Magnavox and the other SW from Panasonic, can’t think of the name. And what about those Fisher VCRs! They were a 3 for 2. You had to have 3 in stock for every 2 sold, because one was coming back!

I remeber one week when Sony was a push, maybe a figament of my immagination, but it was like heaven.

To this day my kharma sucks when it comes to electronics. Never had an answering machine, vcr or fax that lasted more than a year. I’m still repenting.

The easiest SW of all time was selling demos. People never asked for them, but I always went on the assumption that people wanted a deal on them but were afraid to ask because maybe they felt that if they did we’d think they didn’t have any real line. Demos were the easiest thing in the world to SW to once you overcame the fear.

Sales contests were great and so easy to win. I’d look at the people coming in the front door, you could tell by looking at them who was shoofing and who was buying. It was like taking candy from a baby.

It was good to be the king! Piss boy! Thank you Marshal!

original_crew_member Posted 28 August 2007 14:48

actually, unfortunately, you “kids” didn’t know the original AP speakers. they actually used very good components and aside from tweaking the high-end, they didn’t sound bad. as far as hooking up speakers “out-of-phase” or destroying drivers, we never had to. we knew exactly which “records” to play for each speaker. SALESMEN is the key word, boys.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 August 2007 18:41

And we knew which Pioneer Laser Disc to play to sell any projection screen TV we wanted to too.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 August 2007 18:43

Talking about salesmen, ever try getting service today in a store? No one knows noth’n. I just ask to see the box and sell myself.

I sometimes wonder what Circuit City and Best Buy do with all the returns. Man….. they must eat some crazy lunch.

original_crew_member Posted 28 August 2007 19:17

LUNCH days are long gone at the major stores. they just paletize any returns and shove it up the Mfgr’s ass. it’s the only way they buy. they have a period of time that the Mfgr has to take it back, pretty much no-questions-asked. box, no box, warranty cards filled out. doesn’t matter. the mom-and-pop stores still have to have it repaired and sell it.

Grapevine Posted 28 August 2007 21:45

actually, unfortunately, you “kids” didn’t know the original AP speakers. they actually used very good components and aside from tweaking the high-end, they didn’t sound bad. as far as hooking up speakers “out-of-phase” or destroying drivers, we never had to. we knew exactly which “records” to play for each speaker. SALESMEN is the key word, boys

I started in 74 in Bklyn service, so I remeber the AP line I believe Slade was involved in that line. Also, the earlier products did use good drivers such as the well known and quality “Phillips” tweeter.

original_crew_member Posted 28 August 2007 23:54

slade was AS (Audio Spectrum), Bill M was AP.

MarioSquirt Posted 29 August 2007 11:26

“And we knew which Pioneer Laser Disc to play to sell any projection screen TV we wanted to too.”

I have seen the opening 5 minutes for the original Superman movie way to many times, On the Pioneer Laserdisk, the other laserdisk (was it Toshiba?), Beta, and VHS

Spiegel Beagel Posted 29 August 2007 18:00

I remember Pioneer had a demo laser disc, just nature and clouds and other bullshit, but looked great. I think I remember Forbidden Planet but may be wrong about that.

On Beta it was just showing the Zenith next to the Sony, all the buttons were exactly the same.

VHS was always off of Panasonic, I remember the big SW was looking down at the customer and saying arrogantly, “Oh…. you want a Matsushita machine!.” Totally disregarding anything they said about Panasonic. Then somehow we moved them to Fisher, never really understood how that worked, I guess people had an awe of the original Fisher audio line. Man, that was a long time ago. I can’t believe I remeber this stuff. Thiose were great days, we had fun.

I always looked forward to the Fisher product line show, always a great feed bag. The food was excellent.

I remeber Kelso used to moon us out the back window of his car. Remember Vern?

acctg84 Posted 11 September 2007 21:22

Even after all the crap…I miss my days at Crazy Eddie…The Antar & Kuszer family treated me well. It was my pleasure to work with them. It’s time to move on people…it’s all in the past…

Spiegel Beagel Posted 14 September 2007 01:06

gee thanks freud, I’m feeling so much better.

Sam Is A Snitch Posted 22 September 2007 12:47

Sam, why can’t you get over it? Stop being a pussy. Forgive yourself, it’s okay, I’m sure everyone but you has moved on. You aren’t a criminal anymore, that’s what matters, no? The fact that you seem proud of ‘being ashamed’ is disgusting. More pathetic is how you put your whole family in jail. You fucking snitch. You pay your debt by turning the bad into good. Your cousin forgave you. What you guys did was messed up but that was years ago. You come across like a little bitch. Putting ‘convicted felon’ in parenthesis next to your own name makes me sick. No wonder you seem so alone. You should be ashamed of yourself, not for the fraud, but for ratting out your blood family and making the public aware of how much of a little bitch you are.

LEO Posted 10 October 2007 21:32

Let’s see if we can get Sam to respond to this “rumor” that has just surfaced to me.

Whose money paid for your very valuable home, Sam?

If you did, that would clear up any rumors that, I would think you would like to do away with.

If you didn’t, then I would think the public has has a right to know.

Also, did you disclose to the “investigating parties” who put up the money to pay for it?

LEO Posted 27 December 2007 02:28

Oh Sam, where are you?

Sam Is A Snitch Posted 23 February 2008 15:20

Yeah, Sammy boy, where are you? Pussy.

LEO Posted 09 March 2008 04:39

At last look, Sam hasn’t surfaced since July 10, 2007. 8 months.

Would you naysayers (6451196) like to reevaluate your opinion of him now?

Stop hiding Sam, and answer the questions that have been asked. The parts of your interview ith Eddie that were edited.

About the people and money that were omitted from your “confessions”.

JewishGuy Posted 11 April 2008 14:43

Is this FULL (or even edited lol) interview available anywhere on the Web?

Poughkeepise Store 1986-1988

_Dave_ Posted 20 November 2007 09:10

I was feeling nostalgic about my CE days today and just happened to find this site! In Sept of 1986, CE was opening a new store in Poughkeepsie. I saw an ad in the local paper that they were conducting interviews at a local hotel on Route 9 the next day. I went and was interviewed by Sal & Dennis who were the managers. They hired me on the spot and told me to show up at the store the next day and ask for Brett. So I did. When I got there, Brett said he wasn’t sure what department I’d be working. He then asked “Do you know anything about tv’s?”. I said “well, I have one and I watch it a lot”. So he said “good, you’re in video”. And that was my start of two years in the video dept. at the Poughkeepsie store.

There were some really fun people who worked there…maybe some of them will check in here some day. John, Mike, Erica, Bob, Rick (who got married on New Year’s Eve), Jeff…Trudy who became the video dept. manager..of course Sal and Dennis and so many others.

That was a fun couple of years!

Grapevine Posted 20 November 2007 09:29

Where are you Dave? We want to see you. We can fill you in on so many others. Nice to see you’re still around.

Sal, Joanne from PE, and Dennis.

JewishGuy Posted 11 April 2008 14:50

I was the TOP ESP writer in the Audio Dept @ the Central Ave store, and I lived in Yorktown Heights (midway between Central Ave and Poughkeepsie) so i got transferred to “open” Poughkeepsie. I remember that I helped w/ the pre-opening setup in the store as it was being built, but don’t remember what happened from there, but the next thing I remember NOW is I started working at a local AV store in Peekskill before that store actually opened.

uls snd dns paramus

davegrape Posted 14 April 2008 21:26

this is davegrape. i worked on bklyn the village and paramua. i rememeber e.w. mike cohe(MC) mitch pinto, audrey and her sisters. darlan john zawisha, pinky, dave pardo. ray who married one of the arazie girls, charlie daleo, randy in small goods. morris(monta shoof) burt rosen, uncle howie, edddies pain in the ass uncle al na dmany many more. if you want to contact me. where is larry andron or steve p from paramus , where is suzie andron?? i miss her!


_DUPREE_ Posted 13 November 2007 23:55


davegrape Posted 14 April 2008 21:30

is this dan dupree this is dave grape

davegrape Posted 14 April 2008 21:31

oh yeah how can i forget rachel

Another Paramus shout out

BBsGarage Posted 09 August 2007 21:09

Looking for any one that was in the paramus store from 82 to 85 or so.

Mike I saw your old post here, I remember both you and Crystal. I also met my wife there.


MarioSquirt Posted 10 August 2007 08:59

I was there, Larry was the store manager, Suze was a cashier, Ray was in small goods, Commodore was in stock, Mark was in service.

Many more, many stories

BBsGarage Posted 10 August 2007 21:15

A few that I remember,
Barbara V.
Chucky G
Billy K
Mike W
Richie Count
Larry F
Ann Marie
Commodore Bob
Phread in Svc.
Robby Baby

A bunch more, but those nights at the OL took their toll.


MarioSquirt Posted 13 August 2007 07:47

Your memory is better than mine, Maybe the OL wasn’t as harmful as you thought.

How about Dominic, Joe V, Lorayne, Nicky, and Dylan

BBsGarage Posted 16 August 2007 21:44

Don’t remember Dylan, but I do remember the others.

Shoot me a PM if anyone knows anything about these other people.



davegrape Posted 14 April 2008 21:37

i worked in paramus on and off during those yrs. this is davegrape. i managed the stock room with commodore bob and chuckie and dan dupree. i would ride in from bklyn with suzie andron, or steve p the mgr . loved those days

Competing Stores?

pocketcalculatorshow Posted 17 April 2008 22:11

Up in the Connecticut area we had:

Newmark & Lewis (Dick Lewis is watching)
Tokyo Shapiro
Sound Playground
Lechmere (department store with a really nice electronics section)

NY had:

J&R (those amazing catalogs)
Newmark & Lewis
Trader Horn
The Wiz
P.C. Richard
smaller places like 42nd Photo

Any others? What about NJ?


_phillyboy_ Posted 30 April 2008 11:16

Crazy eddies had a store across from my house in olney,a neighborhood in north philly. It is a modells now.I remember the grand opening they were giving out all kinds of free shit! Store lasted a little while but my friends and i use to rob the motherfucker blind

District Mgrs

jabba Posted 22 December 2007 04:40

What ever happened to Mitch Pinto And his little midgit partner Randy C ?

davegrape Posted 14 April 2008 21:29

mitch pinto is living and working in boca raton of in that area as an art seller as of 5-7 yrs ago. who is this. i am the grape

Allan H Posted 04 May 2008 01:19

Hey Dave Grape!

This is Allan H, from Coney Island Ave Store
worked with you from 1982 -maybe 1984 ??

You were the best!

davegrape Posted 04 May 2008 12:31

allan h your name rings a bell were you is sales or the stock room. who was the mgr of the store then? was is mike cohen(mc) or marty. keep in touch

Allan H Posted 04 May 2008 23:35

Hi Dave:
You were in the PE department when I started,
I was going to college (Pace)I was a part time sales. Doron G in car stereo got em the job.

The Manager was Marty M, Mitch Pinto,
Norman, and another older fella, GG
Barry Boris was the other manager.
I was in PE sales then moved to the Stereo room. Originally, I worked for Rand O. I can’t remember the Mgr of home stereo, in the back room?

I do remember Babe the older man who they called the king of compacts.Great guy! . I remember Gloria in computers and was friends with Jay.. in PC

Car Stereo room was Jiff.

What ever happened to Darlan?? Zeus!
I saw Randy C , 2 years ago in Penn Station.

I remember you moved to Florida, where are you living now?

Best Regards,

Allan H Posted 04 May 2008 23:54

When did you work in the Coney Island Ave Store?

davegrape Posted 11 May 2008 19:17

alan i think i rememeber you , are you alan heller,did you work in bklyn sales ? the name sure rings a bell

davegrape Posted 11 May 2008 19:24

alan i ama living in pembroke pines fl. have a wife a 2 great kids. like i said,steve russo is living in sunrise fl, pinto i heard is selling antiques in w.p. beach. dave kamlet is in coral springs, teri arazi works and lives in boca(macys).someone told me that darlan died (i dont know if its true) . whaat happened to randy who worked with gloria at computers in bklny. i think jeff heyman is down here too. great to hear from you

davegrape Posted 25 May 2008 08:07

alan, mitsh pinto i last saw around 3-4 yrs ago, briefly. he was working in boca raton,fla. at an high end antigue store. dave kamlet i believe lives in boca raton. denise maran,remember her, is living in croal springs fl. i would love to know about randy oberlander, or randy c or any of those great characters. i heard a rumor once that darlan had passed away. would love to see gloria. there were so many great people at that location. david

Brooklyn Coney Island Ave Store

_Allan H_ Posted 05 May 2008 22:21


Would like to hear from anybody who worked in
Coney store from 83-85.

Allan H

davegrape Posted 06 May 2008 19:58

alan write me at

Allan H Posted 07 May 2008 00:01


send me a correct email, it bounced back


davegrape Posted 08 May 2008 06:11

Allan H Posted 08 May 2008 22:19


Sent you an email, please respond

davegrape Posted 11 May 2008 19:15

write to me at

davegrape Posted 15 May 2008 21:05

Originally posted by davegrape:

davegrape Posted 25 May 2008 08:11

alan write me at

Allan H Posted 26 May 2008 20:19


I sent you 2 emails, perhaps they went into spam. write me at

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 21:31

If anybody knows where that pussy Byron Reich is tell him he’s kitched!!!!!!!!!

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 21:35

Tell that Idiot Byron Reich he’s kished!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Service 82-84

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 22:22

I was hired by Larry Eidelman,worked with Joel Arthur,Gerard Palmer,Dave DiMeceli,Lenny Caruso,John Wand,Dave K,& Hank Ripperger.When Larry was Mgr. he would always bring back White Castle after meetings in the Bronx,or melted roast beef & cheese from Orfinos across the street. We wouldn’t open Service for the day,until we sang harmony in the back room,seeing as most of us were in between gigs most of our Eddie lives!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 02 June 2008 12:28

Well, I was there, because I took in Lenny Caruso to work with me, and later, James Hamada. Joel was the S/M at the time I moved into the tech shop.

OK, my name is John Frondelli. What’s yours??? πŸ˜€

Funny Story about Kelso…..and his arrest…

EliF Posted 06 June 2008 15:15

Hi All,
My name is Eli Freedman and I worked in the Hartsdale store, hired right off the boat from Israel, from 1984-87..Had a blast and met some great people…
Anyway, heard a few years later, after leaving, on what had happened to Eddie, the family, the stock manipulation’s, the outright fraud, investigations by the SEC, etc…
Well, before I had arrived to N.Y., I was a Police Officer, in Tel Aviv….Bomb Squad, but new a lot of investigaters and so forth…
I get a phone call, fom a friend of mine, in 1992, who, by now ,is head investigator, for Major Fraud Unit, asking me, if I can take a look at a picture he will be sending me, via fax and if the name, David Jacob Levi Cohen, rings a bell…
The name means nothing to me, until I see the photo, all that was missing was the sweat-suit and that cocky smirk…Damn, its KELSO, Eddie Antar, himself….
Of course I know him, I used to work for him, was my reply….Silence at the other end of the phone…Thanks for the I.D..and that was all I heard..Until I saw him, about 6 months later,on T.V., being led away, handcuffed, by my friend, before being extradited, back to the U.S…
I must say, when he was in Israel, under his other alias, he became(as most criminals do) religious and donated HUGE sums of money, to Haddassah Hospital, in Jerusalem, where there is actually a Hospital Wing in his family name….
The other strange coincidence, is that Arnie Spindler (Swindler),who was a co-conspirator and received cash payments from Sam M. Antar’s faction and lied, under oath to the SEC,was never used as a witness at the future criminal and civil trials and was NEVER prosecuted. He later worked for the Wiz (and eventually was canned), but wound up working, and cooking the books there, at Rodneys Video Warehouse, were I was manager for a few years..Though, didnt, at the time, know his connection to Crazy Eddies….
Thats what I call a small world..Its truly


rae Posted 16 April 2008 11:59

the only rachael i remember worked in the stock room with charlie…

davegrape Posted 17 April 2008 06:22

rae, i worked there in the early eighties. steve p and larry andron were the store mgrs. cashiers was suzie andron. i remember mike holmes, and a bunch of guys in the stock room. when did you work there? david

MarioSquirt Posted 17 April 2008 07:10

Grape, I started in service when you were the stock mgr at Paramus. I was scared of you. Was there several years before I went to central service on Fordham Road. Thought Larry and Steve P. were really good store managers. One night Larry came into service and asked me to look around because someone called in a bomb threat. If that happened today, the store would,ve been shut and evacuated. back then, nothing but a quick look into the corners.

davegrape Posted 17 April 2008 19:52

i was the easiest guy to get along with. I partied too much on the outside of work. i still see a few ce people down here in florida. do yo know teri arazi, or steve russo, or denise brody or dennis kamlet. they are down in south florida.

rae Posted 02 May 2008 09:43

davegrape, steve russo was my manager in hartsdale, worked there opening day till 82

daleo-ck Posted 23 June 2008 02:08


rae Posted 24 June 2008 09:44

Maybe the reason that people didn’t respond is yhat they don’t come on this site…. Well at least i hope that would be the only reason…

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 27 June 2008 10:17

I didn’t know Rachel, even though I worked in Hartsdale, but that is one of the most f***ed up and saddest stories I’ve ever heard.

Why they went out of business?

_Brooklyn Native_ Posted 08 July 2008 16:05

You ask on your home page why they went out of business. “Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps it was a change in the market, we’re not sure,” you write.

I’m sure: Perhaps it was fraud, stock manipulation, SEC violations, lawsuits, racketeering charges and all around out and out thievery.

I dug the commercials too, but these guys were crooks. Becker speakers indeed!

rae Posted 10 July 2008 09:47

you should keep your opinion to yourself, if you never worked for them…Rae

Long Island Record Departments

KK98 Posted 09 June 2008 17:04

I worked at and managed various Record and Tape Departments mid to late 80’s.Westbury,Syosset mostly but also Smithtown,Masapequa and Valley Stream for a bit.Anyone reads this who was with me,be in touch. Ha,remember the infamous change to the Music and Movie Place.A lot of good times and crazy (pun intended) stuff.Oh yeah…this is Frank.

Sue Posted 04 August 2008 22:05

Hey I worked in Syosset in PE1 who are ya?


_mike_ Posted 14 August 2008 00:15

I still have 2 mint condition yellow tshirts that attract a lot of comments.

canoe trip

_Corey J_ Posted 22 August 2008 11:27

How about the canoe trips down the delaware !


Robert Dudley Posted 23 August 2008 18:22

Where is kelso today ?? I read the artical in playboy a few years back,it gave a great over view of the whole’s worth reading maybe somebody could find a link to it and post it here…………i heard Debbie 2 lived on williams island in north miami/aventura a bunch of high rises on a small island,if it’s true or not i don’t know…….i know alot of people who worked at eddies were “vested” that is they worked 5 years or more and got stock,i hope they all sold it when it was high and made some i only worked there for a year or so and lost nothing.the playboy artical said the brothers who owned the wiz went to school with eddie,hated him,beat him up,picked on him and bought edddies STCCK just to punish him some more.if thats true i’m glad edddie fucked them….i had a great time at eddies ,learned stuff that has allways stayed with me( SOME SELLERS AT THE FORT LAUDERALE FLEA MARKET USE LOT NUMBERS,TOO BAD FOR THEM WHEN I GO TO BUY SOMETHING ) and any time i tell people i worked at eddies… they allways have nice things to say…….it would be great to have an eddie reunion some where ……….AND WHERE IS EDDIE TODAY,I KNOW HE HAD FIVE DAUGHTERS ,2 SETS OF TWINS I THINK………..EDDIE WHERE ARE YOU ???………WHERE AND MITCHEL AND SAM ???………. KELSO WAS A BAD BOY,BUT EVERYONE WHO WORKED AT EDDIES WAS ALSO SOMEWHAT BAD WITH THE SW AND THE TO , SHOOF THIS ,SHOOF THAT, BIG MAF AND A BIG FE, WATCH THE HUSHO AND SHOOF THE AHBO AND WATCH OUT FOR THE LOT SIX IGAY,WHATS THE SW FOR THIS……WE ALL HAD FUN !!!………….. EDDIE LIVES ON IN ALL OF US…………I’D LOVE TO HANG OUT WITH EDDIE AND ALL OF YOU ………………..WE DIDN’ GO TO HARVARD OR YALE….. WE ARE THE CLASS OF CRAZY EDDIE’S SCHOOL OF SALES…WE CAN’T BE UNDER SOLD …..YOU CAN’T FOOL US WHEN YOU TRY TO SELL US SOMETHING…WE WILL SHOP AROUND AND WE WILL GET THE BEST DEEL IN TOWN, CAUSE WE WORKED AT CRAZY EDDIES SCHOOL OF SALES…AND WHEN WE APLY FOR A JOB WE HAVE THE SALES SKILLS TO HANG WITH THE BIG DOGS………GOD BLESS EACH AND EVEYONE OF YOU ,YOUR FAMILYS AND YOUR FRIENDS…………ROBERT DUDLEY..AIRWAVEKING@YAHOO.COM..786-512-9686

Brooklyn Store

Allan H Posted 02 June 2008 21:14

Looking to connect with anyone who worked in the Brooklyn ConeyIsland Ave store 1982-1984.

Robert Dudley Posted 17 August 2008 20:49

I worked here in the stereo dept ,home computers and the video tapes . i remember dave grape very well he was a great guy to work with, randy “c”,dave kamet,steve russo,richie and sharron dayon.darlan (front door)joey in the stock dept,joey i in car stereos,sean cahill,bruce the manager of the stereo dept,jeff haymen…….great times…i think i was there in 81/82 .i was working at Grand central camara in grand central station when richie dayon headhunted me,i left Manhatten for brooklyn……..boy was i fooled….the first week i wore the same tie everyday,allen antar said “you wear the same tie everyday” i said “yep i only have one”.he said ” if you wear the same tie everyday you can’t work here” next day i got a job on 8th street in the village selling records at some cool record store,3 days later the manager of the stereo department bruce called me and asked why i didn’t show up for work.i told him what happened,afew hours later allen callled to say he was just joking and to comeback to work.when i did he gave me a handfull of ties once i got a call on the instore phone from the girl in the main office she said kelso wants to meet you.i didn’t know who he was and had never heard the name.the girl in the office said “in 30 mins leave the store and go around the corner he will pick you up at the pizza shop in a brown 350sl, she said tell no one” i got scared and started to panic finaly i asked Bruce what i should do,he said “you should defitnely go” i was so scared it was a mob hit i made him walk me over to the spot.Kelso showed up and i got in,we drove off.the whole car had tiny little muddy foot prints he said from his kids. he then tells me he heard alot about me and all the money i was bringing in was all new money (computer dept, video rentals) and he was going to open a chain of video rental stores .he told me when i got back i could have a vcr,i was shocked and thrilled,i thought he was the coolest guy in the world.maybe a few weeks before his wife had come in to get some vhs tapes for the kids.back then the whole dept had about 50-60 tapes,i heard her ask the kids if they had this tape or that tape,and they said “we have it downstairs but not upstairs”…i then told her she could not have the tapes !! she said “you don’t know who i am,i’m eddies wife and i can have anything i want”.i said “if you take these tape i can’t rent them and the tv dept woun’t have the hook to sell vcrs and i won’t be able to get replacements for a month or two,so you can’t have them”.she stormed off to david kamet who called me up stairs. he said “what the hells wrong with you,did you just tell eddie’ wife and kids they can’t have vhs tapes” i said yep and told him why,he sent me back down to the stereo dept,the whole store heard what i did and gave me a hard time ribbing me.she left……….three days later she came in with a big bag of vhs tape 20-30 , lots of ones we didn’t have.she gave me bag,some still had the tags from video shack in times square……she was nice to me and i was off the hook……great times in brooklyn ….glad i found this place… best wishes to all of you… email is……

Allan H Posted 17 August 2008 22:03

Hi Robert,

I worked in the Brooklyn store from 1982 -84. I worked in PE with Randy Oberlander, then in home stereo, I remember Jeff Hayman, Darlan Randy C. Sorry, I do not remember you??

In records I remember Sharon and Steve Sunshine. The Store manager was Marty M and Mitch Pinto, and yes Norman Antar. The Grape was Assistant Manager.

Best Regards,

Allan H

Robert Dudley Posted 19 August 2008 18:51

I don’t think i remeber you,i left to manage a video store on the upper west side called video connection.but i still went into eddies alot to see my friends.i think most people who worked there have a few great stories i have more than an a few…………like when allen was fired as the manager of the brooklyn store for marring a nonjew.a so called ickie (catholic girl ) SR came back to be the new manager and everyone was excited he had been there before,and everybody raved about him. on saturdays they would buys us lunch to keep us in the celebrate his return SR ordered a very special “Brooklyn Treat” from some well know to Brooklyners delie….the treat was tongue sandwiches and dr. brown celrey soda……….i thought it was a joke…..but it seemed to make the whole store run around happy….everybody but me, a kid from virginia.there was no way i was eating that.tung ? whf ? not me! celrey soda what the hell was that,soda made from celery ? i tryed the soda but it was not like coke, and i was not eating tongue…….i was pissed i was not getting lunch………….SR heard about this called me to the office he tried to get me to go along with the program,and that this was something very special…… and when i told him noway he was cool and ordered me a turkey sandwitch and a cherry coke..everybody had a good laugh about the kid from virginia not eating tongue or celery soda……..a few years ago i saw the soda at the market and tried it one more time………and i don’t like it….SR was a great manager……i think we all learned a few things about life there,i know i did….

Allan H Posted 19 August 2008 19:49

Hey Robert,

you are bringing a lot of memories back..sorry I don’t remember you, being from Virginia you would stand out in my mind.

Lunch on Saturdays I remember that! When I was there they ordered from Cusins Resturant on Coney Island Ave. I remember deli sandwiches,

Who was SR?? it rings a bell?? When I first started in the summer of 1983 Norman Antar was one of the store managers, another older guy named Ray and Barry B. Darlan was the NAD along with some PT cops.. can’r recall names

Great times! other names Randy C & Randy 0.

In car stereo I remember Jiff and Sal..Have good memories of an older gentlemen who sold the compact stereos “Babe” The greatest salesman. He taught me the SY Lingo – Shoof the Abed and Azab!

Best Regards,

Allan H

Robert Dudley Posted 19 August 2008 19:59

WOW…..i remember babe,and sal ,i think he married alison who also worked there.randy o and randy cee of course. SR was Steve Russo.Wonder what happened to randy cee that ol cutta bag…………lol

Allan H Posted 20 August 2008 12:06


I went to HS with Alison, I’m not sure if she married Sal.?? I remenber Jiff was the Car Stereo Manager, I saw Randy C about 2 years ago in Penn Station NY. He still looks the same. He mellowed out

Sorry, What department did you work in ?

Robert Dudley Posted 23 August 2008 17:30

When i started i was in home stereo,then i started to sell home computers the comadore vic ten and twenty with the cassete drive.the TI99 (i think that was the number) and a apple 2c we had for show but were supose to sw to the vic 10/vic 20….this same room had the big screens,right about this time the video tapes were just being ignored so i kind of adopted them.nobody wanted to deel with them because most were just rentals…the movies were near the stereo dept and the porns over by david grape,right next to the turntable cartarages.i also sold the video disc.we had both the laser disc from MCA,and the ced from RCA.once a truck load of ced discs was late because of the snow,when the discs came they all skipped .arnie the guy who ordered them ,i think from the brox store. said it was from the cold weather, and after talking it over i decided to take a disc i knew worked home and leave it in the freezer over night.the next day i brought it back to the store and sure enouf it skipped too.the CED discs were just regular lp’s with a slick oily supstance on them, with video insted of auido.they slid in the player in a protective case then you pulled the case out leaving the lp like disc in the player.a special cartarage played them.then you stuck the case back in and took the disc back out…..they sucked compared to the MCA/IBM laser disc…word got back to the RCA and they called to ask about them i said they were the “8 track of the home video industry” basicaly comparing them to 8 track vs. cassete tape.I told my friend Barry Taylor about the call and the next week in billboard magazing i was qouted.rca called eddies and were pisssed i had said it,but the truth is the truth laser was far better. a month or so later they shut down production of the machines and they went the way of the betamax ( betamax was mauch better than VHS ,but died for adiffert reason). i think Barry Taylors cousin worked in promotion or advertising….thats cool you went to school with alison she was very nice and i loved her voice.i think her and sal moved to fla….i sure thats what dave grape told me.i saw him around 1990 he owned a video rental store in pompano beach that’s now closed.there was a girl named maria who dated shawn cahill from home stereos’s cool lots of people hooked up at eddies..i left the store around spring 1982 some guy got my home number from sombody at eddies and callled me at home,it was on a sunday morning.he said you don’t know me but i’ve heard that your very knolagable about home video.he said he owned a store on the upper west side of manhatten and if i would come talk to him he would give me $100 cash.that was alot of money back in 1982 i think i made about $250 a week working 40 hours(and had just gotten a raise which had been left off my check and david kammet had given me in cash because i was going to quit).so i thought i would just go get this guys money hear what he had to say,tell him no thanks and that would be that.BUT when i got to his store at 69th and cloumbis after about and hour of talk Yoko Ono walked in and asked me to help her.i was sold.i was a huge beatles fan and nuts over music videos.i had a huge collection and sharron dayon used to tape 6 hour vhs tapes for was very hard the next day to call my stereo manager Bruce and tell him i was leaving but the guy offered me $500 a week to manage the Video connection .besides eddies i also worked at night at CBGB’s as a barback,so being in the city was much better for me.but i still saw the edddies people in the 6th ave store and the then new store up town…….every time i come here i remember more stuff thanks for asking.

Allan H Posted 24 August 2008 20:47


You have a great memory!

I remember Shawn Cahil, was he a blonde haired guy?? I think he went out with Maria who I worked with in PE. She was gorgeous..

Where do you live now? I contacted Dave Grape a few months ago he did not remeber me. It’s beem over 25 years …

Robert Dudley Posted 27 August 2008 17:54

I live in Fort Lauderdale now after living on miami’s south beach for 10 years..yes sean had blonde hair and maria was hot !!!!! i saw dave a few times do here back in the late 80’s early 90’s.he was still working eltronics and had part of a video store.still had that great smile and wonderful laugh………

Allan H Posted 27 August 2008 21:52


Where does Dave Live now?

I understand that a lot of Ex crazy Eddie people live in FLa.

What are you doing these days?

Robert Dudley Posted 29 August 2008 15:38


davegrape Posted 30 August 2008 08:24

alan h, Of cousre i remember you . those were great time. i just heard frok robert dudley. adid you ask who was SR, HE IS STEVE RUSSO , a relative of kelso. he too lives (last i heard) in lauderhill. mitch pinto i believe lives in west palm beach. also denise moran is now remarried to a guy who worked in the service dept. John cioc, if you read this, how the hell are you? Corey, the same goes for you to email the grape.. i am

John C Posted 31 August 2008 22:08

Hey Grape….
I did Email you. Check your spam. My email is

Allan H Posted 01 September 2008 01:47

Hi Dave:

I emailed you months ago, you never responded? guess I went into your spam box. I’m glad you remember me. I live in Long Island. I’m now feeling old after realizing it has been over 24 years since I worked with you in Brooklyn store… Worked in the Wall street Store in 1985 for about 1 year, I went to Pace University which was a few blocks away.

I just came home from taking my oldest son up to college in Vermont!

Best Regards,

Allan H

Allan H Posted 01 September 2008 01:55

Robert Thanks for the update posted message to Dave.

davegrape Posted 02 September 2008 21:47

alan i thought you were a great guy, always dependable, you didnt mind staying late. you loved looking at all the cute asses who walked by you. so what are you into now. i work for the city of sunrsie for the past 19 yrs and i install a/v equip on the side. live in pembroke pines and have two great kids. keep in touch

Allan H Posted 03 September 2008 00:41

Hi Dave,

My parents live in Sunrise! Next time I visit I would like to meet.

What made you relocate to FLA?

Best Regards,


Robert Dudley Posted 03 September 2008 18:39

Hey , I used to dj and ast. manager at Goldfinger strip club in sunrise……small world…lol….Rob

Allan H Posted 03 September 2008 18:47

Small World!

Who’s MAFF_OR_FEE & Shoof da Biiz

John C Posted 31 August 2008 22:44

I just gotta know who these guys are. I was the guy who climbed on the van and lowered the gate @ 9:33 PM on that night in the Bronx and stayed out there all night even when the Bronx House of Detention went down and all the Cops dissappeared. It got really dark then. Get back via this post. John”C’ says “thanks for the memories”.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 03 September 2008 21:50

Checkin’ in here, John Frondelli. Bronx Central Service 82. Hartsdale Service 83-85. Village Service 85-87. Carle Place Service 87-88. Then service got kished, except for Edison.

The Best Crazy Eddie Sales person – BROOKLYN STORE

Allan H Posted 03 September 2008 18:56

My vote goes to Dave Grape ! He was smooth never sketched, great closer.. lONG lIVE THE GRAPE !

I welcome any thoughts or comments ?


davegrape Posted 03 September 2008 20:05

Alan, i totally agree. He could sketch his ass off while saffing the best of them. HE could unload trucks while koshering a sale, he could sell to three or more people at once, and never lost his cool. he was in my opinion, the best CE employee at that time. I hate to bragg THE GRAPE

Allan H Posted 03 September 2008 21:09


I concur you could sell & kosher a goyish chicken in your day!
However, the following Brooklyn sales people get honorable mention –

The Babe ( He even Saffed me)
Victor in TV Dept ( GOYA!!!!!)
Gloria in computers (uy vey!)
Randy C
Jackie – with the yidish accent in TV Dept who would ask “you wanna a remote or no remote” He would Sell the TV and take out the remote!
Randy O – He should have been a psychologist! he looked like one..
Marty Miziki Store Manager in 1983 (Consumate professional) What ever happened to him?
GIGI – (better buy it or I will Rub him out!}
Big Bob Orlanich (remember him)
Doron G – Car Stereo
Jiff -quiet
Mitch Pinto ( What are you wild!)
Howard Sketch Grubner
And of course Dave Hot Wheels Pardo who wheeled in every Saturday to hot the selling floor and show everyone how it’s done! (I think he would sell his own wheel chair to get C-line,,,

Forgive me If I left anyone out…
Feel free to add your top sales people

Best Regards,

Allan H

Robert Dudley Posted 04 September 2008 19:02


davegrape Posted 04 September 2008 20:44

alan heres a few more you left out

morris (monte shoof)
bruce kahn (audio)
scott young
jeff heymen
donny mann audio
beth feld
denise moran
ray navearette(special mention)
al t (car stereo)

if i left any out….shoot me the grape

Allan H Posted 04 September 2008 23:03

Good Job Dave…

Here are some others
Steve Sunshine – Records
Perry N (May he Rest in Peace)
Richie Perez
Have to mention Robert Dudley

**What ever happened to Darlan NAD I posted that question 3 weeks ago?
Beth Feld?? I remember her! small & Cute

Thanks for bringing me down memory lane again.

Best Regards,

Allan H

Robert Dudley Posted 05 September 2008 17:07

Dave do you know where Jeff Heyman or Bruce Kahn are or what they are up to ???……………..ROB

Allan H Posted 05 September 2008 17:23

Hi Robert,

I worked with Jeff Hayman in Audio Dept, and I rememebr Bruce tall guy with long black hair, I think he played the guitar??

I can’t picture who you are, we must have known each other at that time. Wh0 as the District Service Manager in Brookyn Store ?? I can picture his face his name was Dave … great guy, he videoed my engagement party in 1986.


Best Regards,

Allan H

Crazy Eddie – Massapequa Store

_CJ_ Posted 09 September 2008 17:49

Great job to have while going to college. Unfortunately, as a ‘sales associate’,I had to feel the guilt every time I tried to convince customers on the useless $79.99 5 year ‘Picture Tube’ warranty, of which $7.99 went into my pay. Nothing like the lines that formed outside the locked doors at 6am to buy those real CHEAP and crappy “Kawasho” 13″ color TVs or the infamous “Shintom” VCRs. As they were sold, the customers would return later in the day to get their money back, as they would ‘blow up’. Few interesting notes.. The stores were named after the Antar children, and were ‘individualizes’, as the Massapequa store was called, “MADI”, or Massapequa Audio Distributors, Inc. under the “Crazy Eddie” banner. Even as an employee, you could tell there was corruption… Some employees would take stock from the stockroom, and put it in the dumpster in the rear of the store, only to steal it later at night. Auditors would come regularly, and weren’t very swift. The ultimate jokes was, to be employed, you had to travel to NYC and take a lie detector test. “Have you ever stolen anything from a past employer?”. They should have asked Mr. Antar that question. The experience prepped me, though, to be professional price haggler!

Must reading for all of us that were there

Spiegel Beagel Posted 02 October 2008 16:28

Crazy Eddie Yellow Ball Caps – MEMORABILIA

_CI Phoenix_ Posted 04 December 2008 10:02

You can get a vintage (NEW) Crazy Eddie P-Cap on eBay:

Best Times Ever!

_Datingport_ Posted 08 December 2008 14:21

I was just telling my wife about the Crazy Eddie Era. She’s not from the area, so I decided to look up any history and found this site. Thanks a million for keeping a piece of our history alive and i hope all of us will truly remain I-N-N-S-A-A-A-N-N-N-E!

Dating Port
Camden, NJ


Eyeballs Posted 13 December 2008 05:05

It is with great sorrow that I must post the passing of Sam Naimo on the morning of December 12th. Sam was a store manager in a number of NJ stores. I will post further information as to wake and funeral arrangements as I receive them.


Larry Eyeballs


Eyeballs Posted 15 December 2008 02:27


232 Christine St
Elizabeth, NJ 07202
(908) 352-8167


Call to Arms

Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 10:04

Hi all…An old friend turned me onto this site/forum and was interested in hearing from any and all old colleagues/friends from the Eddie’s days. I had a wonderful 15yr run with the company starting at the bottom in Brooklyn and ending up turning the key in the door to close the East Brunswick store in ’89. Would love to hear from old friends…..I hope life after Eddie’s was kind to all of you. I have many fond memories which I would never trade for any amount of “fluce” (

BBsGarage Posted 13 January 2009 14:02

Hey E.W. I remember you from when I worked in stock in Union, I eventually went on to Paramus along with Chuckie.

Nice to see/hear a name I remember.


Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 14:12

Hi Bill B…whats the B stand for? Thank you for remembering….hope you are doing well….Just another thank you for all your hard work and making the time there special.

BBsGarage Posted 13 January 2009 14:18


Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 14:36

Yes…I Do remember you! wow…been a long time…hope you are well…EW

BBsGarage Posted 13 January 2009 14:40

Im doing pretty well. Its funny when I saw your post the first thing I remember about you is changing your tire out back of the Union store.

Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 14:49

LOL…..thats pretty funny! so what are you doing these days? I stayed with Eddies till 1989….closed the EB store…then moved on ..Im an inside sales rep/estimator for a plastics co here in NJ for the last 14 yrs.

BBsGarage Posted 13 January 2009 14:59

I bailed out right before they went public, eventually made my way into computers and I am a UNIX admin for quite a while now. I worked for a metal stamping/ plastic inj. co for a while called Weiss-Aug. Now Im with A&P

Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 15:04

Good for you….on all counts….fyi..i just posted a pic on my profile…my wife and my 2 kids..if you ‘re interested…..hey…good luck to you…feel free to write if you’d like….it was really great hearing from you again! EW

Grapevine Posted 13 January 2009 20:55

Hey EW

Worked with you while you were at Coney Island Ave store.

I was service mgr on Quentin Rd 77-80, worked with you, drove you nuts getting those lunches up and down the stairs on Quentin Rd. Remember?? And I put in 9 years plus with Eddies as serv mgr and then store mgr in Poughkeepsie and Danbury stores. Have been in contact with many old timers, glad to hear from you!

Sal S.

Eddie W. Posted 14 January 2009 08:47

Sal Sophia, right? Yes…I remember you well….how are you? For some reason I have such a strong recollection of those early days…the lunches…lol…working with the Wizard up there in service…the store..the employees….everything….yet I can’t remember what i ate for dinner last nite! hahaha So…what are you up to these days and where are you living??

Grapevine Posted 14 January 2009 09:16

You got it buddy! Doing well here in South Florida. Just a while back I met up with Charlie D and his wife when then came down for vacation. Been on this site for 2 years and were waiting for you to show up! With all the people form Eddies on here, we could probably rebuild the empire!

Eddie W. Posted 14 January 2009 09:36

Well Charlie and & Kelly live in the Pocono area of PA….I am in Rockaway, nj only about 35 miles from the Del Water Gap and about 50 miles from them….John C also lives about that way as well…small world, huh? Do you ever hear from Joey..or his dad who worked up in Service as well? or any of the other guys? Oh….and don’t worry…i’m getting a bit fed up with this cold weather….we are seriously looking to relocate either in the Carolinas or Florida soon….my stepson lives down in Boynton beach…when we go visit him this year i will look you guys up and hopefully get together !!! EW

Westbury Store

IlookedlikeBono Posted 01 November 2008 19:09

Who remember Tracy ? Jerry M. The dude who looked like Bono ? The guy in records who would only date asian chicks ? Toby in televisions ?
Or maybe Mike who adopted two Korean Kid.

KK98 Posted 16 January 2009 12:29

I remember the dude in records.He was a great friend of mine,his name was Rob T. He did indeed like Asian girls,you are correct. I ended up taking over for him as manager eventually,my name is Frank.That was a great record department.Do you remember that Dr.Dre from Yo!MTV Raps was also a manager in the department too.The stock crew guys actually provided metal backup music on his song Johhny was a Gangster from his (at the time) album titled Original Concept”From the basement of Cooley High.I don’t know how i remember this stuff.

BTW remember the porno wall in the stock room?

When they added a Jewlery Dept?

How cold the Record Department got by thw doors?

The crazy hot lunches on Sat.,catered in by Eric the Red’s (stock guy) mom?

Sandy the cashier and Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good times,great place.

Shufing the Azabs @ Kings Hwy

zooom Posted 09 January 2009 11:57

John Z. here. I stumbled onto this site by accident last night and thought i might check in. Sorry about JAckie.
I worked in the Kings Hwy store from 1975 and then when it moved to Coney Island Ave. I worked with Kelso, Mitch, Uncle Al, MC, Arnie, Steve Russo, Barry, Michael Perlman, Artie, Glenn Resnick, Doug Resnick, Tommy D. (Diesel) the Wizard, MK, Richie, Sol the truck driver, the cute girl in the record shop and the guy with the big mustache, and just about anyone from those days forward.
I had a lot of good times from those days and i honestly would not be where i am today without that experience.
MC, if you’re out there… give me a shout, as well as anyone else.

davegrape Posted 10 January 2009 20:32

Zawaisha how the hell are you , this is dave grape in florida . so did you ever play pro foortball? I ran into M.K. about 12 yrs ago. he was selliug retail in a big stor down here called brandmart. Havent heard or seen from him since. I am in touch with a few people you may know. Lets see do you remember e.w., or charlie.d or mitch pinto, davie kammet, teri arazi or marco schrieber. I am married have two kids aged 13 and ten My wife works in macys (corporate). I have been working for the city of sunrise for the past twenty yrs as a mechanic (variety of duties). let me know whats up the grape

Allan H Posted 11 January 2009 00:38

Hey Dave,

Allan H Here, Speaking of Coneyt Island Ave store, Do you remember NAD Darlan.

What about Victor in TV DEpt GOYA !!!

davegrape Posted 11 January 2009 11:45

alan h. of course do you remember what nad stood for? if you forgot i will tell you. I was just in touch with robert dudley. do you remember him. I hope that all is ok with my old friend vic. those wre great times the grape

Allan H Posted 11 January 2009 20:19

Hi Dave,

Nab at door, I don’t remember Dudley. I hope all is well with you and family.

davegrape Posted 12 January 2009 06:07

thanks for the good wishes you too dtg

davegrape Posted 12 January 2009 19:58


Allan H Posted 12 January 2009 23:11

Dave you still got it! I’d hire you in a minute if there was a retail industry..

Shalom Baby

Allan H

Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 09:08

OMG…..Hey Z!! It’s EW we worked together in the stock dept on Kings Hway….How the hell are you? I reconnected thru Facebook with Dave the Grape and he told me about this site…asked me to check it out. He mentioned your name and Im like…Yea! i remember him! Hope you are well….I am currently living in Northern NJ with my wife Amy…have 2 grown kids…am into my 13th year as an inside sales rep for a plastics company in Jersey City….write back when you can! take care1 Ed

Eddie W. Posted 13 January 2009 09:10

Found it, Grape….thanks!

Allan H Posted 13 January 2009 20:39

Hi Ed,

I worked at Kings Highway store from 82-84 part time with the Grape in PE then Audio. Then I worked in Wall street store, while in College.

WEhen did you work at Coney Island Ave store?

Allan H

zooom Posted 13 January 2009 23:09

I would just like to add…LAHAS TEZACK

Eddie W. Posted 14 January 2009 08:54

Hi Allan…
I was the stock mgr at that location….but I think i had moved to Jersey by the time you were there. I was promoted to set up, run and train the new stock areas of the new Jersey stores (Union, Livingston, paramus & EB) You probably know Dave Grape, Charlie Daleo Randy C, Uncle Al, MC….guys like that….I went on to Store Mgr and then DM just before stores started closing in 1989.

Allan H Posted 14 January 2009 21:08

Hi Eddie,

You are correct, I worked with Randy C, Randy O
yes Dave Grape!

I remember Darlan security, do you remember Babe? Great old timer..

Those were the days.


Eddie W. Posted 15 January 2009 09:49

Yes I do…Randy (lunatic)…Randy Oberlander …and Babe came along a little later…Nice man…I didn’t get to know him that well….I do remember Darlan the security guy. he and I never really saw eye to eye but no biggie….Someone in one of these discussions wrote that he thought Darlan died. Anyway….Im trying to get an image of you…i usually remember everyone i worked with….help me out…EW

Allan H Posted 15 January 2009 22:37

Eddie W,

What department did you work in? I started in the summer of 82?? I think.. I knew big Rob and Doron G. I worked in PE then Audio, I think the Managers name was don. Store Manager was Norman, Ray, then Barry Boris, Mitch Pinto. I remember GG..It’s been a long time!

Eddie W. Posted 16 January 2009 01:16

Alan…by 1982 I was a district stock mgr for the company….had set up and was in charge of the company’s special Order Dept…..and was mgr i training in the hartsdale Store. In 1983, i worked briefly in the Brooklyn Store to be close to home cuz my wife and I were expecting a baby. Later that summer I went back to NJ in my new Store Mgr role and managed 4 of the NJ stores upto and including the closing of E Brunswick in Nov 1989. So as you can see, I was a very busy guy for a while. Our paths didnt meet…I was out of Brooklyn before you got there.I remember when most of those people you mentioned just started.

KK98 Posted 16 January 2009 12:39

haha! NAD….the concept,not the dude,was hilarious.

I actually use that in my current gig and people thought i was nuts…but it works.

Its degrading but it works.

It was the best of times, period!

Spiegel Beagel Posted 02 October 2008 16:53

Kelso mooning us out the back of his limo

Drinking mai tais at that chinese restaurant around the corner from the 57th street store

Nice lunches on saturdays

My first company car “The Aries Turbo,” the brakes didn’t work if the AC was on, it was like stopping a supertanker and long rides up hills required my passengers to get out and push.

Rolla-husho, he’d come into 86st in a wheel chair and always tries to husho something

The ex-airforce pilot Kelso hired to pilot his one-day-to-be private plane.

Kelso sending in woman telling me that Eddie Antar said we should give them a TV.

Pardo out-writing everyone in the store on a Saturday morning.

Allan asking me if the coffee was fresh.

Marshal Marder walking around saying “Its good to be the King, piss boy….”

SW-ing from Sony.

Counting wet money. Yeech. Shvitz!

Harrold Morris asking me if it was a rubberband meeting. Huh I asked. Were guys wearing rubberbands around their ankles to keep the shit from running over their shoes after Sam E aka:the angel of death, came in with the payroll numbers.

But there are two things above all I’ll never forget. The basket of food Kelso sent to my mothers house when I was sitting shiva for my father. I never knew how he found the address. And when I was lying in a hospital and Kelso called to ask if I needed blood.

No matter what anyone may say about him, Kelso was a king to us that we loved, that we would and we did move mountains for.

We did great things. We changed the way retail was done in America.

KK98 Posted 17 January 2009 21:08



Union Store Reunion

Eddie W. Posted 24 January 2009 11:14

Please respond if anyone is interested in getting together from the Union CE store..circa 1986-1987…..EW

anyone remember these names from the brooklyn store

_jmerc_ Posted 22 January 2009 10:38

How about, Al-T, Pinkey, Vini Bancalari, Louie Safdie, Joey Eddie, MK, Havent seen any mention of them.

Eddie W. Posted 23 January 2009 11:42

I remember them all…this is Eddie W.

davegrape Posted 24 January 2009 07:41

do you remember charlie daleo, or teri and audrey arazie,or brian (abbid) in audio sales. or big steve leopold in small goods. how bout morris (monts shoof). any one remember freddy rich ane denise moran and husband eddie. howie and vic on the tv deck. or nicky zippili or ricky gaisworth. dont forget steve russo and bruce kahn. just a few i remember… the Grape.

Eddie W. Posted 24 January 2009 11:11

Yes…i LOVED Teri…lol..Brian Dennis, Yes….Big Steve and my brother are close friends!…all the others i know, yes…..Bruce Kahn I hired! anyone else?? lol

Grapevine Posted 24 January 2009 13:46

Richie The Count

Eddie W. Posted 28 January 2009 09:04

Yes…Richie is no longer with us….He passed away years ago from ALS….sad

davegrape Posted 29 January 2009 06:16

Very sad to hear about richie the count. He was a great guy to to work with the grape

jmerc Posted 29 January 2009 17:35

what ever happened to eddie maron? he still around, Anyone remember John S from the car stereo dept. he used to hang around with darlan.

Allan H Posted 29 January 2009 21:04

hey grape I don’t remember the count? what dept did he work in?
How are you doing?

jmerc I remember Darlan, not sure about john S
I remeber Jiff in car stereo what ever happened to him?
I am very curious to know about Darlan, nicknamed Zeus


Allan H

Grapevine Posted 29 January 2009 21:24

I remember him in PE

davegrape Posted 30 January 2009 07:04

i dont know about eddie, but his ex wife denise is now married to a former uls service technician named richard brody. they live in coral springs.

davegrape Posted 30 January 2009 07:08

allan, i’m doing fine richie the count (named for the way he looked) worked in the audio dept. he was there in teh seventies thru the ealry eighties. do you remember a guy named perry who worked in car stereo and also Al T. is car stereo and hwo bout the phone girl named jane with the big Bizz!

davegrape Posted 30 January 2009 07:09

ps i heard that darlan has passed away

Allan H Posted 30 January 2009 13:44

Hi Grape,

I do remember Perry N. Great Guy!he worked with me in Audio (I trained him) he went on after I left to become a store MGR in NYC, my understanding was that he passed away in a motor cycle accident in the 90’s. Sorry for the bad news. I remember a guy names Jiff in Car Stereo and another guy who married Alison. My memory is not as good as yours.

davegrape Posted 07 February 2009 09:07

the guy that married allison was john viva. do yo remember sean cahill, he was dating the great looking girl with a great figure. do you remember all the pretty girls in the pe dept. I used to see bruce kahn back the in tlate nineties, he worked for a chain here called sound advice. I also use to see steve russo once in a while. sad to hear about perry.

Allan H Posted 08 February 2009 14:12

Hi Dave,

The pretty girl that Sean dated was named Maria can’t remember last name.

Ok- I rememebr a beautiful israeli girl named smidar in PE. Who was the good looking girl at the register?? nice tusch??

Best Regards


Spiegel Beagel Posted 09 February 2009 12:33

I remember Sean from 86th Street. I think he was married to Maria. Sean was always late and had the greatest excuses. One day he came in about 2 hours late and said his wife had opened a can of Alpo for the dog and found a dead rat in it. He was late because he had to wait for an investigator from Alpo to check out his claim.

I remember Smidar from 86th St too. Great abbo but whacked. I didn’t know she was Israeli. I live in Tel Aviv now, Israeli chicks rock.

Eddie W. Posted 09 February 2009 13:34

actually….it was Sal Viva..who married Allison. John Viva was his father and was the personal construction supervisor for the company.

Allan H Posted 10 February 2009 18:54

Spiegel where did you work?

Not sure if I know you?

Allan H

Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 February 2009 06:33

I started in 57th St the day it opened, then to the first 86th St store and was having breakfast a few blocks away when it burnt down, still remember Blecher running out with burnt up bank deposit bags that hadn’t been deposited (SY lightening it was called, the store was set to be closed a week later), then was sent to train as a store manager in Norwalk with Roddy, then to Hartsdale with Harold and Ackerman, then to 86 St with Youberg, then the opening of Wall Street then 59th Street. I saw a lot!!!! Know all the players.


Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 February 2009 13:24

Remember them? I used to imagine that if you failed one that the first thing that you’d see in the morning when you open your eyes was Gigi looking down at you.

I remember one I took, after it was finished the guy said to me, “you’re honest, you just need more sleep.”

Anyone out there remember what “lah” means?

Crazy Eddie Ball Caps – Memorabilia

_Dave_ Posted 15 February 2009 16:34

TWO Crazy Eddie P-Caps (yellow) just posted for sale on eBay – genuine memorabilia:



Mr Wubbs Posted 08 February 2009 12:12

Has anyone ever looked into making a movie on the story of Crazy Eddie ?
It would be a great story, all the people here could contribute………..I would pay to see it. I do not know if it should be a comedy or an adventure film, a spy movie? Has a bit of all in it.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 09 February 2009 12:37

That would be a great film. We all have stories. Reminds me of an old slogan for Honda, “Stories like this we can’t make up.”

Spiegel Beagel Posted 12 February 2009 04:55

I think I read somewhere that Danny Devito had optioned some rights on the story.

I have stories that I can’t publish here, true ones that I have first hand knowledge of, many regarding celebrities that shopped with us.

My favorite is the one about the night Princess(Star Wars)Laya, sans danish, came in and bought a portable video outfit from me.

I recently saw the film Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruise in beard played the head of the movie studio, he’d make a great Kelso.

PS I just found out that dozens of emails to me have been returned, I was using a throw away address which I threw away a long time ago, the new one is good. I’d love to hear from you, most of you anyway.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 February 2009 11:58

What happen’s at Eddie’s, STAYS at Eddie’s!

Spiegel Beagel Posted 16 February 2009 08:14

I’m sorry if I gave the impression it was a sex story, its not, that wouldn’t have been as interesting.

Reality is so much better than we can imagine it.

Mr Wubbs Posted 16 February 2009 14:29

Shoof, I was not looking for someone to disclose any information that could be used against someone in any legal process. The movie could be based on the good things and how Crazy Eddie changed the business in consumer electronics at that time.
Someone could write a story, “based on fiction” and sell it to a screen company………with nothing tied to Crazy Eddie’s.
Seems like there are a lot of people who have many funny stories.

Allan H Posted 16 February 2009 19:26

Hey Mr. Tubs –

Why don’t you stop dreaming and get a life, no one would be interested in your stories, like most of us this was a good time in our life (youth) we worked for eddie and had fun, nobody made much money except for eddie & the family! Eddie was a thief who stole and was greedy to a company he built and ruined. Furthermore, he never changed the CE business all he did was beat advertised prices and bait & switched to sell more profitable products- all other retailers did the same except they did’nt advertise,
P. C Richards, Wiz, Tech Hi Fi, J& R they all did the same thing! The CE stories – who really would be interested? execept for the ex Eddie employees who could relate to this. Wubs, CE was over 25 years ago! wake up and go forward Eddie and the crew are still living on the millions you and the others sold, saved, or lunched for him. Shoof, safed all the lingo is in the past enjoy the memories and move on with your life.

Allan H

Spiegel Beagel Posted 17 February 2009 05:26

First of all we did change the way retail business is done in the US. Sony vs Crazy Eddies, supreme court case, found in favor of Crazy Eddies and the fair trade laws in the US were abolished. That means that the retailer, until then only the manufacturer through their distributor could set retail prices. Think about, there would be no Walmart if it weren’t for Eddies.

Two… CE influence even the way retail stores look. Doesn’t Best Buy and Circuit City look something like Eddies. The influence even spread across the Atlantic. Go into any FNAC, the largest electronics retailer in Europe, it looks like Crazy Eddies!!!!

Three… I made quite a bit of money working at Eddies. The Antar family weren’t the only ones that made some nice cash off the IPO. I was given stock options on several thousand shares of CE stock that I flipped at 38 1/2, net me some very very nice cash. My salary was good too. So was my profit sharing.

And…. we had fun!!!!!

PS I also think that a film based on CE’s would be successful. Look at the success of the film Waiting and its sequel. BTW… One of the stars of those films worked with me at Eddies. I still can hear him saying, “Ronnie, c’mon, take some acting classes with me.”

Also Remember a little song, Money For Nothing? Mark Knopfler was inspired to write it during a visit to 57th Street. Thats why the video looks like an Eddies store.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about Eddies and all that happened. As much as Kelso paid the price, there was a lot more at fault than what he did. You really have to look at it from higher ground. We were in the midst of a raging bull market. Wall Street was dying to put forward an issue like CE. It was mass hysteria. If you really want to blame anyone, blame The Street. They had a fiduciary responsibility to do a proper due diligence. They never did, they couldn’t have. I still remember the day I decided I was going to flip my options. Mitchel was giving us a tour of the new distribution center being built and he was telling us how it was going to feed stock into all the planned stores. I counted the loading docks and compared that number to the projected stores that were to be fed through them. It wasn’t rocket science to come to the conclusion, no fucking way could that happen. There just weren’t enough docks. I left Eddies because I was recruited to a Wall Street investment banking firm. So I have a little bit of an inside view of what goes on down there. Its no secret that the stock market is the worlds largest casino. Its really nothing more than a gigantic Ponzi scheme. Analysts write the most amazing pitches to sell stocks and its legal, in so many cases based on wishful dreaming. That second bond issue that OPCO underwrote should never have been done. They were putting candy in a baby’s hand. Its no wonder that the economy is in the crisis that its in now. Its all coming back on us. Its time to pay the bill. It took a long time to arrive.

MarioSquirt Posted 17 February 2009 07:55

Alan H and Speigel are both correct. The Ce story is old, but combining it together with corporate greed giants of today and yesterday like Adelphia, Enron, Worldcom, the financial crisis would make it topical and interesting.

I was treated very fairly while working at CE. I left before it went public and collected a good sum out of profit sharing. While there, my salary was descent. They worked me hard, sent me, a kid from NJ to Brooklyn and The Bronx. It was a learning experience and an adventure. I can still remember, like yesterday the first time I was asked to attend a meeting at Kelso’s office. Afterwards, I thought, that wasn’t as bad as everyone warned me about…..

And even today, I use tricks of the trade that I learned on the job at CE. Treat a customer nice one time, and the customer returns with all his friends and then you make your money….

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 17 February 2009 11:10

Reality is so much better than we can imagine it.

No, not a sex story per se, but that would surely figure into the mix of some of the barely-legal and illegal shenanigans that were so much a part of the CE subculture. For instance, if the walls in the old Bronx Central Service could talk……YIKES!!! :O πŸ˜€

Do I REALLY need to elaborate? πŸ˜‰

Spiegel Beagel Posted 17 February 2009 13:27

This is how I handled reeps. Personally I referred to Stu Leonards 2 rules of customer service. 1.The customer is always right. 2.If the customer was wrong go back to rule number one. THAT WAS CE CULTURE. We gave our customers the CE experience and they loved it. I don’t know what you were doing, but I was giving my customers a better deal than what they thought they had found somewhere else.

I guess you never received those calls from the office telling you to kosher a reep. When you picked up one of those calls you took care of it.

We didn’t make customers by fucking them. All businesses sell what they have in stock. You don’t make money selling something you don’t have.

Restaurants push what they’re overstocked in before it goes bad. Wall Street pushes what the house is long on. Piano teachers don’t tell new students to learn the drums. What you might think is illegal or barely illegal wasn’t. I never heard of one guy being arrested, or sued, or anything, for selling a VCR with a Magnavox label on it than the same machine with a Panasonic label on it for less money.

CE’s was successful because a vast majority of customers walked out with a very good deal.

Mr Wubbs Posted 17 February 2009 19:46

Back in the late 70’s early 80’s VCRs were selling for 7 to 8 hundred and video cameras were only able to shoot pictures to portable machines or adapters for home units. Cameras were at least 1000 for basic vidicon type pieces. With all that in mind, people made BIG MONEY buys on video back then opposed to what the cost is today………SERVICE was a great factor. If you stood behind your product with your customer, they would always come back, and most the time your trust got you many more sales even when your price was not always the LOWEST !!! Today most consumer product in electronics is disposable or is outdated before it even wears out. I remember selling video cameras to people who wanted to take it home and make their own porno with wife or girlfriend. Funny was when some would bring you in a copy of what they made.

Allan H Posted 18 February 2009 00:03


I don’t know where you get your information from- Wow ! I think a large shovel is needed

Firstly, Eddie was sued and case was dismised there was no ruling on Eddie VS Sony, however, it did publicize the pricing iregularities, no Fair Trade Laws were effected ! Are you kidding! In your words” until then only the manufacturer through their distributor could set retail prices” how can a distrubutor sell at retail prices?? If you remember at that time Woolworth’s and Corvettes were still around and belive me they set low retail prices way before Eddie did, ( again, Eddie beat prices and worked on lower margin and used a sell up method to make up margin, remember discount a VCR and sell the tape for $19.99. Sell the JBL speakers charge 2 x retail for accessories. Good basic retail nothing so ingenius!

In reference to CE stock yes many people made money your right however what about investors who were ripped off based on improper accounting and inflated inventory? Your tellin me that it was justified! Wow! did you ever hear of doing the right thing??

As far as Wall Street, most thiefs are caught! Wall Street might be the casino to the world however, sacrificing at all costs for short gains is whatmost bad convicted brokers do!! think about it make a buck screw someone – that’s there problem, you are or were a typical wall street scum bag, that thinking or attitude should not be justified

2) CE’s influenced Best Buy & Circuit City ???
FNAC? Are you nuts !
Remember Crawford’s on Kigs Highway that was Norman A’s store in the late 60’s I shopped there as a kid, that was the Eddie Model.

Give it a rest, and keep your nice memories,
Eddie, Pardo, alan, all of them were greedy pricks and you know it !

Best Regards,

Allan H

Spiegel Beagel Posted 18 February 2009 03:00

Sorry Allan but you seem to misapprehend history. Until the fair trade laws came down the manufacturer did set retail prices through their distributors. A retailer could not compete on price, They could only compete on the “value added” factor, things like service, a smile, and goodwill.

What I was trying to say is that CE’s when seen in hindsight, while guilty of improper accounting, was in a way also a victim of an entire system that was and is out of control and corrupt. Of course it doesn’t make it right. Eddies was swept away in an overwhelming wave of corruption that completely washes through Wall Street and the banking industry till this day and beyond.

I think you’re a bit naive. About how wall street works and about most wall street thieves being caught. You only hear about the pigs going to slaughter. The entire system is corrupt but legal. We’re in trouble today because the banks were allowed to start selling product, no holds barred, like their bretheren downtown.

As far as myself being a scum-bag. You don’t know me nor anything about me. I didn’t succeed on Wall Street. In fact it was the single worst job I ever had in my life. I was too worried about my clients losing money to make any clients. Though the few I had did make money. All the best brokers and all the best clients, aka players, are degenerate gamblers. I never had that mindset, its just not me. I haven’t been a gambler since I was 18, when I lost a weeks salary in a street 3 card monti game, which was a blessing.

Maybe Normans and Crawfords were a model for Eddies. I don’t know and I don’t give a shit. There is one thing I know, and that Eddies was the role model that made it big and then became THE role model. Picasso said, Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Kelso, Mitchel, Alan, Pardo, all those guys were great guys. I guess you just didn’t have the good fortune to know them personally. Your loss.

Best Regards

MarioSquirt Posted 18 February 2009 08:00

“For instance, if the walls in the old Bronx Central Service could talk……YIKES!!! ”

I am sure they would say – Look at all the talented people in here and how hard they work.

Its a regular symphony watching pieces come in broken, get repaired, wrapped up and shipped back. Thank you Dave, Thank you Mark, Thank you Charlie, Thank you Shirley, Thank you Joe, Thank you Wallace, Thank you Carl.

Yes, that is what they would say

Allan H Posted 18 February 2009 09:19


I guess we agree to disagree,
I wish you the best


Shoof Da Biz! Posted 27 February 2009 13:59

Yes, they would say that ALSO…..but there was also some crazy sh*t goin’ on there. I worked there, so I know firsthand.

BTW- you left out Joe Kay, Steve “Hollywood” Sellier, Mac, The Captain, Joe Mentrie, Richie Doc, Wendy, Panoff….. we had a hell of a crew!

About the whole CE Beat Price thing: let’s not forget that we had our own model numbers as well. For instance, you could get the Fisher FVH-720 ANYWHERE, but the FVH-721 was the same model in black made exclusively for CE, so there was NO beat price available. Not a new practice, and one that still exists today.

The End of Days

_kk98_ Posted 03 March 2009 00:54

This was from Friday Oct.6 ,1989.

CE in the news again…..

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 03 March 2009 10:51

I saw on last night’s news that the CE trademark has been purchased by a NY entrepreneur and opening of new stores will commence within the year, with the first one located near NYC’s Penn Station (conveniently near where I work!).

And here we go…again!

Spiegel Beagel Posted 04 March 2009 04:47

Just Googled it and it seems like you’re right. Some guy from Deal, NJ, the SY Hamptons, purchased the name and slogan from some guys that had purchased them in 2004.

Sam, isn’t it time you gave it a break. Stop with the kabash. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Stop with the evil eye. Of course its insane, the economy sucks, but if it works, it could make some new jobs. Its not like someone is starting a new accounting firm, “Sam E Accountants. You Dream It, I Hire an Auditor, I Sign Off On It.”

John C says hello

_John C_ Posted 19 August 2008 16:31

I just stummbled on this site and got freaked out with all the names from too many years ago. Some of the best memories of my life. I never worked harder or had more fun before or since. Married Sue Brien in 1988 and still going strong. Recently found Charlie and Kelly Daleo living up here in PA and talked about old times. Anybody who still remembers and wants to touch base can email me @

corey Posted 21 August 2008 12:12

I think I worked for you in the warehouse in brooklyn.I was one of the truck drivers,and if correct we may have been related at one time.

John C Posted 30 August 2008 20:26

Hey there former Brother-in-law. I do vaguely remember you. Guess who I made contact with up here in PA….Charlie & Kelly Daleo. We actually went out last week. Turns out he and Kelly have been up here 20 years or so and we never bumped into each other. Funny story on how we hooked up. I’ll have to tell you about it. Anyway, he just emailed me and said that Tommy D just got hold of him and we hope to get together next time Tommy’s in the area. Say hi to Donna and have her tell Lorraine I say hi.

corey Posted 31 August 2008 16:57

When you talk to your son, get my phone # and give me a call. I would love to get together!

davegrape Posted 04 September 2008 20:48

John c hope you got my email. cant believe you live so close to charlie. and did i see you write to corey that you you see tommy? well if you do, please tell him hello from the grape. IF you come to sunny florida, call me 954 432 0310 i live in pembroke pines david

John C Posted 04 September 2008 21:37

Got your email. Yeah, Tommy D got hold of Charlie and said he’d call and set up a meet when he’s up in the area. Apparently he’s driving for some outfit ( I know he was driving trailers for Panasonic years ago). I’ll definitely say hi for you.

Andrea (Cioc) Boardman Posted 05 September 2008 20:49

Hey there…I believe that I am the one who served you those divorce papers at the Flushing opening….haha….I believe you are the father of our son and the grandfather of our beautiful grandson. This is definitely a blast from the past. Hope you and your family are all well.

Robert Dudley Posted 07 September 2008 18:02


John C Posted 10 September 2008 21:48

Yeah, I believe you were the one….ha ha back attcha. All’s well, family good. Say hi to your Mom, Robyn & Richard.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 11 September 2008 15:52

Originally posted by Andrea (Cioc) Boardman:
Hey there…I believe that I am the one who served you those divorce papers at the Flushing opening….haha….I believe you are the father of our son and the grandfather of our beautiful grandson. This is definitely a blast from the past. Hope you and your family are all well.

Now THERE is a “hello” you don’t see everyday!!!

Marie In Reno Posted 13 March 2009 08:32

Hi John,
I know Kelly Daleo from childhood. We grew up together and were best friends. I’ve since moved to Reno NV, but I’ve been tryig to locate her. Do you have her email address or a way I can contact her, or if you could give her my email address that would be great. It’s But she would know me more by Marie Calabro from Brooklyn. We went to St. Vincent Ferrer Elementary School together. Thanks so much. Marie


BR/77-90 Posted 22 March 2009 21:56

You got a problem! Out with it tough guy, or shut your big mouth.

Crazy Eddie Tribute Sale

smitten Posted 26 March 2009 12:59

I got so inspired by this video (which I saw a million times as a kid) – that I got Headline Shirts to put on a sale in Eddie’s honor: Funny T-shirts

smitten Posted 26 March 2009 13:02

Sorry, that link seems to not open for some people, try the homepage which links to the Crazy-Eddie-inspired sale:

Eddie Antar vs Sam Antar : Herb Greenberg Interview CNBC

Spiegel Beagel Posted 11 April 2009 03:46

Does anyone have a link to the full interview. I’ve seen the 5 minute teaser posted but can’t find the full interview uploaded, without a paid subscription to the CNBC website.

Route 22 Posted 12 April 2009 15:03

Herb Greenberg Interview:

Spiegel Beagel Posted 13 April 2009 12:35

Thanks, that was terrific.

Master List of CE Stores

914Dino Posted 31 March 2009 18:55

hello all, haven’t been on here in a long time. i would like to see if we could figure out all the stores with certainty, and with addresses if possible. i am reposting the last update of my old STORE LISTING thread with some additions, hopefully we can secure some of these. i once believed there were around 40 locations, but looks like 44 stores total. insane indeed. please let me know what’s missing and if there’s any additional info to add. and if there’s anything wrong here. the numbers are NOT store numbers, just my listing data. CE never managed to get into MA, did they? seems like Enfield is the closest they got.

New York
1. Liberty Street
2. 405 Ave. of the Americas (at 8th St)
3. 45th St. bet. 5th and 6th
4. 999 3rd Ave (59th St)
5. 1496 3rd Ave (84th St)
6. 212 East 57th st off 3rd Ave
7. 86th St. & Broadway
8. 408 Jericho Tpk, Syosset
9. 401 Old Country Road, Westbury
10. 89-22 Queens Blvd., Queens
11. 393 N. Central Ave., Hartsdale
12. 1117 Kings Highway, Brooklyn
13. 2067 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn
14. 300 East Fordham Road, Bronx
15. 2821 Richmond Ave., Staten Island
16. Poughkeepsie, NY
17. Middletown, NY
18. Massapequa, NY
19. Main Street, Flushing, NY
20. Nanuet, NY
21. Nesconset, NY

New Jersey
22. Cherry Hill, NJ
23. 2155 Rt. 22 West, Union, NJ
24. 809 Rt. 17, Paramus, NJ
25. 269 Rt. 18, East Brunswick, NJ
26. Woodbridge, NJ
27. 114 Rt. 46 West, Wayne, NJ
28. Totowa, NJ
29. Tom’s River, NJ
30. Route 10, Livingston, NJ
31. Route 35, Ocean, NJ
32. 1260 Black Horse Pike, Pleasantville, NJ
33. Eatontown, NJ
34. Lawrenceville, NJ

35. Spencer Street, Manchester, CT
36. Southeast Road, Farmington, CT
37. Orange, CT
38. Norwalk, CT
39. Enfield, CT
40. Danbury, CT
41. Hamden, CT
42. Bridgeport, CT

43. Port Richmond, PA
44. 1 Olney Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

Spiegel Beagel Posted 01 April 2009 04:08

I think you missed one in NYC. 86th Street between Lex & 3rd. I don’t remember the exact address. It replaced 1496 3rd. Cool list.

Grapevine Posted 01 April 2009 07:04

Poughkeepsie address: 804 South Rd (Route 9)
Also, thought there was an opening in Trumball Ct?

Robert Dudley Posted 06 April 2009 20:18

this is great I posed it to the Facebook site i set up

KK98 Posted 19 April 2009 01:48

I believe you left off Valley Stream,NY. It was one of the last ones,i think. It was on Sunrise Hwy. and it shared a building with a Chi-Chi’s Mexican Resturant. I helped set up the record department.

Original Junior Posted 01 May 2009 16:45

Willow Grove, PA
In the Kiddie City shopping center across from the Willow Grove Park Mall.
It was on the 2nd floor with a Sborro pizza on the bottom.
Free hats, frisbies, and shirts on the grand opening weekend. What good memories πŸ™‚

A Train closing song East Brunswick

_EBPD_ Posted 03 May 2009 04:27

I remember at closing time they would play take the A-Train it was very classy. Anyone remember this?

Sad News…..again

Eddie W. Posted 23 June 2009 10:53

I,m writing from news I just heard about the passing of Ed Levy…known affectionately as “E.L”. EL was a DM for Eddie’s and was responsible for coordinating many of the NJ/NJ store openings. He had been in failing health for a while and was out of touch with the mainstream for many years. I had the pleasure of knowing/working with him and we had a nice relationship. He will be missed…Condolences to his family.

suzy andron

renee antar Posted 24 July 2009 21:28

where is suzy andron, where is pix

crazy eddie manhattan snd store

_reggie_ Posted 14 August 2009 23:12

i remember dave the grape tyrone sly nickey les and many others even brotsky i think that how its spelled please respond

davegrape Posted 17 August 2009 12:08

reggie,shit i remember you like it were yesterday. those wrer great times. The grape

Jackie Natkin, RIP

JackieT Posted 22 December 2008 13:39

A rough couple of weeks for CE alumni crew. Last week we lost Sammy Naimo and this week we lost Jackie Natkin, 54yo. Jackie worked for CE’s from the early 70’s into the mid 80’s. He was my first cousin, but much more like a brother. Those of you that will remember him know what a gentle guy he was. Nutty sometimes, but gentle. I’ll forever miss him.

Allan H Posted 23 December 2008 23:20

My condolences.
What was the last store Jackie worked in?


Allan H

davegrape Posted 27 December 2008 11:29

Jackie, my sincere condolences. I’m sure he will very missed by all. dave grape

jmerc Posted 06 January 2009 09:31

Wow , what a shame. What a great guy. Does anyone know what he was doing the last few years?

JackieT Posted 24 August 2009 17:46

Jackie last worked in the Brooklyn store but mostly worked in Syo.

JackieT Posted 24 August 2009 17:49

For the last few years Jackie was living with a childhood friend and the friend’s family in Georgia.

sndman Posted 27 August 2009 13:42

What years did he work in Syo…I was the store manager there from 1986 to late 1988

Tim [R I P ] Fox Posted 28 August 2009 17:45

I worked with jackie in S Y O we rode back & forth from brooklyn every day with Hal T and M K sorry to hear he passed condolences to all family and friends

Original Hanging sign aprox 3x 8 from Hamden Ct out of buisness sale for sale bo

_mwildman30@aol.com_ Posted 17 October 2009 01:43

The store manager sold this to me when I was ten. CRAZY EDDIES was my favorate store and It was also my first going out of buisness sale I remember my dad getting great openstock items

The sign has been in my parents smoke/pet free home flat on a shelf it is in exe condition I can email pics best offer by 10/25

hope everyone is fine

_renee antar_ Posted 24 July 2009 19:02

allen and renee say hi. hope you are all well. renee wishes she can be behind the small goods counter on 57th st. for a day for old times sake. what fun, what a great job to have.

davegrape Posted 10 October 2009 08:47

Hello to both of you, i hope you are both doing fine, this is an old friend. you know me as dave grape.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 27 October 2009 04:52

Those were the glory days. We had fun. I’m living in Tel Aviv now, my health is excellent and life is good. I used to work in video. Its good to hear that everything is good. 57th street rules. I worked in lots of stores after leaving 57th street, but when I look back on those Crazy Eddie years, 57th street always holds the fondest memories. I can still hear Alan, “is it fresh?” To this day, whenever I buy something SONY, it feels like I’m eating something non-kosher.

Fisher VCR’s, Nipon walkmen, To-shi-ba TV’s, and late night hushos named Schwartz.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 27 October 2009 05:11

Fisher VCR’s were a 3 for 2, you had to have 3 in stock for every 2 sold because one was coming back defective and needed to be replaced. I thought it would be interesting if when customers came in and asked for Toshiba, I’d looked puzzled and say Toshiba? Ohhh…. you mean to-shi-ba, mispronouncing it purposely. I was waiting for the day when customers would come in and mispronounce it the same way I did, and they did! I enjoyed that. There was a Nipon walkman with just the right features for you, much better than SONY. We had fun.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 03 November 2009 11:40

Yes, the Fisher’s were all replaced, until the warranty ran out, and THEN they got turned over to us service techs to repair the damn things! I wish I had a dollar for every motor drive IC I replaced in the FVH-730 and idler replaced in the FVH-720. I’d be up to my neck in Mai Tai’s in Tahiti right now! Hey, it was cool. A little trick I learned from Jack Acacia was to sell the customers the R & R contract right over the phone from my bench, and get a nice spiff check at the end of the month! πŸ˜€

Vintage stuff now…

_Mr. C._ Posted 17 July 2009 15:53

Bought in 1976, I still have the first pair of Cerwin Vega V-33’s I bought from their store in the village. I also purchased my first and probably one of “the” first retail Numark disco mixers from there as well. The DM-1000

His prices were INSAAANE as was their “Disco Boom-Boom Room”!

…miss that place.

ontime13 Posted 07 November 2009 11:50

I did many layouts and graphics for Crazy Eddie from 1975 to 1978. I have ORIGINAL Mechanical’s and News Paper Eds, Maches, Key Chains,


Robert Dudley Posted 18 September 2008 20:34


JewishGuy Posted 19 September 2008 01:17

cool deal man, I just joined. My marketing acumen and your computer skills “we” can be something someday lol.

Robert Dudley Posted 19 September 2008 22:44

ok well wer’e up to 5 facebook members.including jewishguy,me and sam antar who joined today.i posted a few pictures and eddie’s wanted by the fbi poster.please join face book and join crazy eddies – former employees group………..thanks again

Robert Dudley Posted 20 September 2008 01:45

i also just posted 12 videos including an 8 min sam speaks about the who scam.

Robert Dudley Posted 27 September 2008 23:01

we now have 14 members…thanks to all who have joined.

Robert Dudley Posted 15 January 2009 17:36

The Facebook group is up to 42 , thanks to you who have joined…….BUT The wiz Facebook group has 120 so we are lagging behind !!! so if a few more of you can join .We must have more former employees than The wiz.

KK98 Posted 16 January 2009 13:01

I’m on my way.

Robert Dudley Posted 19 March 2009 20:05

We are up to 90 members on face book

Robert Dudley Posted 06 April 2009 20:20

We Now have over 110 former employees here is a link to the group

Robert Dudley Posted 08 November 2009 16:28

We Now have over 200 members from Crazy Eddie….Please check us out and join ~ Former Employees of Crazy Eddie….Best thing is you can see the faces and reconnect….here is the link


ontime13 Posted 07 November 2009 11:59

I did many layouts and graphics for Crazy Eddie from 1975 to 1978. I have ORIGINAL Mechanical’s and News Paper Eds, Maches, Key Chains,

killingjef Posted 16 November 2009 18:30

Hi…I’m interested in getting more info about the graphics you created for Crazy Eddie’s. Do you have pictures of them? Are they for sale? Thanks so much! You can contact me at my e-mail address:

Brooklyn Store – Coney Island Ave

Allan H Posted 24 August 2008 20:57

I worked in CE’s from 1983-85,while going to College. I Worked in PE then Home Stereo department.

Does anyone know what happened to Darlan Rogers?? He had to be the strongest guy
in Brooklyn.

Trivia question – What was his nickname?

Allan H

corey Posted 25 August 2008 12:56

Didn’t Darlan punch knock mark solomon out with one punch at the coney island ave store?

Allan H Posted 25 August 2008 13:24

Hi Corey,

I was not there that day, I heard about it the following day from Randy O. Mark If I remember was a driver /warehouse guy who was tremendous. The story I heard was that Mark pushed Darlan jokingly and it then got serious. Darlan gave him 1 punch to the head and he was out. I believe this happened right in the front of the store while customers were shopping! I heard the guy was out cold for 2 minutes, when he awoke they shook hands and went about business. Typical Crazy Eddie Day !

I was always curious to know what happened to him? I heard stories when I started in 83 that Darlan went to HS with Eddie and protected him from bullies, Eddie hired him in the late 70’s as a body guard and then moved him to security, I always found Darlan to be a great guy, he protected me a couple of times from customers who were high or just trouble makers. I had heard he lived in Coney Island and was a champion Body builder & martial arts expert. He was a mysterious guy, never socialized after work or told you much about his personal life. I remember hearing a story about a store manager who busted his balls and he put a screw driver in his head( this was one of many stories I heard about Darlan) Crazy Eddie’s ! “Prices and People were Insane”

Best Regards,

Allan H

Doctor Blast Posted 16 July 2009 00:54

Haven’t seen Darlan since the 60’s. He hung in Coney Island with a musclehead called Whitey. I remember when he threw a bunch of Avenue X boys off the Boardwalk. Excellent fighter. He used to box with my buddy Steve Lang and I know he worked at Studio 54 in the 70’s. Bruce from the sheapshead nostrand projects.

Allan H Posted 16 July 2009 10:36

Hey Doc,

He must be in his late 60’s by now – Wonder if he is still kicking ass??

Doctor Blast Posted 17 July 2009 15:55

he most likely is late 60’s now.
what was his nickname?
we had some tough cats in those days…Darlan , Vinnie Tap and of course this Jewish guy Steve Lang who was the unofficial bouncer in Coney Island

Allan H Posted 17 July 2009 16:08

I Like the quiz question –
His name was Zeus

Doctor Blast Posted 19 July 2009 12:24

he is about 66 or 67 now.

Allan H Posted 19 Juy 2009 15:04


IS he still in Brooklyn?

davegrape Posted 05 August 2009 06:12

alan. i believe that darlan has passed away, thats what i hear from EW. anyone know where suzie andron is. The Grape

Allan H Posted 05 August 2009 09:42

Hi Dave,

I did not know that.. May Zeus RIP! Great guy
Hope all is well with you.



davegrape Posted 19 August 2009 15:03

alan hope all is well with you a few months ago i had some folks over the house do you remember barry boris or denise marin or ellen russo(wife of steve). till then see ya. the grape

Allan H Posted 19 August 2009 16:30

Hi Grape,

Yes I remember Barry Borris – He was the store manager for a while. Think he managed along with Norman and Mitch Pinto. Steve Russo ?? What department did he work in, sounds familar.. Give Barry my best.

Allan H

davegrape Posted 21 August 2009 08:49

steve russo was kelso’s cousin, he managed the store for a while. Pinto and davey kamet are both done here too. did i tell you that kelso called me a few month ago. it was an interesting call (mostly about people we knew and the fact that he is living in an apt in bklyn owned by a relative) He is broke(so he ssays) take care the grape

Stephan Posted 16 January 2010 09:02

That’s a nice tale you’ve got there about Darlan Rogers, up until the RIP part. Though even that has a certain poetry to it, as part of such a dramatic story.

He’s actually alive and well. I just spoke to him the other day, as a matter of fact. He’s in terrific shape for his age, but I didn’t know he was such a super hero.

Anyone have any other cool stories about his legendary exploits?

Allan H Posted 16 January 2010 10:25

Hey I’m Glad to hear Darlan is well, I always liked hom never had a problem,
How old is he now??
Is he still in Brooklyn?

Thanks Stephan for the update

Happy New Year !


Stephan Posted 17 January 2010 14:31

Yeah, he’s STILL in Brooklyn, after all these years, and he’s 65.

Happy New Year

Happy to have been part of history.

Gary D Posted 24 February 2010 14:00

I was hired by Yoni (this guy could sell ice to an eskimo) at the Liberty and Broadway store in 1985. After 6 months behind the PE counter I went to every other Dept and learned everything very quickly. I was briskly put into the MIT program where I learned everything I could from the man I still remember to this day as being a big influence on me, Lee Sessler.

The days of Perry and I driving out to Edison are quite memorable.

After completing the MIT program I was given the keys as assistant manager @ the ripe age of 22 to the Liberty street store along side Sam Stowers, there I would learn how to run a business.

DM was Mitch Pinto and he was fun to work with, along with Randy C. what a bunch of Characters.

I was moved after a year and a half or so to West 77th and Broadway where I had alot of fun, but in Eddies fashion, controversy came with the move. I forget the DMs name but after about 6 months he fired the manager and moved me up to Manager. My stint there was about a year and then moved onto 57th street for a short time.

My final resting place was West 8th and 6th avenue where Moshe and I took the village by storm, these were great days, Sadly it was near the end and I Put the padlock on the Village store for the last time. The crew all went over to the bar next door and got drunk as shit.

After that we all dispersed, I went over to Trader Horn in Brooklyn and Staten Island Where I was fortunate enough to work wuth the legendary Steve Brodsky Talk about charachter he took the cake, he was the best of the best,

Trader Horn turned out to be a nightmare to say the least, and after that thankfully I finally broke the retail cycle and got out.

And BTW it was INSANE !!! Great times

Looking for Rene

57th St. Lee Posted 11 March 2010 19:50

HI Rene

Crazy Eddie a fraud

_Kendal_ Posted 12 March 2010 15:10

Watching the special Masterminds on TruTV and it’s all about “Crazy Eddie”. ‘An electronics dealer bilks suppliers, employees and government officials of millions of dollars’.
You have to be pretty smart to make it on this show. So what he did was wrong, but he was able to do it, and become a mastermind! It aired in 2005, but is on right now on TruTV. Very interesting to watch!

Marty Kornberg, where are you hiding? Marshall Marder, you too!

Spiegel Beagel Posted 28 August 2009 14:41

You were right about Ozzy. I still think about those videos you used to make, the one with the moving balls and the can crunching soundtrack, the thought of it still makes me laugh. Get in touch. Its good to be the king.

57th St. Lee Posted 17 March 2010 21:11

Marshall Marder was in Video, yes? Is this the Speigel Beagle that lived on Roosevelt Island?

Spiegel Beegle Posted 23 March 2010 14:36

Hey Lee, yes it’s me. How are things? Its been a long time. Hope all is well. I can remember the apartment, and I don’t miss it. I moved to Israel a little over 3 years ago, I love it here.

Where it really all started, it started with SONY.

Spiegel Beegle Posted 24 March 2010 04:06

Sometimes I think about how large the consumer electronics industry is today and where it came from. Just two ideas, the Sony BetaMax and the Sony Walkman 1. I’ve thought about what they really were. The Beta Max took two standard, not new elements and combined them into one box which changed the world. Sony took a VCR, which was not a new invention and a TV tuner, also not a new invention and combined them into one box for the first time. The Walkman 1 was really just a transistor radio that someone had the idea to connect a cheap pair of headphones to. Before that there were just those little mono-earplugs. Sony really never invented anything, they just combined ordinary technology to create something new. PURE GENIUS. I sometimes find myself wondering about that moment of inspiration, if it happened in one night, with someone maybe getting drunk in a Tokyo bar, and just coming up with an idea, and wondering, maybe it would work. The simplicity of that genius moment changed our world. That simple moment gave birth to our glory days.

NAD Man NBW! Posted 05 April 2010 10:15

Spiegel Beegle!
We worked together a long time ago. I thought you might appreciate this article.,17178/

You were always the best! We were lucky to have you! Chag Sameach!

NAD Man NBW! Posted 05 April 2010 10:16,17178/

Spiegel Beegle Posted 05 April 2010 11:22

Cool article, I enjoyed it. I never could figure out how to use those mini discs that came with the Captain Crunch. Kind of reminds me of Windows 386.

Entertainment Marketing guy here

_Dan W_ Posted 14 April 2010 19:42

Wow. I was just doing some thinking about the old days and ran across this site. How cool.
I never had the privilege of meeting any of the CE people, was just a medium sized fish in the Houston pond of EM.
I knew EZ well enough and hope you folks were left with a decent impression of the guy. I have worked in a lot of places and for a lot of people and honestly feel he was the best.
Example I hope never to forget. He had told me if my crew shipped X amount of packages in a day, beer and pizza on him. We hit the total a few weeks later, he ponied up then wandered down to the warehouse, loosened the tie, grabbed a slice of pizza and popped the top of a Bud. Just one of the guys.
But what was really special he went over and spoke to a new hire. She had been there maybe 3 weeks, EZ walks up and asks Joyce how she is liking the job. Not “Hi, you are new, How are things?” More like “Joyce, enjoying working for me.”

EZ really tried to get to know everyone and if you worked, he made sure you were taken care of.
Won’t even mention the Rockets games he took me and the other warehouse supervisors to. Except the couple tims Jordan was there. Classy dude.

Thanks for reviving some good memories.

christmas in august

_andrew fernandez_ Posted 03 August 2010 07:41

h.h.gregg celebrates christmas in july

Passing of A True Pioneer

Eddie W. Posted 31 August 2010 22:52

“The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. ”
The above definition of the word Courage…can no be better exemplified by the true competitor, warrior and pioneer we knew as Dave Pardo. As is in life, bad news travels faster than good and it is in this vain, it is my sad duty to report of his passing last week. A true testimonial to the man cannot be complete without understanding what Dave had to endure in life. Those who don’t know, Dave was the Senior Purchasing Director for CE almost from it’s inception. He was confined to a wheelchair but was far from handicapped. In fact, one would say he was handi-CAPABLE. Gifted with a sharp wit, even sharper pencil and extraordinary skill, he was a main force in the success of CE. Dave was diminutive in physical size yet leaves an enormous hole in the hearts of all who knew him. Interesting story I learned from speaking with Kelso about Dave….he had overcome countless debilitating bouts of respiratory distress over the years yet in the 15 yrs working with and knowing Dave he not once that I can remember complained, made excuses or even showed any of these signs on the job. It appears he won countless battles in life but eventually succumbed to illness and lost the war. In closing it has been asked of me to ask all who knew Dave to please keep his memory alive by posting stories, memories and any other thoughts about Dave so that we may all share and memorialize a true inspiration of a man who truly was very unique. Please forward your blogs as well to the numerous Crazy Eddie Forums on Facebook and twitter. Thank you! Ed Weinberg (E.W)

Great Restaurant!

Eyeballs Posted 07 November 2010 04:33

Nick Zippilli opened The West Side Steakhouse at 597 10th Ave, New York 10036
(Btwn 43rd & 44th St) 212-564-4803

Great Food! Great Atmosphere and service! Stop by if you’re in Manhattan and try it…


_davegrape_ Posted 31 December 2010 14:08


sad news

_davegrape_ Posted 15 February 2011 18:25

It is with a sad heart that i am telling all my cCE friends that Steve Russo has passed away. May he rest in peace

Sad News

_wendy_ Posted 11 April 2011 15:37

Debbie Weiss A’H – former employee of the Syosset store , wife of Ira Weiss ( also former employee of CE) passed away this weekend. Info for anyone who lives on LI the funeral is tomorrow april 12, 2011- 9am at gutterman’s in woodbury . they will be sitting Shiva at the Weiss home 2020 Franklin ave east meadow

long time

dquinn Posted 28 May 2011 15:29

Hi all.david quinn former dm service for ce.I had the honor in the 80s to work with such a great group of people. I managed servoce on coney island a e and queens blvd befoe bbecpming dm on lpng island manhatten what atrip to woek with. Acrew of party animals
too many to mention. Of course dewey wongs was always the best.never forget tommy the bartender. Sending this via phone. Will post more hope all are well. David

davegrape Posted 23 July 2011 08:04

dave quinn. how the heck are yo man. this is dave grape . its been a long time. I am living in south florida. Hope all is well with you. David

dquinn Posted 25 July 2011 10:55

dave grape,how the hell are ya. living in orlando fl 14 years my son is attending FAU in Boca Raton i get down there at least 1 time a month we should get can contact me on facebook david quinn in orlando or @

Brooklyn Warehouse

John C Posted 30 August 2008 21:17

When I started @ CE in 1975, we had 3 stores. I was in the B’klyn store @ 1117 Kings Hwy. Receivers, Amps, Tuners (mostly Kenwood) were upstairs. Turntables (mostly Dual) were in one basement outside and Speakers (mostly AcoustiPhase) were in the other basement. So pulling a complete “system” was a pain in the ass. Mitchell was at the register and MC was the Manager. Steve Russo (Eddie’s cousin) brought me in. I figured I’d be there a couple of months….I was with the Company for 14 years.I’ve got more stories than you could imagine. When Eddie opened the Bronx store (DNS) he shipped me out to run “Stock”. I was there during the “Blackout” and what a night that was. The Looters didn’t get a damn thing. Why?….Because we were crazier than they were (thanks Moe and Brodsky). I started the softball team there and then Brooklyn (ULS) and 6th Avenue (SND) followed suit. From there I moved to the Warehouse to run the operation with Dave Neiderbach (because it sucked….too many Qualudes (Lot 714)). Shout out to Roy Glorioso, Dom Filangeri, Josh Falstein and so many others who sacrificed their bodies and their time.
Then I went out to the stores to re-design the stockrooms and install racking overnight to double their storage space and monitor the “stockroom” operations.
When Eddie started opening stores at a fevered pitch I went out and measured the stockrooms and prepared for the arrival of the merchandise. The setup team was called “The E-Team” and we were awesome. Shoutout to everyone who worked so hard, partied so hard and got those stores opened on time under tremendous pressure (Hi Ray Navarrete, Steve Pasquariello…my good friends. Hell, I got served my divorce papers at the Flushing opening.
Well that’s enough for now. Hope to hear from other “old friends” soon.
John “C”

Johnny C. Posted 15 August 2011 14:39

Hi John!

I worked with you for about a year!

You were my supervisor at the warehouse – I was there from October 1979 till August 1980. I got hired right before “Rockin’ Ronnie” remember him?

I’m also John C! I enjoyed being on your crew – you made it fun – I still remember you were a cool guy to work for. My problem was I never slept at night and I called in sick too much so Dave had to let me go!

I remember a lot about my short time there, because it was so much fun.
Rockin’ Ronnie, Ken, the head of the basement that also was a bagel maker!

Steve the very sharp-witted supervisor! He cracked me up because he was so sarcastic!

Roy’s wife having the baby!

Working thru that holiday season was awesome – we got the job done – entire trailers full of turntables – boom – taken care of.

Trailers full of Acousti-Phase speakers – Boom got it done.

You used to do this sideways dance that cracked up up.

Do you remember me at all – I was (and am) a big guy – 6’3″ and almost as big around the middle lol.

I hope you get this notification!

Johnny C.


corey Posted 23 August 2008 13:06

My nephew told me about this site a few day’s ago and I can’t shut this goddamn site off.I was very lucky that I got too travel too all the stores.This wasn’t a job.I can’t consider something I loved doing work.It didn’t end when you punched out it just continued at a club,bar or someones house.I started in 79 in the warehouse as a truck driver. I drove with Solly,captain ed,dom,tommy d ,fredd, bobby & me.Inside was john c,david n,kenny,vinny,roy,josh,pete,ROCKIN RON,and steve before he got canned for being too stoned.Also worked out in smithtown for a while and had great times their too.finished with eddie’s in 1986.I wouldn’t trade this part of my life for anything in this world.I met my wife donna working there and just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. We have 3 great kids ages 18,17, and 11.Ediie may have screwed everyone in the end including himself but I would still shake his hand and thank him for putting us all together at the right time,in the same place in what amounted too the greatest company I have ever or will ever work for.Your all the best!!!!
Corey J

Allan H Posted 24 August 2008 21:12

Hi Corey,

I worked FT then PT while going to College in the Brooklyn Coney Island ave Store.
Sorry, I don’t recognize your name. I remember Soly and Norman A. Alan A. Robert was the stock manager, Dave Grape. Mitch P. Mary M.

I agree it was a great company fun to work for
had a blast! However.. I do remember once every 6 months being called in for the LDT. Were you ? most of us were and it was not very pleasant. I think for you to say you would shake his hand is ridiculous! he misrepresented the company to stock holders, hurt investors (and long term faithful employees) by not being honest. Eddie did not practice what he preached nor did the others involved, and you know who they were.

It was a great time great company .. Eddie and the Antar family made a ton of money, he did not have to manipulate the numbers ..

Best Regards,

Allan H

Johnny C. Posted 15 August 2011 14:49

Corey, I think I remember you! I worked at the warehouse for about a year, Fall of 1979 thru August 1980. I was hired right before Rockin’ Ronnie! LOL @ Steve being too stoned! He used to try and be Mr. Sarcasm, but I thought he was hilarious, he cracked me up. Working for John C – he was the best.

If you’re who I think you are – and I’m sorry if I’m wrong – your truck was hijacked and they wanted you to go to court? I had to ride in the truck sometimes when they wanted an extra body. If that’s isn’t you, again I’m sorry.

I agree with everything you said about the fun of working in that warehouse. I only worked there less than a year – and I still miss it to this day – I was young and very stupid – I wanted to burn the candle at both ends, so I stayed up all night and called in sick too much!

But that short time, working thru Christmas 1979 and getting those truckloads of stereo equipment unloaded from the trailers, and then the next morning, filling those trucks to go to the store – great teamwork and getting the job done, was great!

My name is John C — but Im not the supervisor! Do you remember me at all?

Central Ave Store

JewishGuy Posted 19 July 2007 22:42

My first job was @ the Central Ave Store in White Plains, and I worked in the Audio Department. I was there for about a year or so sometime around 1985, anyone else from there?

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 20 July 2007 01:13

I was in Hartsdale from ’83-’87. I worked in the Service Dept. as the manager of the Repair Techs. At the time, it was me, Lenny Caruso and James Hamada. Possibly David Chang also.

Spiegel Beagel Posted 20 July 2007 10:59

I have what I think is a stupid Hartsdale story. I was training as a manager there with Harold & Bobby and one night this guy walked in and tells me a story about how he’s waiting about 2 years to get his Zenith proj screen TV back from service. I started laughing when I heard the story, repeating incredulously, “2 years!.” Sure enough when I went back to service to check it out, I thought I was just going through the motions, the guys TV was sitting there. How could a TV be in service for 2 years? Apparently no one ordered a crate to have it packed up in so it could be returned to the customer. I still wonder, how is that possible? 2 fucking years!!!

Also….. who was the guy that was shitting all over the walls after saturday lunches?

Grapevine Posted 20 July 2007 11:59

How could a TV be in service for 2 years? Apparently no one ordered a crate to have it packed up in so it could be returned to the customer. I still wonder, how is that possible? 2 fucking years!!!
Also….. who was the guy that was shitting all over the walls after saturday lunches?

Why that guy, would be the owner of the Zenith!!

JewishGuy Posted 20 July 2007 20:38

Originally posted by Shoof Da Biz!:
I was in Hartsdale from ’83-’87. I worked in the Service Dept. as the manager of the Repair Techs. At the time, it was me, Lenny Caruso and James Hamada. Possibly David Chang also.

David Chang sounds familiar to me…

I don’t remember anyone specifically in service but 3 other names I remember who were all salespeople: upfront was a guy named Mauro (how can one forget that name, he had spiked up hair and his brother also worked there altho I don’t remember which department or his bro’s name).
I was in the Audio department and myh mgr was a guy named Charles (tall thin brotha) and I remember one of my coworkers in the Audio dept was a brotha named John Lawyer; that was his real name.

I worked in Audio and I was far and away the SC king. I remember selling and making more in Audio selling Sc’s than almost everyone in the Video dept… which was unheard of!

JBCS Posted 02 August 2007 21:26

I worked at the Central Ave. Store from 1985-1987. I’m Jeff from Car Stereo. I worked in Car Stereo with Marcus. I used to hang out with Mauro. Do you remember Matty? He worked in the Audio dept. along with Bob O’Conner. Also Hans, in the record dept., and John in P.E. Remember the snake in the stock room?
Lotsa fun memories from that store…..

ra Posted 07 August 2007 10:51


Shoof Da Biz! Posted 09 August 2007 09:54

The people OUTSIDE of my department I remember from Hartsdale were:

– Mary, Leslie and Ruby (reg girls)
– Reggie (stock)
– Anthony, Hans and Elaine (records/video)
– Jeff D. (car audio)
– Jimmy (security guard)

Of course, there was Harold Morris and Bobby Ackerman, but Ackerman doesn’t count as a person to me.

Does anyone remember the ill-fated JEWELRY department??? Now THAT was a stretch!!!

JewishGuy Posted 20 August 2007 06:53

Originally posted by JBCS:
I worked at the Central Ave. Store from 1985-1987. I’m Jeff from Car Stereo. I worked in Car Stereo with Marcus. I used to hang out with Mauro. Do you remember Matty? He worked in the Audio dept. along with Bob O’Conner. Also Hans, in the record dept., and John in P.E. Remember the snake in the stock room?
Lotsa fun memories from that store…..

Did Bob O’conner work in Video and was a lil rotund, w/ a mustache? If so, I remember him. Now that you mention Hands I remember him also

What was Mauro’s brothers name again, anyone remember; he worked there also?

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 20 August 2007 12:15

Does anyone remember the big husho that wound up with the kishing of guys from Car Stereo as well as some Greenburgh P.D. security guards??? That was pretty heavy! :O

Mr. Kish Posted 29 August 2007 20:42

I worked in Hartsdale from 1981 to 1983 in the audio department.

Mrs. Whitney is on line 2.

maryc Posted 21 September 2007 00:36

Worked at the Hartsdale store from 80-81 answering the phones, stuffed in a corner in the back of the store. Forced to say “Thanks for calling CE, it’s Christmas in August!” Horrible job, great people.

hans Posted 18 October 2007 00:01

Wow !
I just stumbled across this forum!
I worked in the Hartsdale Record Dept. for a long time, and I had a blast! The people I met along the way were amazing!
After Crazy Eddie’s I opened up a “CD only” store, went out of business because I was underfinanced, and then reluctantly went back to Europe for a while.
Upon my return to NY in 1988 I finally got myself a job working for a record company, and stayed in the music biz until 2003, when I retired to South West FL.
Anyway, hope everyone is doing well !
All the best,

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 19 October 2007 14:20

Hey Hans,

You once let me drive your Porsche 928 around the parking lot, and I almost drove it off of the driveway ramp behind Turco’s. Do you remember who I am?

BTW- Still have the long blonde locks???

JewishGuy Posted 19 October 2007 20:10

What a SMALL world… I, also, now, live in SW Florida too.

You probably don’t remember me but I remember you. I worked there from appx 85 till the Poughkeepsie store opened in 86/87 and left soon after.

Grapevine Posted 19 October 2007 21:55

Poughkeepsie store opened Sept 1986, I have the video of the store being built and the opening day. I was one of the store managers along with Brett Hemnes (deceased) and Dennis Caponero, living in SW Florida. I am in SE Florida. Plus I was MIT in Hartsdale in 85 waiting for Poughkeepsie to be opened.

Grapevine Posted 19 October 2007 21:59

Did you work under Scott Kaufman?

hans Posted 21 October 2007 13:38

Hi Shoof Da Biz –

Unfortunately I let a lot of people drive my cars, but I’m sure I would remember if I got a hint
And, no long blond locks anymore…45 years old with 2 young kids…I’m happy to have any hair left !
Jewish Guy- Where in SW Florida are you? I’m on Marco Island, but I have offices on Marco and in Naples (FT.Lauderdale is still 4-5 months off).
Grapevine- Yes, Scott was the one that hired me. He was very very good to me. I learned a lot from him!

hans Posted 21 October 2007 16:22

Great times!
Mauro’s brother was Claudio.
Both were friends with Johnny Picolino, who left and opened a great Pizza place on Rt.119, and then bought a restaurant in Tarrytown on the water.
Claudio I believe works for an airline, and Mauro I think works on cruise-ships.
Anthony Procino in the video rental dept. opened his own video store on City Island (but that was years ago).

Grapevine Posted 21 October 2007 16:36

and I remember them all….
Claudio Jacobellis (mispell) was “Claudio from audio”

The audio crew during those initial years were, Claudio (who also sold car stereo), Claude Morgan, Stanley, Chuck Trepeda. I need to think of the rest. Video deck was John, Paul.
And the infamous Charlie D. stock mgr. PE had “the fox”, Mike Catallano just to name a few.

hans Posted 21 October 2007 18:39

Remember Louie J and Pistol Pete from Villagio’s next door, or John Sia from Epsteins?
Or what about Keith from car-stereo ?
Jimmy Laboy or Chaz Cumella from the record dept?

hans Posted 21 October 2007 19:05

Louie Mezzone and Gary Norman ?
I think Gary moved to Texas…

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 21 October 2007 19:41

Well Hans, in your department I remember you, Anthony and Elaine, who was “family”.

Anthony used to hold all the best movies for me and Lenny in service to “review” while we were repairing VCR’s.

Then there was the ever-cool Reggie May in stock. I do remember Johnny Piccolino, as well as Jeff from Car Audio. Then there were the Reg G’s: Mary, Ruby, and Leslie.

And yes, who could forget Louie at Villagio’s?

JewishGuy Posted 21 October 2007 21:37

I’m in Ft Myers (actually N. Ft Myers). Coincidentally last night I went to Oktoberfest held at the “German/American Social Club” of Cape Coral and I had a BLAST; I never truly realized how much fun German’s can be… being the Jew I am πŸ˜‰

There were a few thousand people there and rides, festivities, dancing and, of course, beer!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 22 October 2007 01:49

Hey Hans,

It’s Big John from Service. Me and Lenny Caruso used to service stuff in the tech shop. You and I always talked music, especially since I used to have a rehearsal room in the Queens Music Building right upstars from your Anthrax buddies. Still have the guitar with the leopard spots that you got from Scotty???

hans Posted 22 October 2007 09:08

Ha! I would have guessed right !
How are you Big John ?
Nope, most of my guitars have kind of disappeared over the years…What can you do…
Are you still in NY?

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 22 October 2007 09:47

Yeah, I’m in Long Island, land of high taxes! Still in the music biz, gigging and also doing service on musical instruments and pro audio in midtown. Check here:

dBm Pro Audio

So, you’re retired, huh? The music biz must have been awfully good to you. Nice to be free!

Good to catch up with you. I have found lots of CE alumni along the way. Damn, it sure WAS crazy!!!

prodbam Posted 22 October 2007 10:01

All the Hartsdale chat is compelling me to post this morning. I remember Hans! I remember his store openiong accross the street, and In fact taking a road trip to CT to pick inventory for the opening, many tight turns in the Porsche on the Merrit.

I remember being the district mgr of “records” during many record breaking xmas seasons, Hans you were a big part.

Someone in this thread mentioned Scott Kaufman, he unfornunatlly pass away a few years back after many years with “the WIZ”, I miss him.

hans Posted 22 October 2007 17:18

Hi prodbam –

Scotty passed away ? I’m very bummed to hear that…He was an awesome guy that helped my personal growth quite a bit! I remember him being nice enough to come to my parents house to talk my dad into letting me come to work in the record dept.
I’ll never forget how good he was to me!
Big John – I busted my rear for a long time to finally get an A&R job at Interscope Records in the early 90’s, where I made a bunch of records bfore being hired by MCA Records, where I spent 11 years climbing the corporate ladder…Signed a bunch of great artists and helped make a bunch of cool records…When we accidentally sold almost 14 million Shaggy records, I thought it was time to leave on a high note, and got out of dodge just as MCA was being absorbed by Interscope/Geffen…
Onwards and upwards…The retirement thing got boring pretty quickly, so now I co-own a local real estate brokerage, mortgage and title….blah blah blah

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 23 October 2007 00:07

Hey Hans, that sounds a lot like my brother’s story, except he worked at Capitol in Hollywood. He hated the corporate thing, and I don’t blame him. He recently got his CA real estate license, even though he has been seriously busy mixing just about everyone for 5.1 DVD.

14 million Shaggy records… Just goes to show you what has happened to the music business. Makes me wanna vomit! :{

Sounds like you had a good run in the biz. It ain’t what it used to be, and you left on a high note. THAT is what counts.

hans Posted 23 October 2007 11:21

John – I ran into your brother in a studio in LA years ago…small world!
Hey, I’ve got nothing to complain about. In hindsight there were a bunch of incredible people that helped me along the way, and I had a great run…
There’s a book out called “So you wanna’ be a Rockn’roll star” by Jacob Slichter. Get ahold of a copy…You will laugh your ass off, it’s a great read!

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 23 October 2007 14:20

I’m on my way to Borders Books right now! It’ll go good with my OTHER book “Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things”, as well as my Spinal Tap DVD!

You ran into my brother in LA? Why am I not surprised?

Yes, it is a small, SMALL world Hans!

Hey, I found your pic on the web. A little less hair (well OK, perhaps not so little) and a few more pounds, but just as I remember…from 24 years ago!

dupree Posted 09 November 2007 10:48

What happened to Scott Kaufman? He & Maria were good friends in our “eddie times”.He even found us years later by searching the net..

Originally posted by prodbam:
All the Hartsdale chat is compelling me to post this morning. I remember Hans! I remember his store openiong accross the street, and In fact taking a road trip to CT to pick inventory for the opening, many tight turns in the Porsche on the Merrit.

I remember being the district mgr of “records” during many record breaking xmas seasons, Hans you were a big part.

Someone in this thread mentioned Scott Kaufman, he unfornunatlly pass away a few years back after many years with “the WIZ”, I miss him.

JBCS Posted 11 January 2008 21:17

Hey! This thread has been quiet since November, so I thought I’d post to get it moved back up top. This is Jeff from Car Stereo BTW. I want to say hi to Hans, incase he checks back here. Not sure if you remember me, but I was in Car Stereo in Hartsdale from 1985 – 1987, when you were in Records.
I’m also shocked to hear the sad news about Scott. I saw him a few times at The Wiz in Scarsdale. I was always amazed that he was still doing the same job that I had left decades earlier *lol*. RIP Scott!!
To the rest of you….hope all is well!

JewishGuy Posted 12 January 2008 10:48

I might remember you Jeff. Did you have curly hair and a mustache w/ a lil hairline in the center of your chin beneath it?

Also, if I remember correctly, did u used to play Tennis?

JBCS Posted 18 January 2008 21:48

Hi Jewishguy,
Nope, I had fairly short, straight, dark brown hair and no facial hair…and don’t play tennis either. I’m not sure who you’re thinking of. I worked in Car Stereo with Marcus. I don’t think his hair was curly at that time either.

REEPS Posted 11 April 2008 14:25

Hey Shoof – I just happened to log on to this website and saw your reference to my “systems” for service.
I’m glad you found them of some help.
Just out of curiosity, what’s your real name? Mine’s David, in case you haven’t figured that out by now.

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 24 April 2008 00:17

Dave, it’s John Frondelli. Of COURSE I know who you are! And yes, the system STILL works!

Good to hear from you. Shoot me an e-mail!

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 21:48

Originally posted by hans:
Louie Mezzone and Gary Norman ?

I think Gary moved to Texas…
We used to call him Louie Calzone, I worked for debbie service from 82-to-84. Larry Eidelman was my supv. used to go to villagio w/ Jan from video, & Joel from service,also went out with Daria the phone girl for 3 yrs. Great fun.

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 21:56

Hey tell

Lenny Caruso Mike McCabe from debbie service says hi! I remember when he was hired & worked with him,John Wand, Dave Dimiceli, & of course “Mandarin Man”

Mcmusicman Posted 29 May 2008 22:12

The notorious “Tesh Monster” who prophetically shit on the walls was none other than a guy named Tony T from PE. We were the unhappy recipients of the tesh cleaning duties because we,(service),were the closest dept. to it.

EliF Posted 05 June 2008 08:44

Hi All….
I got my first job at “Crazy Eddies”, fresh off the boat from Israel in 1984..What a blast that was!!
Its me, Eli Freedman, from the Video Department, where I worked with, to name a few, Gary Norman, Richard Ilse, Mark,(The SKUNK) Rob Issow and too many others that I cant recall..I remember, Harold, Bobby, Hans (OF COURSE!!) Mauro, Jeff..Was really incredible fun….People were great and was a real eye opener in retail sales..I moved on from there to, The Wiz and managed Rodneys Video Warehouse for awhile….
Left N.Y. for Canada in 1996….and in 2008, arrived, with my Harley, in Israel…..See if I can acclimate after so many years..
Great that there is a web site for some GREAT memories..
All the best to you all and those that remember the FUN!!
Take care,
Eli Freedman

hans Posted 05 June 2008 10:09

Eli! Great to hear that you are well !!!!!!
All the best to you !!!

Allan H Posted 05 June 2008 16:21

Hi Eli,

I worked in the Brooklyn, NY store PT from 1982-1984. I do not remember you. I wish you the best.

EliF Posted 06 June 2008 09:48

Wow, hard to believe after ALL these years….Saw you on your webpage..looking Great!!
I actually read about you some years ago, in Newsweek, I think, about your Japanese Tattoos!!
Been here in Israel for 2 months, shipped over my Harley, my eldest son is here, in the Army, so thought it was a good time to come over and see whats happening…You where a BIG influence on my motorcycle passion, though was never into sport bikes, you were an AWESOME rider!!
This site really brings back some fantastic memories of some great people I met….and you for sure, were one of them…
I lost contact with Gary Norman awhile back, though I heard he was in Texas…I remember Louie,Johnny Picolino ,Mauro and Claudio..Heard about Scott, real bummer, cuz he hired me when I went to the Wiz..Real class act guy..
Anyway, sounds like you did VERY well Hans, happy to hear that and that all is well….and as they say, “its the good people you meet on the journey, that makes it worthwhile”….
All the best to you and your family…..
All my best,
P.S….To Allan H…Thanks for good wishes..I worked in the Hartsdale store..1984-1987…Best back at ya!!

JBCS Posted 11 June 2008 19:59

Hi Eli,
I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember you. I’m Jeff from Car Stereo. I worked at the Central Ave. store from 1985 to 87 or 88. I worked with all the guys you mentioned, like Mauro and Louie and Johnnie and Scott, etc. Also a few other guys you might remember…Marcus Last(Car Stereo), Jon Fink (P.E.), Bob O’Conner(I think he was in computers), Mattie Bloom (on the floor selling those “great” Fisher rack systems and trying to pick up girls *lol*).
Those were good times!!

EliF Posted 12 June 2008 02:16

Hi Jeff,
There were SO many people that worked at Hartsdale and at my advanced age, (LOL!!) hard to remember them all…I worked in the begining, part time, in computers,(I was finishing a degree) than hired full time, right to Video…I worked with Gary Norman (Always tried to beat him in S.C’c, but was HARD..He was the KING!!) I was there, between, 1984-1987…I was a tall, big, guy, dark skinned, with a moustache,,if this helps..In any event, great to hear from all on this site, brings back some great memories, from a time, that really was….INSANE!!
All my best to you,
Eli Freedman…Somewhere in the HolyLand….

JewishGuy Posted 12 June 2008 19:18

Also a few other guys you might remember…Marcus Last(Car Stereo), Jon Fink (P.E.), Bob O’Conner(I think he was in computers), Mattie Bloom (on the floor selling those “great” Fisher rack systems and trying to pick up girls *lol*).
Those were good times!!

Bob O’conner worked in Video if I’m not mistaken. Kinda a “rotund” guy with a mustache. I was there for just One year about 85 and I worked in Audio where I was SC King! I remember Hans, Mauro, Charles (Audio Mgr), John Lawyer (who I used to “burn one” with in the parking lot before work) and a guy named Jeff from car Stereo, who I played Tennis with.

I stay in Ft Myers, FL now which is not far at all from where Hans is now; him and I were never very friendly but I do remember him with his long hair.

I also remember a phone girl named Cindy Smook who used to live in Dix Hills on L.I. I believe…because I was flirting with her before I left.

I got picked to open Poughkeepsie but somehow in the Xfer I got a different job and left the crazy Crazy Eddie family.

My name is Paul, btw

Claudio Posted 10 August 2008 02:14

Hey everybody! I saw this totally by accident, thought I’d say hello, Claudio.

vanessa Posted 11 September 2008 14:13

hi all, i googled crazy eddies today because i bumped into someone i used to work with there and all the good memories came flooding back. i worked in the record department from 87 or 88 until the store closed in 89. a lot of you are from the earlier days, anyone from the latter years?
p.s. hi claudio, tell mauro i said hi

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 11 September 2008 15:46

Anyone know what became of Peter Tortora (mgr.), Leslie and Ruby (Reg G’s), Reggie and Bob (Stock), and Anthony and Elaine (Records).Jimmy Muranelli and Joe DeLeo (Security)? Also, in my department, Joel Arthur, Randy Adams, Bruce Turner, Richie, Mike Castellano?

Who remembers the ill-fated “Jewelry Department”?

My favorite departments were Villagio and Turco’s!

hans Posted 11 September 2008 16:23

Anthony opened up a video store on City Island. Not sure if he or the store are still there.
Elaine had some serious personal tragedy and lost her son to Hodgkins around 1988/1989
Then some years ago she also had some serious health related issues but have heard through the rumor mill that she is doing ok.

Ha! The jewelry Dept! That was right around 1986? What was that girls name ?

Grapevine Posted 11 September 2008 16:44

I can speak for Mike Catalano (aka the Fox)-Hartsdale PE and Mike Farewell, Hartsdale, Joanne Farewell, Hartsdale, Dennis Capanero, Westbury and Poughkleepsie, Trudy Newman, Poughkeepsie and many others all in contact and doing well. Looking to re-unite with SR, and Nick Zippilli

JewishGuy Posted 11 September 2008 17:18

Hey Claudio, I remember you…

My name is Paul and I worked in Home Audio, also, selling those “awesome” Fisher racks LOL. I worked w/ John Lawyer, and Charles; I also remember a Jeff from there who I used to play Tennis with.

It was your brother that had the “up do” wasn’t it?

Also, something that HE DID that I still do to this day… and credit him with is….. sometimes when I “yawn” I’ll say…. “O my ME” which I heard him do and that it was funny as shittt.

Is he still around?

Shoof Da Biz! Posted 12 September 2008 00:34

Originally posted by hans:
Ha! The jewelry Dept! That was right around 1986? What was that girls name ?

Her name escapes me, but I DO remember she was a gorgeous blonde with a Yonkers cop for a husband. NEXT!!! :O

It was around the same time that they wanted to start a “white goods” department, aka home appliances.

I remember when The Wiz opened down on Central Avenue just before the holiday season. Boy, were Harold and Bobby pissed!!!

Mauro Posted 15 September 2008 00:31

Hello everyone from the past. It is really interesting as I read everyones messages how the memories come back. Things were very different back then, there was something fun about working at Eddies, we did things that would never fly in todays world. We were never going to make a fortune there, but it would be a new adventure everyday.

Hi Vanessa, how are you?

I spent a while traveling around the world. I live in South Florida now, I’v been here since 1996. The winters are much better down here!

Hans, you aren’t far from me!

Mauro Posted 15 September 2008 00:34

Oh, by the way…I had really long hair for a few years, about 2 feet long. Now I am back to short hair standing straight up again!

JewishGuy Posted 15 September 2008 09:25

Originally posted by Mauro:
Hello everyone from the past. It is really interesting as I read everyones messages how the memories come back. Things were very different back then, there was something…

I spent a while traveling around the world. I live in South Florida now, I’v been here since 1996. The winters are much better down here!


This is Paul from Audio with the bro’s John Lawyer and the Dept Mgr, Charles, u remember him… and me?


I also live in SW FL myself now (Ft Myers/Cape Coral area). What city in the Sunshine State do u stay in?

Hans, you aren’t far from me!

vanessa Posted 15 September 2008 09:29

hey mauro,

so nice to hear from you. i’m doing good. home for now with 2 kids in ct (not looking forward to the winters here!) how did you end up in florida?

hans Posted 15 September 2008 14:49

Mauro! You’re down here too ? I think we should pick a place and have a post Crazy Eddie’s Florida party!
Are you on the West or on the East Coast?
I’m in Miami and Ft.Lauderdale all the time…

Mauro Posted 16 September 2008 00:55


I remember all of you guys, which is amazing, it seems as we get older we forget more.

I never realized so many people have moved down here. I know Papo used to live near me, but he moved to the Orlando area.

I live on the East side in Miramar, which is West of Hollywood. I am just off Interstate 75 near the end, exit 7B. I used to work in downtown Miami, but we moved the office to Doral.

Vanessa, I have been working in the Cruise Ship industry since 1992, on ships and now off. It seems that Florida is central to this industry! I have 2 kids too, a 2 year old and a six year old, how old are yours?

Hans, what are you doing? You haven’t talked to my brother in a while have you? Let me know when you might be in the area.

vanessa Posted 16 September 2008 12:03

mauro, i have a 1 and a half year old boy and 10 year old girl. two different worlds!! i worked for a wall street company, nine west, my daughters’ school for a while… and i still don’t know what i want to do when i grow up!! it must have been cool to see the world. what did you do on and now off the ships?

Mauro Posted 17 September 2008 00:34


Wow, that is a big difference in age! Why grow up, have fun with the kids while you can.

When I was working on the ships I was the Lighting Director for the shows. The last ship I worked on as Crew was in 96, we sailed around the world and on there I did both Sound & lights for the shows.

Now and for the past 9 years I work for a company that builds the Cruise ships, we install all the entertainment systems onboard, all the lighting, sound, video, public address and more. All the new ships are built in Europe and we have offices in Italy and in France, the office I work in here in Miami mainly deals with the repairs and retrofits.

I Used to travel a lot to the ships for repairs and to the ship yards for when the ships are in dry-dock, but now I mainly stay in the office, I am the Technical Operations Manager for our office.

vanessa Posted 17 September 2008 15:11

mauro, which cruise line do you work for? we just took a cruise in august to bermuda. is it hard to work in an office now after traveling so much?

do you remember when a bunch of us went to the poconos for the weekend? i think chris, you, and i had a contest to see who can stay up the longest. i think i won!!!

Mauro Posted 18 September 2008 00:27

When I worked on ship I worked for Norwegian Cruise line, Costa Cruise line and Royal Cruise line, the last one doesn’t exist anymore. Now I work with most of the Cruise line but mainly Carnival Cruise line.

I like Bermuda, I spent a bit of time there. Since the ships would stay for about three days there, I had a bicycle onboard and I would ride all over the island. If I tried that now I would have a heart attack.

I don’t remember going to Poconos, you shure it was me? Not that I can trust my memory! What did we do there and Chris who?

vanessa Posted 18 September 2008 09:01


am i really talking to mauro? i thought my memory was bad. i don’t remember too much from that weekend either. i was hoping you would remember to fill in some gaps. chris was the guy i was really good friends with that worked in the record department with me. he was manager or asst. he was philippino and chain smoked?

now you have to tell me something so i believe it’s really you!!

JewishGuy Posted 18 September 2008 11:22

Hi Vanessa,

Although I dont believe we know each other, we both know Mauro. Two things that immediately come to mind to me as to if “he is he” is both the NAME (i’ve never in my life met another Mauro, have you?) and, also, the distinctive spiked hair he referenced.

Not trying to stick my big Jewish nose lol where its not needed, but if u add those two together, it must be he… to me anyway!

JewishGuy Posted 18 September 2008 11:28

Suggestion to EVERYONE here….

Less than two weeks ago I signed up for Facebook ( and got instantly connected with almost a dozen people I hadn’t seen in over 25 years, from my High School, upon a little further search I see over a dozen more I know but haven’t “connected” with them because of lack of time on my part…. but, I also searched for Crazy Eddie on Facebook and although like 2 dozen entries came back, I don’t believe ANY of those are from “our” Crazy Eddie.

I suggest everyone here go there, sign up, and maybe move and/or supplement this board with that site; I’ve been online for like 15 years and I have to say I’m genuinely impressed with facebook.

Just a suggestion, but that site can add another perspective to YOUR life and help u reconnect with people from your past!

hans Posted 18 September 2008 17:19

I’ve been on Facebook and myspace for some time and could not agree more!

Robert Dudley Posted 18 September 2008 20:32


Mauro Posted 19 September 2008 00:56


I know I am me, that much I remember and I rarely have met anyone with my name in this country, a few in Italy. I tend to be a very visual person, if I see something I remember it better. More and more is coming back, I feel the memories in there I just can’t get to them.

I worked at four different Crazy Eddie stores, I started in Hartsdale until Harold made me quit. I then worked in Nanuet for a while, then Paramas, became a store Manager and ended up in Yonkers until the store closed in October 1989.

I think you guys are right about Facebook, I have been reluctant to get involved with those types of sites but I do think it is a good way to find people we have lost contact with.

vanessa Posted 19 September 2008 08:46

sorry about questioning you. i was just surprised that you didn’t remember the trip or chris. you definitely drove up together and i think you guys even got lost.
jewish guy, thanks for the reassurance!!!

JBCS Posted 20 September 2008 15:26

Mauro J.!! It’s been a long time, you jedge! *lol* Last time I saw you, you were driving that little Honda. As soon as I saw your post on here, I started remembering all kinds of stuff, like the time you, Marcus and I drove down to Florida with your Mother following us. We had a CB radio in the car, and the whole ride down, you kept trying to reach you Mother, who for some reason rarely answered. I just remember hearing “Gabri…Gabri…Gabri…” over and over again. And then there was a snowy night in winter when we went to the parking lot of that school on Concorde Road and you were driving around backwards doing reverse donuts.
Hopefully by now you remember who I am. (Jeff from Car Stereo….formerly from Dobbs Ferry.)
Lot’s more memories too, but for now, just wanted to say “hello”. Glad to hear you’re doing well!

Mauro Posted 21 September 2008 23:42


Hello, I do remember, I think back then I had the Gold Honda Acccord and then after that I had the Blue Honda Prelude. The Prelude lasted a long time, I finally got rid of it in 1999. My mother is still in New York and I still say the same thing, I just need to say it louder now. I miss doing the fun stuff like those donuts in the snow, it has been a long time since I have seen snow!

What ever happened to Marcus, I think the last time I remember seeing him he was still recovering from his motercycle accident?

Where are you now and what are you up to?

I hope everything is well with you too!

JBCS Posted 22 September 2008 20:08

Hi Mauro,
Yes…back then you had the gold Accord. I don’t remember the Prelude though. I’m trying to remember what car I had. It was either the white Monte Carlo or the white Grand Prix.
Is your Mother still in the same house?
Yeah, I guess you don’t get too much snow down in Florida! lol.
Marcus moved around and lived in a few different states. If you read back to some of the early posts in this thread, you’ll see where I found him on here. We spoke on the phone a few times and were supposed to get together but that hasn’t happended yet. He lives in NYC btw.
I’m still in New York…living in Putnam County now. I got married about 6 years ago and my wife and I bought a house in Brewster. I work in Westchester as a staff accountant.
Wow…it’s sure been a long time since I talked to you. Had to be in the late 80’s, right? We’re talking nearly 20 years ago!! Where does time go! Any idea what ever happened to Tony Ferraro? I bet he’s some famous brain surgeon now. lol!

Petert Posted 02 December 2008 13:46

It’s Peter T. I can’t believe I found this site, I am enjoying the memories. Hope all are doing well, I am also living in Florida. It’s good to move on, but it’s great to hear from all of you. Hans I remeber your store very well. Claudio do you still have hair to spike, you must have gone through at least 30 women in a month.

Grapevine Posted 02 December 2008 21:36

Hey Peter

Where in Florida are you? I’m in West Palm area. I worked with you in Hartsdale way back!!!

Petert Posted 04 December 2008 16:33

Grapvine who are you? I am living in Port Saint Lucie so I am pretty close.

Eddie W. Posted 14 January 2009 10:05

Im not sure if you guys remember me….I was Mgr in Training in like 1982?? with Bobby Ack and Harold. I went on to work up in Norwalk to train when it first opened then transferred back to Brooklyn when my son was born in 1983. I dont remember many names…except for JJ (jim Johnson) who worked in audio/computer sales…and of course Charles…who i knew from the Union store ….does anyone remember me?
Eddie W (EW)

rx7bob Posted 17 March 2009 23:34

Hi Everyone , I just found this site. WOW , it’s been a long time. Jewish Guy ( Paul) I worked with you in Hartsdale , first PE then Audio the Rotund Bob was another guy . Marcus & Jeff how are you guys . Jeff I also know you from Dobbs High School. Peter T, Hans Mauro , Johnnie P. and many others . and yes I remeber Matty Bloom . Tony Marcello , Paul Gearity , Gary Norman , Pete McCabe , John , Reggie from service , Ruby Kahn and her sister Nina . it seems like another life. Hope all are well. Happy St Pats

JBCS Posted 01 April 2009 21:06

Ok rx7bob….you have me stumped. I’m trying to remember what other Dobbs Ferry person worked at Eddie’s with me. I’m sure as soon as you tell me your name, I’ll feel like an idiot for not remembering! LOL
You sure do have a good memory for names though. I remember a bunch of the names you listed, but not all of them. I love your description of “Rotund Bob” LOL. That was Bob O’Conner btw. Him and I went up to help out in the opening of the Enfield, CT store.
Glad you found this place. It’s a great blast from the past!!

rx7bob Posted 05 April 2009 22:14

Jeff , I am Bob O’Connor , and yes we drove up to Enfield . we went to Dobbs Ferry High School , Maybe your memory isn’t that good.

EliF Posted 24 August 2009 11:05

Hi All.
Its Eli Freedman ..Havent been here in awhile, hope all is well out there in cyberspace!!
I dont know if anyone remembers Rob Issow, worked at Eddies, around 1981-1984, with Rodney Wolman, who later, was Rodneys Video Warehouse, in and around White Plains?
Well, Rob, passed away awhile ago, in Ohio,were he had for a few years a very succesful business..Heres the link…
Thought thiose that remembered him, would like to know..R.I.P. Rob….

Spiegel Beagel Posted 27 August 2009 15:27

I remember Rob Issow. I didn’t know him well but I feel like I know him a bit better after seeing his sculptures. His work is very cool. He brought some beauty into the world. Rob Issow is a cool guy.

TonyBee Posted 09 December 2009 23:17

My name is Tony. I worked at eddies from 80 to 83. I was dating Judy the register girl and we ended up getting married. I worked with charlie dalio in stock. We ended up working on the warehousein jersey.
I went to see Eddie, Mitchell and Alan antar a few years ago in jersy. They were doing ok. I thanked him for my wife. Twenty six years later and we’re still going strong!

NAD Man NBW! Posted 29 November 2011 21:27

Sad News.
Harold Morris, former store manager in Hartsdale, passed away suddenly, in the arms of his wife last December 7.
Rest in Peace dear friend.
It seems that all we did was laugh and work hard.
It was the time of my life!

Antar Family of Israeli Criminals

IsraeliCrimeWatch Posted 03 May 2012 11:32

How can anyone glorify an entity that was established through felonies? I know how, if you profited from the 72 million he stole from Americans.

This Israeli criminal family stole millions from American families and strapped millions to their bodies and flew it out of the country to Israel where our money disappeared.

Sounds very familiar to Bernard Madoff’s scheme on American investors.

You can also say that Eddie Antar running to Israel and then receiving a very light sentence following bears great resemblance to the CRIMNAL Mark Rich who fled to Israel after he sold weapons to Iran in the 70’s and got a aprdon from Clinton in 1990’s after Hillary got the Israel bock vote in upstate NY.

Its amazing how anyone can call these days of Israeli criminals stealing from hardworking Americans as fond unless your profited from the illegal activities of the Antars and fled to Israel too.

I would never wish to have a family around my children let alone operate a business effecting millions of Americans income.

Exodus from Lydda 1948

Yellow baseball hat and yellow wallet

_Walt_ Posted 17 June 2012 17:27

I still have the yellow baseball hat and the yellow wallet, both with the typical Crazy Eddie logo, I got from the grand opening of a Crazy Eddie store just south of Poughkeepsie, NY.

Lost Another Old Friend

NAD Man NBW! Posted 30 June 2012 10:20

Sorry to report that we lost Mitch Pinto who passed away suddenly on Friday 6/28/12.
He always kept us laughing.
Rest In Peace Mitch.

T:MELINE Posted 30 June 2012 10:32

So sorry to hear that. God bless him.


_ewensa_ Posted 29 June 2012 10:44

Crazy Eddie would run specials over the 4th of July – he called them “Christmas in July” – ah the good old days.

NAD Man NBW! Posted 01 July 2012 07:44

I think it was Christmas in August. “The sun is glaring, it’s hot & sticky so it must be time for…

t shirt

_mike_ Posted 13 July 2012 12:09

Im looking for an old school promotional t-shirt (or even a newer one printed in the old style) in an xxl. has anyone run acroos something like this? please help!

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